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Noemi Style Caesar Salad Paella De Marisco 西班牙式肉眼扒(10安士)伴新鮮番茄和紅洋蔥沙沙汁配新鮮芥末醬 栗子及咖啡意大利芝士餅
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Level4 2015-08-23
今晚同男友HAPPY FRIDAY二人世界, 食飯睇戲直落, 我地都有段時間無幫襯過ZELO啦.我地一入到去, 見到坐我地隔離既外國夫婦燶哂口面咁, 張枱好似好乾淨無食過野咁, 跟住無幾耐就埋單, 唔通嗌交?我地叫左一個SET (包 SALAD BUFFET), 同埋一個MAIN+APPETIZER一齊SHARE. 佢地先黎餐飽, 今日無左個餅乾條, 有D失望, 不過佢個蕃茄飽都幾好食. 由於我地只叫左一個SET, 所以淨係我出去欏SALAD, 不過選擇唔多, 有唔同既菜, 意粉沙津, 仲有餐湯,賣相都一般, 味道亦沒什麼驚喜, 唯有個PARMA HAM都幾好食, 但如果佢有埋哈蜜瓜就好了.叫左兩個APPETIZER, 兩個都好味, 一個係凍既薯仔批, 味幾好, 如果佢係熱會更好, 另外一個係蕃茄多士, 好香口, 感覺清新, 好食!我地食完APPETIZER後, 等左25分鐘, D野先黎, 隔離枱香港夫婦同我地差唔多時間黎等到忟乜都無食就走了, 可能我地一開始見到個對外國夫婦都係因為咁走.SET叫左原隻波士頓龍蝦, 終於到了, 食落好新鮮, 重海水味, 好味呀! 因為個挾實在太難拆肉, 我地問個仕應可唔可以幫我地, 佢話可以仲拆得幾靚添呀! 服務加分!叫左個西班牙肉腸飯, 呢個飯食落有D乾, 好似食緊生米咁, 都係唔太岩我口味.個SET有甜品, 因為我唔太好TIRAMISU, 我地揀左黑森林,  都ok, 唔太甜.餐茶叫左杯MOCHA, 保持水準.如果唔係今晚廚房爆左廠, OVERALL都幾好架, 呢間都係可以再返黎既餐廳 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-08-13
勞動過後,當然要吃得好一點!想起PP有趣的鳥籠。坐這位置,剛好欣賞到鳥籠設計 牆壁的酒箱裝飾也很別緻!set dinner價錢不太貴還有happy hour,怎能錯過?因為不太餓,選擇散叫。其實也不算貴~先來個tapas~有四件,分量也不少!煙三文魚配脆脆薄餅乾 再來一個棒棒雞~ 說穿了其實是炸雞鎚...... 配蜜糖醬,香脆可口~但感覺有點唔抵 最期待的西班牙炒飯!一人分量~雖然比想像中少,材料算是豐富~魷魚圈彈牙、易咬蜆肉鮮味、多汁 青口也不鞋口~ 那2隻差不多手心般大的大蝦肉很爽口、結實再來個買一送一的martini,很滿足的生日飯~ 飽到連甜品也吃不下了~ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-06-06
Normally when I'm heading out to eat, I have an interesting story about the choice of the restaurant or a little bit of background about the chef. Not this time, we did have interesting plans for the evening, we were going to see Tomorrowland and were then cracking on with a visit to Wagyu Takumi (see post here). What we need though was a quick and simple lunch before heading to the movies, one that wouldn't ruin out appetite for an expensive dinner.Since we were at Pacific Place at Admiralty, there were a couple of options that included Thai, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. Being a fan of Spanish cuisine, in particular tapas, we decided that bite to eat at Zelo would satisfy our need for a quick and light meal before the movie.The thing that stood out most about Zelo was the beautiful cast iron dome that decorates the casual dining area of the restaurant. It's an impressive looking feature that dominates the space and is clearly visible from most spots in that end of the shopping centre. The feature also played acoustic tricks on us, while we were seated at a table right at the edge of the dome, by placing an ear next to the structure, it seems you could clearly hear people talking on the other side.... Cool.We were having a late lunch, around 3pm, which meant that Zelo was pretty quiet, but also meant that we'd time our run perfectly