7-min walk from Exit A1, Sai Ying Pun MTR Station continue reading
Wagyu Kaiseki Den is a fine-dining Japanese restaurant that offers kaiseki meals. The restaurant does not offer a menu and all dishes are decided by the chef Hiroyuki Saotome. There are 30 seats including 2 private rooms. Restaurant only offers dinner. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2010-2017)
Opening Hours
Mon - Sat
19:00 - 00:00
Payment Methods
Visa Master Cash AE UnionPay JCB
Number of Seats
Other Info
Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine Details
Cake-cutting Details
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
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Signature Dishes
Braised Shark's Fin with Rice Braised Shark's Fin with Eggs Kagoshima from Japanese cattle Black truffle and sea urchin rice
Review (7)
Level4 2015-07-30
Wagyu Kaiseki Den is an exclusive high end Japanese Kaiseki restaurant in Sheung Wan. Its the first Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong to earn a Michelin star and has since consecutively kept its Michelin star for the past 6 years! They're the masterminds behind Rozan and Wagyu Takumi. Its just as pricey too. It set us back HKD$1888 a person fot the omakase tasting menu which is a mix between the finest sushi, sashimi and hot foods. So...is it worth the price?I didn't include all the pictures due to shaky hands, hungry stomach...but I'll let you know what they were.We started the evening with a sea bream marinated in Kelp flavoured sea urchin, red taro stem and slatered in a sweet and nutty sesame sauce. Look at how pretty it is.Next came a Hot Egg Custard (not pictured) topped with Abalone tea beans in a seaweed sauce.Next up was the plump and juicy Hairy Crab 'wakame' seaweed, vinegar and julienne. I gobbled up this refreshing appetizer.The 'Sudachi' clear soup came next. But its not your typical "teapot soup."It was loaded with Conger-pike eel, sweet corn with shrimp dumplings, Matsutake mushrooms, gingko nuts and a Sudachi clear soup. I personally love 'teapot soup' and I absolutely loved the flavourful soup and devoured all its delicious seafood and veggies.The Chef selection of sashimi and their selection of sushi (not pictured) came next! 8 pieces of the freshest sashimis and sushis.We also had the Kinki Fish, lobster, white gourd, maitake, lotus root mochi and red maganji pepper, eggplant with Japanese ginger sauce. (Not pictured)Can't forget about the sake we drank! Oh...but back to the food...MY FAVOURITE!! Why I really wanted to come try this place....The Sea Urchin with Black Truffle Rice. Nothing else to say...but....Look at those plump pieces of sweet sea urchin, loaded with lots of fragrant black truffle rice. You mix it into the clay pot rice...and I can NOT explain HOWWWWWWWWW AH-MAZING this smelled and tasted. I loved every little single bite of it. Amaze-balls!Then the most mouth watering charcoal grilled wagyu tenderloin, sirloin and vegetables were served! I loved how juicy and plump the tenderloin sirloin was. There was a subtle smokey hint and it was perfectly heavenly.Last was the dessert: a coffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, warabi mochi cake and chestnut.It was an amazing feast!! It definitely is expensive, but my gosh...this place is GOOD. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-21
這陣子都經常在上環這區用餐無論是午餐還是晚飯都已嚐過不少餐廳了每次午飯後我通常都會再去享受一下咖啡時間然而每次都會經過這日本餐廳再經Openrice一找就見到這日本餐廳只開間上所以只好今晚一試吧餐廳內我看到的大約只有2-3個房間左右而Sushibar位置亦不多大概8個座位左右今晚看來我們是座Sushi Bar最先到的客人當然今晚又是Omakase的時間一座下經理亦很貼心先幫我把外套掛起師傅們看來全都是日本人海膽賣相不錯..可惜味道略為通..沒有驚喜亦不太覺鮮味鮑魚再配上肝作為醬這類我都在其他餐廳試過但這裡做法用了汁煮味道亦不太吸引和牛牛的口感不錯櫻花龍蝦粟米湯味道只覺似罐頭湯刺身無論味道..鮮味都實屬一般而且拖羅口感不夠肥美有點失望壽司方面這裡跟其他餐廳不一樣這碟已是全部我看到的飯亦只有兩小件吞拿魚細卷是我另外點的這也是不可少的我叫他們要加紫蘇葉可惜他們加得不夠所以不是我心目中的味道又是一個和牛味道還可以吧海膽鍋飯另外再加白松露個人感覺加了白松露後反而更吃不到本身飯跟海膽的味道餐廳服務和環境我是滿意的可惜食物方面未有我預期的好 continue reading
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Level2 2014-02-10
為什麼說是全香港的number one。老實說我食到依家,呢間日本懷石料理真的是無話可說了。手工精細不在話下,食材也是挑選也是按照當時的季節而定。筆者其實也不是第一次幫親了。大大話話起碼十幾次以上,對於其採用的烹飪方法以及味道相當之有信心。每次用餐後大廚都會記得我地喜歡那一道菜,當下次再來用餐時就會留下該道菜式,非常細心。另外,大廚也曾向我透露在想菜式之創新時,有時都會花盡腦汁用盡心思,這個就是所謂的‘精’,是精益求精。因此筆者會給予這麼高的評價,在這裡用餐基本上都是Omakase,過黎食野的很多也是番頭客,也有很多是城中名人富豪。菜式方面,基本上有3至4款是不變的。刺身,燒和牛,海膽黑松露飯,其他會因應當時食材那些當做。總言之是無懈可擊啦,相片因為超出upload上限,不能盡錄。有機會真的要試,不過book位有可能要等上一個星期。 continue reading
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Level2 2012-04-13
終於有機會品嚐城中聞問以久的懷石料理,食品精細及看箸廚師用心的制作,已經不用多說,專心食飯燒飯團配海膽及黑松露Sakura ebi, Gobon, Mitsuba RiceWagyu TenderloinGyutan, Crab Hotate Shinjo, Madara, Yomena Takenoko, Kujonegi, Yuzu, Wakame-anChef Selection SashimiAiname, Ebi Shinjo, Nanohana takenoko, KinomeAwabi, Shirauo, Uni, Taranome, Hawasabi JiureTakenoko & Omaru Ebi, udo, Soramame, kinome Miso continue reading
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Level3 2011-05-11
incredibly, we spent over $10,000 and all 5 of us walked out still HUNGRY! and we're not big westerners who need huge portions.the kaiseki was not artful, nothing special at all. i've had many much better kaiseki meals in japan in good non-michelin starred restaurants that's better than this place. there was only 1 set menu but the food and selection was like ordering a mid-tier kaiseki dinner at sugiyama. i was expecting omakase level and quality.maybe there's a even more expensive omakase that the waiters didn't tell us about. but for $2Kpp for mid-tier set was utterly insulting.also the place is cramped, seats uncomfortable.what a waste of time and calories and occasion! continue reading
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