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The pioneering contemporary “Chinese x French” gastronomy, VEA, is inspired by Executive Chef Vicky Cheng’s childhood and the vibrant culture of Hong Kong, reflected in the bi-weekly changing tasting menu at VEA where he pours his heart into. The menu is renowned for its strong focus on seasonality and the use of rare Chinese products, where Vicky aims to create harmony between his Chinese roots, French culinary training, and precise plating aesthetics. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2017-23), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2019-2021)
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VEA restaurant 呢間餐廳🖤黑白配⚪️Bookmark咗好耐,除咗呢間餐廳喺網上係大熱話要book個幾月都book唔到之外,仲連續幾年入選亞洲五十大嘅最佳餐廳,而且都係攞住米芝蓮嘅名銜,所以🖤黑白配⚪️對今餐嘅期望極高😍,餐廳主打中法fusion ,平時食法式嘅fine dining 試吾少,但係用中式嘅材料同埋法式嘅食材混合真係好新鮮👀,試過之後真係覺得無論係味道、創意、食物質素、環境所有嘢都好完美同埋有驚喜,亦係🖤黑白配⚪️心目中暫時覺得最高分嘅fine dining 頭幾位😳餐廳分別有吧枱同埋table ,🖤黑白配⚪️今次坐吧枱對住個開放式廚房,睇住啲廚師悉心預備每一味嘅菜式同埋點樣製作個菜式,成個感覺好有誠意👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻6 course menu $1880 per one Tasting Menu Snacks Savoury selection ,三款嘅鹹點,按住順時針咁食,佢哋個擺盤擺出嚟已經好靚,第一款係個雞蛋殼入面用咗蛋再炒白菜🥬,中間個擺盤有條鹹魚,然後仲有張紙仔🙀可以俾你開嚟睇,寫住鹹魚白菜也好好味🤣🤣🤣件事都幾有意境!第二款係法式咸餅,裏面有黑松露同埋炒過嘅栗子,最後嗰個卷物係包住左藍鯨吞拿魚Shima Aji 呢款嘅刺身配左中國嘅湖南辣椒醬同埋台灣嘅楊桃汁🍑 ,食落去甜甜辣辣Sea Cucumber 海參入面包住新鮮嘅海蝦,再配埋20年釀製嘅花雕酒,係食嘅時候,職員就會即場將個酒噴落去個海蝦度,所以係完全保留到酒嘅味道🍻 Shirako 香煎白子底層有個春卷皮包住個白子,另外配咗個白酒鱒魚子汁🍶淋落去,食落去好鮮甜食到一半,餐廳職員會俾個山楂餅同埋雪萉俾你清一清個味蕾,等你預備食main 好耐冇食過山楂餅🥹🥹,呢個味道係細過飲中藥嘅時候攞嚟送藥,而家食返都覺得好懷念😳🥲🥲Ma Yau炭燒馬友用咗聖子去做配菜,而醬汁係用咗潮州菜甫,成件事出奇地match !Yellow chicken 🐔 真係估唔到食雞都有咁多層次😂,呢個yellow chicken有三層嘅味道,最底層係雞腿肉,而中間嗰層就係雞胸,最上層就係黑松露,用咗黑蒜同埋雲南羊肚菌做配料,成個雞食落去好嫩滑,同埋完全散發到黑松露嘅香!Japanese Strawberry 🍓 呢款甜品用咗水果做主題,用日本嘅士多啤梨同埋配搭burrata cheesecake ,調味料用咗日本嘅八珍甜醋,將個甜品更上一層樓 🍰Mignardises去到sweet selections 嘅環節,真係超驚喜,食到細個好鍾意食嘅椰子糖蔥餅,真係兒時嘅味道😭😭另外,有五款餐後小茶點🍮分別係味噌焦糖、士多啤梨cheese cake 、煉奶糯米糍、檸檬夾心餅、青提蛋白同埋芒果西米撻,作為結束呢一餐完美嘅體驗。整體真係好新鮮好有創意,同埋好飽好飽,但係覺得食完肥都係值得🫣🤣🤣 continue reading
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Level2 2022-10-20
VEA 獨創《中 x 法》獲被選為米芝蓮一星餐廳 (2017-22)亞洲50最佳餐廳 (2019-2021)的確實至名歸無論環境 服務 食材嘅挑選 配搭 擺盤同味道水凖都非常出色👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻因為我唔多食紅肉 所以餐廳為我預早安排海鮮類菜餚😋😋十道菜既Menu 食足三個鐘每道菜口感味道都好有層次 好有驚喜❤成個體驗以《分分鐘需要你》經典金曲 配以Appetisers 作序曲有香港情懷 好觸動人心 👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻我最鐘意係釀了阿拉斯加蟹肉的優質北海道刺參, 魚子醬生蠔🦪 同「芒果愛馬仕」甜品 🥭😋😋好味程度係絕對推介 和絕對值得返chuk既❤️ continue reading
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Level3 2022-09-29
食中菜無感如我,上年食呢個中法fine dine係無乜感覺的,但之後食埋其他fine dine 之後就覺得VEA 真係好有誠意。因為佢真係好有心機,每樣野都好精緻,仲要成日轉menu,睇到相既呢一堆除左啲signature野之外好多已經轉左。​​​成餐飯飲埋酒好似食左三個幾四個鐘,你話佢係咪最好食既野我未必答係,但好似會鐘意amber咁,佢野食可能唔係全部都最outstanding,但個dining experience實在太好。VEA 係每道菜都拎埋原材料喺你面前介紹,全部野都好驚喜。​​我of course 揀cocktails pairing,隔離嗰個揀左wine pairing,同樣都係每杯喺你面前好詳盡介紹~仲要所有燈光好靚🥹食得好開心~~~​ continue reading
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Attended Vea today with a few friends. I’ve been to Vea before, for a birthday celebration that landed on their Hong Kong - Singapore collaboration. I had good memories of the place from that night - the food was very filling, services up to par, and creativity plenty sufficient. Lunch started for us at Vea at 2:30. The place wasn’t packed, with a table further down not at full capacity. We were introduced to some of the staple Vea dishes, the sea cucumber being a classic and the mini sea urchin tacos a welcoming surprise. The main course, a roasted duck, was delicious, though sliced into a dainty amounts, toasted to excellent standards. The other main course, perplexingly