since the Tapas menu only starts at 3pm daily. The Zelo menu has been put together by Madrid born Executive Chef Noemi Gutierrez, who'd trained under Ramon Freixa, a two Michelin-starred chef. With a mix of typical tapas offerings and contemporary Spanish a la carte options, there was a decent selection for us to choose from.After randomly selecting items off the menu, it was also time for a brew for SC and a freshly squeezed OJ for myself. Ironically, instead of getting one of the Spanish beers on offer, SC went for a German brew that was on tap, which went down a treat on such a typically hot Hong Kong Saturday afternoon.Tapas are small, bite sized appetisers made famous in Spain but actually quite common in many parts of the world, although usually with different names. Our first selection was the mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce, which looked quite different from what I was expecting. In stead of the usual small button mushroom (sometimes quartered), the Zelo mushrooms were sliced incredibly thin. Being so thin, the garlic butter was better able to permeate though the mushrooms, almost soaking into their very core, which was lovely. Unfortunately, being so thin, they went cold very quickly, which wasn't so great. I found that they probably lacked a little seasoning, which left them a little flat.Next out was probably more American than Spanish, with a little wagyu beef slider, but I didn't mind as it was delicious. Simply put together with lettuce, tomato and beef, it was the perfect 'two-bite' burger that just wouldn't quite fit in my mouth for one bite.While I was munching on my mini burger, the grilled salmon skewers with a sweet chilli sauce was presented. The salmon was a nicely cooked medium and had a liberal amount of seasoning sprinkled on top, with the black pepper especially prevalent. I wasn't so sure about the sweet chilli sauce but, after some coaxing from the girl that it was really good, found that the sauce matched the salmon perfectly.I'd had high hopes for what should have been my favourite bit of tapas, which was no surprise since it was octopus, which I simply love. Cooked in a buttery chorizo oil which was then liberally plied on the plate, with sliced of potato that soaked up the goodness and was the best part of the dish. The octopus was sliced thinly but was just a little over cooked, so a bit rubbery, but still had good flavour, especially where it had been fried to that point of crispiness. If the octopus had been a little softer, it would have been superb.Last of the tapas was another skewer, this time US grade beef. This one was a bit of a disaster, over cooked and