Instant Offset Spending to Earn
Extra Up to $50 Cash Dollars

After binding the eligible Hang Seng Credit Card (excluding enJoy Visa Platinum Card and enJoy Spending Card)+ in OpenRice, users can 

  • Instantly redeem Cash Dollars as cash for spending via OpenRice
  • Earn extra Cash Dollars rewards
  • Check related Cash Dollars records

Enjoy extra rewards
on OpenRice Platform

Redeem maximum $30 Cash Dollars as HK$60 in Cash per transaction upon single net spending of HK$80 or above on every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Enjoy extra $10 Cash Dollars
when single net spending reaches HKD80 or above on any day

Enjoy extra rewards by attend booking
and upon dining spending of HK$400 or above

Attend the bookings made on OpenRice Platform and pay a net spending of HK$400 or above with OpenRice pay connected Hang Seng Credit Card# to enjoy extra $10 Cash Dollars.

Promotion Period: From now until 30 April 2021

Illustrative example Terms & Conditions Remark: Each Connected Credit Card can make related transactions for Offer 1 and Offer 2 maximum 3 times in total per day. +Offers are applicable to Hang Seng Visa Credit Card, Mastercard® Credit Card or Spending Card, excluding Hang Seng enJoy Visa Platinum Card, Hang Seng enJoy Spending Card, Hang Seng UnionPay Credit Card, USD Visa Gold Card, Renminbi Credit Card, UnionPay RMB Diamond Commercial Card, e-shopping Mastercard® and Private Label Cards. #The first Connected Credit Card is defined as the Connected Credit Card displayed in “Reward History” page in customer’s OpenRice membership profile at the time of the Eligible Dining Transaction made on the dining date. If customer settles the payment with unconnected, removed or other Connected Credit Card listed in “View More” in “Reward History” page, he/she will not entitle to the extra Cash Dollars rewards in Offer 3.
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