enough, was just vegetables served in a fancy manner. Not what I’d usually expect at a restaurant of such high caliber, but our starving party wolfed it down anyway. The dessert, a Japanese peach topped with tea mousse over a bed of biscuit/ice cream, was perhaps the star of the show, light and refreshing, although quickly left in front of us to finish at the end. My experience was definitely affected by the slow service. The tasting lunch menu had eight courses in total - a starter, three appetizers, two mains, a dessert and petit fours. The hours slogged by. We were served three dishes in the span of an hour. It was perplexing. The staff picked up slack near the end with dishes flying out, and one of the waiters hurriedly telling us that we had to PACK our petit fours and TAKE THEM HOME because the restaurant closed at 5. It just made me wonder... how could a lunch take 2.5 hours and we leave without even finishing our desserts? I left in a rush without even being given the desserts to bring home. The total for lunch, per head, was $2390... I wouldn’t even consider paying half for this experience. The food was alright, but how can one enjoy the food if it exited the kitchen at a snail’s pace? Truly disappointed. continue reading
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Environment ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The open kitchen setting is one of the highlight of Vea. 👩🏻‍🍳It’s quite healing to watch how every dish is handled with care. 🍳Services ⭐️⭐️I would say the service is not up to my expectation. 😓There were people explaining every dish but nothing more. The staffs look busy and would not stop for another second at your desk. However, the 3 foreign businessmen sitting beside us seem to receive much more attention. Well, maybe they paid more and we looked too young? I think as staff, you should not give an impression of differential treatment. 😢Also, when explaining add on item, they were a bit pushy and did not disclose the price (which was +1000 pp)🤯Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️It was an interesting fushion experience between French and Asian but Tummy won’t encore.The starter (pic 3) was actually what attracted me to visit. It was designed by Chef Vicky to show his affection to his wife. 💖The wooden box with pebbles is a music box. 🎶The chef used traditional salty fish flavour in the sando. 🥪The spring roll is also rich in foie gras and pistachio 🤤🤤my favourite combination🥰Then it goes the caviar, the sea cucumber and the abalone noodle. Well, the caviar looks good but does not really elevate the taste of the cooked crab meat inside. 🦀It just tastes like a normal fried dish in a Chinese restaurant, which was a bit disappointing. 😕The abalone noodle is fair - sweet and refreshing. The sea cucumber, being sprayed by huadiao wine, is fried, and served with lobster soup. 🍶This is compelling idea but didn’t taste surprising.The main, (pic 5) is the only amazing dish. 😍The strong fragrance of the white truffle and fungus is able to elevate the sweetness of the radish. 🥕The soft truffle and the crispy daikon is engrossing. On the other hand, the sheep leg (pic 6) is just fair. 🐑The grape tart is quite nice 🍇but the other dessert (truffle chocolate) is too heavy. There are some couple of other dishes, like the lamp and the lobster rice but were not too memorable so Tummy did not have much comments.Cocktail pairing is recommended if you want to go despite reading my review. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)