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Yan Toh Heen is a Guangdong-style restaurant inside the InterContinental Hotel that offers stunning views of Victoria Harbour. The restaurant serves popular traditional cuisine but adds new elements to elevate the dishes. Some of their signature fare includes baked roasted duck with taro buns, dumplings and crispy quail. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2015-19)
Opening Hours
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 23:00
Mon - Sat
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 23:00
11:30 - 15:00
18:00 - 23:00
Public Holiday
11:30 - 15:00
18:00 - 23:00
Payment Methods
Visa Master Cash AE UnionPay JCB
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Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine
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Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Sea View
Review (147)
Level4 2019-10-18
This Michelin 2-star Chinese restaurant is located in InterContinental Hong Kong, with a stunning interior design, apparent when we first entered the restaurant. Passing through the waiting area it is the wine cellar and then a corridor, with jade wall showing nice carvings, contemporary art sculptures at the end, before entering into the dining area, with lush carpet and a modern cozy ambiance.Seated at a spacious table facing the window and looking out to the gorgeous view of Victoria Harbour, the staff greeted us warmly and introduced the menu. The serve-wares are also of jade, from chopsticks stand, spoon, to the plate, creating a premium and high-end dining experience right from the start. Ordering the Chrysanthemum ($26 per person) we were served some honey-glazed walnut to start. Tasty and healthy, it is a nice appetizer. Decided to order a la carte, we were brought an amuse bouche which is a Seaweed Meat Ball, with the meat ball made from pork and squid mixed together, and having some seaweed on top, with a thick clear sauce supplemented with some spring onion. The meat ball is very flavorful and bouncy, plus the umami from the seaweed making it an appealing welcome dish for guests.The first dish was Golden Frog Legs with Spicy Salt ($240). The size of the frog legs are pretty big, and all are nicely deep-fried to golden brown. The frog legs are phenomenal in taste, beautifully seasoned with the spicy salt highlighted but not excessive. The coating is thin and so you would not feel eating a thick layer of batter. The frog legs are also meaty and all in all this is a wonderful dish. Then we have soup, with me going for Winter Melon Soup with Whole Conpoy and Crabmeat ($250) while my wife has Double Boiled Fish Maw and Sea Whelk ($280). My soup was fantastic, with many ingredients including winter melon cubes, roasted duck, mushroom, chicken, Chinese violet, conpoy, crab meat, and some others which I could not identify. Super tasty, the supreme broth is so good that I would like to lick every single drop of it, and all the ingredients added extra dimensions of flavors to make this a truly great soup. Next came Wok-fried Prawns with White Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce ($400). The prawns are from Thailand, with a crunchy texture and marinated well to emphasis the flavors. The black beans and red