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Wagyu Takumi blends the finest French culinary traditions with Japanese ingredients to create a unique cuisine that is rarely found elsewhere in Hong Kong. Chef Konishi admires the refinement of French cuisine and has worked in France for seven years at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Paris Taillevent, Paris Michel Rostang and L'Hotel de Carantec. After working in two-Michelin-starred L'ATELIER de Joel Robuchon in Tokyo he perfected the techniques and taste experiences that make him a master of French-Japanese contemporary cuisine. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2014-2017)
Opening Hours
Mon: 18:00-23:00 Tue-Sat: 12:00-14:30; 18:00-23:00 Sun: Closed (Reservations only)
Payment Method
Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay
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Alcoholic Drinks
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef Abalone and Shimanto Seaweed with Barley Risotto
Review (11)
Level3 2016-11-18
Wagyu Takumi was one of our favorite restaurants that my honey decided to arrange for an encore for my birthday! What an exceptional gourmet experience! I have been to almost all michelin star restaurants in HK, and I can firmly say that this tiny 13 seats restaurant still sits on top of my food journey restaurant list as #1. Lunch comes with 4 or 6 courses. I would strongly suggest the 6 courses as it includes my flavour ablanone risotto, which is absolutely delicious. The texture and flavour simply stunning. The slow grilled waygu steak, the tako with pumpkin source, truffle foam, and kyoho. These three dishes are all very good. The flavour, the delicacy of the serving certainly earned their marks. Upon this writing, we found out it has dropped from 2 stars to 1 from 2017 Michelin guide. However, I would still rank them as high on my list and definetly recommend anyone to give it a try.HKD 2000 for 2 for lunch. continue reading
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Level2 2016-10-25
Love it. Great authentic Japanese experience. The meat is one of the freshest I've in in Hong Kong. Melt in mouth kind of meat experience. Totally love it and I would recommend anyone who is into beef t visit this restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2016-10-22
今日hubby生日,我們決定再訪心儀的法曰西餐廳慶祝生曰。相隔9個月,不知道性價比有沒有從前的高呢?食物味道未知但餐牌已經轉了!午餐分四course 680/ 六course 980. 之前食四個course 有佢地signature risottos, 現在要點六個course 的tasting menu才可以一嚐。Amuse broche:1.和牛tartar:好美味!鹹鹹地,口感幼滑配上薄薄威化,食到和牛的脂味,不用調味也牛味十足。2.北海道蟹肉凍湯:好intense 的蟹肉鮮味,雖然只有兩三啖,但加上杯底的蟹肉,鮮甜無比!3.炸蝦球:細細粒,外皮炸得十分鬆脆,入口脆脆,內部蝦肉嫩滑鮮美,蝦味一口爆發,正!Appetiser: taco, Japanese octopus cooked with red wine, pumpkin espuma and truffle foam:Taco (日本八爪魚)用紅酒煮得非常入味,配合南瓜茸同松露泡沬,味道的變化豐富!而那半顆的巨峰提子的一點果甜,令這道濃味的菜加了點睛作用,估唔到吾仲意食八爪魚的我也對這道菜讚不絕口。Risotto:French barley/abalone and shimanto seaweed with lotus root雖然上次已經食過,但今次再食,同樣覺得美味。澳洲鮑魚軟得嚟又有爽爽口感,而risotto 是用鮑汁煮過,味道十分濃郁,很鮮同細膩,加上barley口感無一般risotto 咁寡,食落更有口感。強烈推介!Fish:"kinmeda"/Japanese snapper/cabbage compote and salsify 金目鯛經過slow cook 處理,魚肉十分嫰滑有魚味,加埋椰菜絲同松露泡沫,托得魚味更突出。Japanese wagyu:charcoal grill tenderloin with komatsuna puree and braised wagyu stuffed onion(+$200)和牛是飛驒牛,牛扒烤到半熟,烤肉的時間很準,肉質極緻嫰滑,一切下去,色澤嫩紅滲出肉汁,配上綠綠的小松菜(味道有點像菠菜),加埋和牛煮出來condensed 的汁,嘩!太美味了!好有牛肉味,而這和牛又吾會成口油,tender 得嚟又有口感,真係好好味!Dessert: rhubarb Ricotta lemon icecream with Tonja bean mousse調過味的曰本大黃成為了這甜品的主角。樣子有點像紅菜頭的條,而質感爽爽的有點像西芹,味道酸酸甜甜,和檸檬雪糕好夾!這甜甜酸酸的配合,平衡左剛才味道濃郁的主菜,食罷沒有半點膩,感覺清新!Petite fours1. 綠茶旦糕:淡淡的綠茶味,旦糕烤得焦香,不錯!2.tiramisu macaroon :marcaroon 造得好精緻,好香tiramisu 的味道,味道吾會過甜。3 綠茶朱古力:朱古力超級滑,綠茶味濃厚,加上表面的綠茶粉,綠茶味爆燈。咁正的petite fours 劃上完美句號,美中不足的是,今次已經沒咖啡送了。雖然今次是第二次到訪,但餐點水準高,而餐點也因應時間有所變更,令我倆沒有失望,更加期待下次的來臨。 continue reading
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Level3 2016-10-09
今日首次試一間細細的,米芝蓮兩星餐廳。沒太多的人,令我拿手機拍照有點怪怪的。首先由Konishi San出的前菜,我不食牛肉,所以特別做了魚子醬cream roll代替。一出來,很香,之後再加入湯,嘩, 櫻花蝦的香味很突出,個湯即刻變得好特別這道 Risotto 很出色,用了芋頭粒及薏米煮,跳出了我平時食Risotto的框框這個魚,用淋油的方式炸, 令到魚脆得來沒有炸過頭,魚面頭的粒粒是橄欖油,是怎麼做到的?之後主菜是龍蝦,很很很好味,個汁濃厚得來沒有蓋過龍蝦本身的味道我不愛甜,但愛這個甜點,我很飽,但也要吃一口這甜點這個是很細心的傑作,很好味,但對我來說太甜了,只吃了一顆便可以好滿足了。最後,米芝蓮兩星是太少了,可能因為地方問題,沒有靚的景觀,成為拿不到三星的原因吧~ continue reading
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Located in Wanchai and near where my secondary school is, this Michelin 2-star Japanese French restaurant may take you a while to find. Fortunately(?) we saw some mainland tourists taking photos with the restaurant sign so could readily tell where it is.Once inside, you would find it is only a small restaurant with seating around the open kitchen, maybe around 14 in total. Immediately we were greeted by Chef Mori and his team and seated at one end of the counter, which was more private. Honest speaking the decoration might not have a big wow factor, but the close proximity to the chef and kitchen allows you to have a first-hand close-up experience on the cooking and delicate preparation of the dishes which is also a great experience on its own.We