really fatty, I found that there was hardly any of the beef that was edible. I'd chewed a little bit, but finding the fat not rendered correctly, had to spit it out. It was a shame, there was a lovely romesco sauce that was quite tasty.All of the tapas dishes had been for myself, SC on the other hand had ordered something from the a la carte menu, the 'huevos con jamon', organic scrambled eggs with green asparagus and Iberoco ham then finished off with black truffle oil. The scrambled eggs looked beautifully presented, smelled great and followed through with a wonderful flavour. I'm personally not a fan of truffled eggs, I find them too sweet, but SC loved the truffle infused eggs which always work well with asparagus and ham.As far as a quick lunch went, our Zelo meal was not too bad. It was quite reasonably priced and had some decent options available. There were a number of issues with many of the tapas dishes that hindered the meal from being terribly memorable, but hey, not every meal can be a michelin starred extravaganza (that would come later in the night).With service that was pleasant, if a little on the slow side, we met our objective of having a relatively quick meal, with enough time to slowly wander up to see the movie.In case you're wondering, we enjoyed the movie, but like the meal, it could have been a little better.German Beer in a Spanish restaurant? A perfectly apportioned mini burger - not really Spanish thoughIt was a pretty cool set up inside, especially the iron dome continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-17
一直覺得太古廣場的餐廳一般都是性價比較低,不是太昂貴便是質素參差,但今天跟朋友偶遇在中環,難得見面又沒有约人,便一起用餐。由於没有預先想好吃什麼,便隨意走進這間西班牙餐,想不到這兒也有驚喜 門口是bar台位置,裝修也頗華麗,氣氛不錯餐包製作認真,咬起來非常鬆脆的,熱騰騰非常可口,禁不住refill了一次稍等一下,西班牙海鮮炒飯出來了,香甜飯汁配上新鮮的海鮮們,非常惹味。龍蝦和蚬的海水味非常濃郁,証明用料是新鮮上乖的朱古力心太軟,濃厚的朱古力味加上軟身蛋糕,出色之作Sex on the beach,門口的bar台不是裝飾用的,酒味和果味調成六四比例,易入口之餘不失醉意性價格高的餐廳,一定還會再來 continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-09
星期三, 一週的工作過了一半, 人已累透了, 怎辦? 不如一家人一同吃頓晚餐, 對自己好一點, 對家人也好一點. 是晚就選了在pp的Zelo Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar, 位置便利, 帶著小吉, 還是來商場比較好一些.遠看Zelo, 就像個雀巢, 設計很獨特. 內裡的環境也相當不錯, 擺位闊落, 是幾適合情侶們來撐檯腳的. 其實店方在晚上供應的晚餐, 是包括自助頭盤, 份量不少. 但既然這裡的主打是tapas, 我們還是從a la carte menu那裡點選一些tapas, 再加主菜以及甜品分吃吧.Revitalizer $78大家坐定定, 就由飲品開始這晚的飲食之旅吧. 我一時未有頭緒, CEO就提議我去選Revitalizer, 用上鮮芒果汁以及菠蘿汁混合而成的果汁, 味道鮮甜, 兩者之間的平衡做得不俗, 很討好.Fruitful Fancy $78CEO揀來的是Fruitful Fancy, 份量不少, 當中的材料包括有菠蘿汁, 橙汁, 青檸汁, 紅莓, 薄荷以及ginger ale.Virgingerize Me $78爸爸也是選來份量比較大的Virgingerize Me, 當中的材料包括有生薑, 薄荷, 青檸, 蘋果汁以及薑啤.Recovery $78媽媽就選來很健康的Recovery, 當中的材料包括有鮮薑, 蘿蔔以及橙汁.麵包由麵包開始吃吧, 小吉就最開心, 因為每次我們吃麵包, 也會預她一份呢. Zelo的出品, 熱辣辣, 款式不少, 我的心水推介會是香草包呢.Atun y rucula - Pepper crusted tuna with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and black truffle dressing $118來到頭盤的部份, 先由一客沙律開始吧. 