Vegetarian Imitated Shark's fin soup 素食碗仔翅

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Vegetarian Imitated Shark's fin soup
From Maria Submit
Despite the name that reminds people of expensive sharks' fins, the ingredients for this soup is actually rather inexpensive, but it still makes a good and convenient soup.
Ingredient and Portion
bamboo shoots, blanched in water 150g
dried mushrooms few pieces (soaked and sliced)
vermicelli 1 small packet
dried yellow fungus 1 several pieces, soaked and shredded
vegetarian chicken (rolled beancurd sheets)
1 pc,shredded
Seasonings for mushrooms:
light soya sauce 2tsp
wine 1tbsp
water 1cup
sugar 1/2tsp

Soup base:
Water from soaking mushrooms 3cups
salt 1tsp
sugar 3/4tsp
light soya sauce 2tsp
dark soya sauce 1tbsp

Seasonings for ingredients:
oil 1tbsp
wine 1tbsp
water from soaking mushrooms 1/2cup

cornstarch 3tbsp combined with 3tbsp water

Mix sliced mushrooms with seasonings. Double boil for 15 minutes.
Heat seasonings for ingredeints, the add in blanched and shredded bamboo shoots, sliced mushrooms and fungus shreds and boil for a while.
Soak vermicelli in water, drain, and cut into shorter lengths.
Bring soup base to the boil, add in ingredients and vermicelli, thicken with cornstarch solution and stir in shredded vegetarian chicken.
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