had decided to go for the tasting menu, which has 8 courses and I also opted for the wine pairing. To begin with, we have the Amuse Bouche, comprising three seasonal items. The first is a beef tartar on rice cracker, which is seasoned perfectly and giving a nice contrast on texture with the cracker. The second is a fennel soup with some crab meat, full of flavors and delicate, and the last is a deep fried scallop ball which got a puffy outside, with the scallop soft and melting inside. The presentation is also impeccable. This certainly reminded me of some similar experience from Amber and L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. The wine paired is a Blanc de Blancs from Champagne.Second course is Sanma, which is Bourghour with Fresh Herbs and Sweet Bitter Sauce. The fish is very fresh and tasty, having been marinated and slightly pan-fried, with some onion, cucumber and tomato chopped very finely underneath. A fantastic dish and is one of my favorite on the night. The sauce is also phenomenal, made by the fish reduction to provide a anchovy notes to further enhance the taste. The wine paired is a Sancerre.Third is Uni, which is Hokkaido Sea Urchin with Lily Root and Caviar. Once again the presentation is very beautiful, with the sea urchin fresh and complemented by the caviar. There are also some shrimp with the lily root jelly to give a different bite to the enjoyment. Probably because we had experienced some of the best sea urchin back in Hokkaido, this one is a bit short of expectation, but it is still a very good one. The wine paired is a Chablis Grand Cru.Fourth is Japanese Octopus, which is cooked with red wine, pumpkin espuma and truffle foam. The octopus has the right texture and can easily be cut by the knife, and got a bit of chew to offer, and the red wine sauce added a nice note on the finish. To pair with this sauce, the chef has a grape on the side which got some spice sprinkled which added an extra dimension to the palate, and the pumpkin espuma and truffle foam further increased the complexity on the flavors. The wine paired is a Pinot Noir from Alsace.Fifth course is Barley Risotto, with Abalone and Shimanto Seaweed and Lotus Root. This is a signature dish of the restaurant, and looking at how the risotto is being prepared throughout you would further be amazed by the skills of the chef, in not only cooking the risotto with the perfect bite, flavor and creaminess, the lotus root further adding a crunchiness to it, the abalone is simply out of this world with a very tender texture, perfect marination which I couldn't stop eating. This dish is my favorite on the night and certainly warrants one to return. The wine paired is an older vintage Gewurztraminer from Alsace.Sixth comes Ayu, a Crispy Japanese Sweetfish with Komatsuna Puree and Water Eggplant. The fish is prepared so that it could be eaten whole, with bones and tail and everything, wrapped in a thin rice paper to deep fry, but there is no any oily feeling at all. There is a aioli sauce on the side to pair with the fish, and the finely chopped vegetable giving a good balance to the sweetfish. The wine paired is a Junmai Daiginjo, a Japanese sake.Seventh is the main course which got a choice of three to choose. I have decided to go for French Blue Lobster, while Ivy decided to try the Japanese Wagyu. My lobster is cooked with lemon-grass flavor, gnocchi and seasonal vegetables, and there is also a lobster sauce poured on top to bombard my taste buds. Such intensity on the sauce did not mask the lobster taste, a good sign that the lobster is fresh and good quality. The wine paired is a Cote-Rotie from Rhone.Last came the dessert, which is Rhubarb, with Ricotta Lemon Ice Cream with Tonka Bean Mousse. Different parts of the rhubarb had been used to prepare this dish, and overall it was such a nice wrap up to the meal with the stem providing good acidity to balance the sweetness of the ice cream and the mousse. There is no wine paired for this but by then I think I also got enough alcohol in me to go for more.There is some explanation for each dish when they are served, but it is a bit too superficial and I would probably expect more elaboration on how it was cooked and prepared apart from what the ingredients are included. But nevertheless the service is still good, and I have a few words with Chef Mori to say thanks for such a wonderful meal and everything is so tasty. This connection between the chef and the customer is a key element for the restaurant in my opinion and Wagyu Takumi can certainly deliver that well.The price is quite expensive, with the tasting menu at $2080 and the wine pairing an additional $1080. Overall on the night the bill was $5861. Still I would recommend you to sample their signature dishes and really appreciate the skills and attention the chef put in each dishes.My overall rating is 68/100. continue reading
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