這客Atun y rucula, 用上了不少爽口的火箭菜, 但由於加上了大量黑胡椒, 味道是來得香口而帶微辣, 而且也掩蓋了松露香了. 至於吞拿魚份量十足而肥美, 不錯.Coca de Setas y Bacon - Bacon and sauteed mushroom $38來到Zelo, 當然要吃tapas, 如Coca de Setas y Bacon就是一例, 煙肉蘑菇脆餅, 是一口一件的份量, 脆餅很香脆, 配上煙肉跟蘑菇同吃, 很香濃.Pulpo a la Gallega - Octopus, smoked paprika, new potatoes and olive oil $58另外一款tapas就是Pulpo a la Gallega. 西班牙喜歡一面喝酒, 一面吃tapas, 這客八爪魚就是很好的下酒小食, 八爪魚質感有咬口, 而精華反而是底下的新薯, 滿有橄欖油的香味, 不能錯過.Brocheta de Pollo - Chicken skewer with oregano and mayonnaise $38至於brocheta就是店方推介的項目, 這裡的串燒特別在於每款串燒也配上特定醬汁, 更加惹味. 雞肉串燒就是配上奧勒岡香草以及蛋黃醬結合而成的醬汁, 點上之後, 風味十足.Brocheta de Cerdo - Pork loin skewer with truffle mayonnaise $38除了雞肉串燒之外, 豬肉串燒也有水準, 肉質嫩滑, 點上的醬汁是松露蛋黃醬, 蛋黃醬一向是我的心頭好, 這一款, 就加上了松露, 食味更豐富.Brocheta de Ternera - U.S. Beef skewer with mojo sauce $38也明白到牛肉串燒的火候比較難去控制, 這一客的肉質未算嫩滑, 還好的是美國牛的肉味是幾香濃的, 點上了惹味的mojo醬, 也不錯.Brocheta de Salmon - Atlantic salmon skewer with sweet chili sauce $38最後一款串燒是三文魚串燒, 算是燒得不會太乾身, 加上了甜辣醬, 就是幾開胃的配搭.Cigalas A La Plancha - Seared Spanish scampi served with garlic, parsley and olive oil $148還有一款頭盤是Cigalas A La Plancha, 用上的是是西班牙紅蝦, 份量十足, 配六包括有蒜蓉, 香芹, 以及橄欖油等等, 很惹味.Pollo al Tomillo - Lemon and thyme marinated boneless French spring chicken served with roasted potatoes and onion $218接下來就是吃主菜的時候了, 先試的是Pollo al Tomillo, 即是慢煮法國春雞, 4小時後再煎香. 不過稍嫌雞肉有點點鞋口, 是否過了點火呢? 還是把目標放在烤薯仔以及洋蔥吧.Cochinillo Iberico - Roasted Iberico suckling pig served with sauteed pineapple, broccoli, shallots, cherry tomatoes and orange sauce $298至於必吃的主菜當然是Cochinillo Iberico, 烤乳豬是也. 這裡的出品, 皮脆, 肉嫩, 很香口, 加上香橙醬同吃的話, 就必有風味. 旁邊的烤菠蘿也是很精彩, 相當清甜, 一定要試呢.Paella de Marisco - Spanish rice with saffron, mussels, clams, calamari and Mediterranean red prawns $188雖然已經差不多飽了十成, 但也要試試這裡的paella. 在幾款paella中, 揀選了Paella de Marisco, 份量十足, 我們四個人分吃也相當足夠. 飯粒是幾有咬口的, 帶點濕潤, 每口飯粒也吸收了海鮮的鮮味, 有水準. 除了吃飯, 當然也要吃海鮮, 當中包括有大蝦, 青口, 蜆以及地中海紅蝦等等, 全部都味道鮮甜呢.Pistachio y Chocolate Blanco - White chocolate & pistachio cake with homemade melon candied and pistachio icecream $68來到甜品的環節, Pistachio y Chocolate Blanco就是白朱古力開心果蛋糕. 主角其實是味道香濃的開心果雪糕, 如果白朱古力開心果蛋糕也能夠有香濃的開心果味道會更好呢.Almendras y Pera - Spanish almond & pear tart, orange compote, slow cook baby pear and amaretto icecream $68至於Almendras y Pera就是傳統一點的選擇, 這客西班牙杏仁梨撻, 撻底是幾香脆的, 面頭的梨亦幾清甜. 想不到跟上杏仁甜酒雪糕之後, 味道是幾匹配的, 值得一試.Helados - Icecreams: Coconut / Chocolate / Caramel $68CEO嚷著要吃雪糕, 最後還再加點一客雪糕, 三款味道選來了椰子, 朱古力以及焦糖味. 這裡的雪糕委實幾有水準, 質感香滑, 當中就以朱古力味道香濃的朱古力雪糕最得我心了.這個晚上, 一口氣吃了Zelo Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar的十五道菜式, 實在是相當豐富的一晚. 這裡的環境是不錯的, 食物質素也令人滿意, 想找個坐得舒適的地方吃西班牙菜, Zelo會是我推介給您的選擇. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)