chili provided a nice combination of savory note to the prawns, while the white asparagus are young and tender, without any fiber when eating. Another great dish in my opinion.The other dish we ordered was Wok-seared Garoupa Fillet with Soy Sauce ($660). There are quite a number of pieces of large garoupa fillet, all seared to golden brown, and just the appearance already is mouth-watering. The soy sauce is appropriate on saltiness, bringing a great complement to the delicate fish fillet. On the side there are some broccoli which is appealing on appearance with the bright green color. Again the skills in the thin layer of corn starch on the fillet is something one might overlook but true testimony to the chef's prowess.Finishing with some desserts, I had Basil Dragon Pearl served with Ginger Ice Cream ($120), while my wife had Sweetened Red Dates, Snow Fungus and Dried Longan ($68). My dessert is certainly innovative, with the dragon pearl on a thin layer of panna cotta and in the middle the ball of ginger ice cream, with intense ginger flavors. While it might not exactly matched with the other food, it is certainly interesting and demonstrated the creativity of the chef. There is also a Petits Fours which contains 6 pieces of dessert dim sum. Personally these are not my favorite dim sum but the presentation is great. It is a nice finale to our wonderful meal.The service is really good, with the staff coming to refill our tea, changing the plates, and also explain each of the dish, which is not something commonly found in Chinese restaurant.The bill was $2,020 but that is after a 15% discount from the hotel-staying guests. Fairly reasonable considering the quality of the food, the environment and services, this is a great place for hosting important guests or having special occasions. continue reading
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Level4 2019-11-27
這中餐廳的環境不錯,讓人坐得舒服,服務也好喜歡飲茶🥢的我,無論甚麼酒樓、酒店的中菜廳、不同檔次的點心店,都會光顧所以對各種點心都有少許心得😁⋯🥢筍尖鮮蝦餃$88,樣子飽滿,真材實料,但略欠蝦餃香,就是指餡料裏欠缺香味🥢蟹皇蒸燒賣$88,同枱一位友人必叫的點心,她覺得冇肉香味,味道尚可有些燒賣是充滿肉香味、有些是滿有香菇味,這都是不同的賣點🥢柚子醋香雜菌黑木耳$108,冷盤小食,有粗塊黑木耳、冬菇片、雜菌條等,充滿柚子香和醒胃香醋,味道挺好🥢阿拉斯加蟹皇扒蘆筍斑柳$2801.這些橙色蟹膏只適合作顏色上的點綴,味道沒什麼特別,也不覺好吃2.蟹肉有鮮甜味,不錯3.斑柳味道也正常4.敗筆就在兩條蘆筍,有草青味,很不是味兒🥺,連加一$308一客,不是便宜呢,應該可將蘆筍處理得好些 continue reading
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Level3 2019-11-03
重臨欣圖軒慶祝生日,雖然餐廳重新裝修亦搬了位置,但服務及食物水準仍是依舊的好,在香港酒店中菜來言必定是top tier。今次試左唔少新菜每枱必有的小食琥珀合桃-沾上黑糖、焗得脆香,每次食完都想買一堆回家。餐前小食 - 每次來也有不同新意,是次是櫻花蝦豆腐,濃濃的豆味配合清新的柚子汁,一啖放落口,面頭的櫻花蝦微微帶脆又散發鮮味,配搭很好。蜜汁黑豚叉燒 - 侍應很貼心提醒我們可以叫half portion。欣圖軒的叉燒向來是我至愛,食材靚,肥瘦比例適中,咬落有陣陣豬油既甘香,味道岩岩好。脆釀鮮蟹蓋 - 必叫,外皮香脆,內層蟹肉熱辣辣啖啖肉,好鮮甜。XO醬蟹拑粉絲煲 - 呢道餸略為淡口唔夠惹味,但酒店好貼心剝哂蟹殼,加分。黑蒜干邑香草龍蝦球 - 好爽口鮮甜既龍蝦球椰汁燉燕窩都係每次必叫!仲叫左壽包。最後酒店送上甜品架,各款中式甜品都做得好好。總結:仍是我食過覺得最好既酒店中菜同服務。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-09-25
同女朋友同埋我屋企人,一齊去欣圖軒食晚飯,提前訂枱一個星期,中餐,啊喺尖沙咀走高級酒店,環境非常之浪漫非常之靚。叫咗十個送。一支紅酒。服務員態度好好,誒環境非常之乾淨,晚飯時間唔多人。收費比較貴平均一個人係1000文左右。最好最特別嘅係楊枝甘露。另外炸雞,醉蟹鉗。食物質素非常之好,所以有米芝蓮星級嘅美譽。海邊環境非常之靚,可以有音樂聽,另外四個人坐嘅位置都非常之寬敞。可以叫樓上大堂嘅紅酒落嚟飲,誒,點心同埋甜品都非常之靚同埋美味。 continue reading
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Level4 2019-06-30
裝修後都没有來過,通常都是來吃午餐的,今次就約了同事吃晚餐,可惜最终他們有事來不到,既然枱已訂就不要浪费啦!由原來五人枱改成二人枱,先上個開胃菜,醃萝卜,酸酸哋名符其實開胃菜,點了兩個湯,一個是蟹肉粟米羹,另一個是海參燉羊肚菌,再點了有個白露旬炒蝦球,蝦肉爽彈有鮮味,和乾炒和牛河粉(抵食),每人分到三碗,和牛大大件又夠冧 continue reading
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