Taiwan stewed mince on noodles or rice 台灣擔仔麵/肉燥飯

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Taiwan stewed mince on noodles or rice
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This stewed minced meat sauce is one of Taiwan's most famous foods. It is either served on rice or noodles, and both are equally tasty.
Ingredient and Portion
minced pork 1/2Kg
Dried mushrooms(soaked) 4pcs
Minced shallots 1tbsp
some beansprouts
Fresh oil noodles (YAU MEEN) 3pcs
dash of sesame oil (optional)
light soy sauce
sugar 1 tsp
wine 1tbsp
pinch of pepper and five spice
Soak dried mushrooms until soft.Squeeze to remove water,and cut into fine dices.
Heat oil in wok,fry shallots,and add in minced meat and stir well. Add in diced mushrooms and seasonings and stir well, and let cook over low heat for a while until sauce thickens.
Meanwhile,cook noodles in suitable amount of water or canned stock, and add in beansprouts and cook briefly.
Spoon prepared minced meat over the noodles and serve hot.
If you opt for a rice dish, simply place meat sauce over white rice and serve.
Oil noodles are available dried or fresh. They are yellow in colour and resembles the shape of spaghetti. Pronounced YAU MEEN.
Beansprouts require little cooking.Do not overcook. 1-2minutes should be fine.
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