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The Drawing Room kitchen understands the importance of respecting traditions and focusing on the basics. The freshest seasonal produce and spend hours ensuring the quality. They serve finest seasonal menu for the customer. continue reading
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Linguine with Canary Island Red Prawn and Crispy Artichokes Pan Fried Quail and Foie Gras with Hazelnut and Cherries Pear Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream Trio of Wagyu Short Rib Wagyu Beef Tenderloin and Ox Tongue
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I booked a table via phone customer service. The reception was polite and nice. Drawing room location is convenient and easy to catch without map. The outlook of restaurant is fancy and modern. Entrance of restaurant with a painting looks little stately but interior design is no surprise.There are 2 menu serving in 4 / 5 courses every day. As normal, courses include appetizer , 2nd course, main and dessert with petite four and after meal tea. One of menus is classic with restaurant signature dishes and another one is seasonal with dishes as named are "seasonal". Because it was my first time to try it such that I chose the classic one. Tried foie gras, scampi, linguine (signature) , pigeon and chocolate cake,etc. Foie gras is not as good as MO grill but the outter is still crispy. Well, scampi is special and must drink it with foam. Otherwise, the taste is scattered. The signature dish is chosen smart! The spanish prawn is fresh and rich texture. The source is sweet. Good match. Pigeon is like traditional chinese dishes in steamed way.Chocolate cake is my favourite in whole night! One has to mention that the restaurant maitre'd is very nice and introduce menu in details. When I questioned , he can answer me politely with good smiling. I love good customer service restaurant!Overall, it is "can revisit". continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-21
Drawing Room - 它剛開業的時候,我去過一次,感覺食物很一般,還要一個月前訂座,自此就沒有再光顧。上個星期的聚會,朋友選了這家餐廳,才讓我有機會再一試它的實力。當晚的菜單有:碳燒龍蝦作頭盤,小龍蝦湯(Scampi Cappuccino),西班牙紅蝦扁意粉,和牛三食(分別是牛舌,Tenderloin和short ribs),再加甜品梨子酥餅配香草雪糕。頭盤的龍蝦很新鮮,也燒得恰到好處,不會太老。湯也不錯,有時候鬼佬蝦湯會煮得過濃,變成有點苦味,Drawing Room就沒有這個問題。最大的驚喜就是那道意粉,意粉al dente及醬汁分佈均勻之餘,那只紅蝦才是一絕。它是我唯一在香港吃過是“爽”而不是“酶”的西班牙紅蝦。本身不是和牛的fans,不過它的三式做法我覺得比較特別,細細塊也不會太油膩;尤其是那牛舌,煎香了就像午餐肉一樣。甜品是比較失色的部分,梨子太薄,烤的時候溫度又太高,把整個酥餅也弄得很乾。喜歡意大利菜的朋友,不妨一試或再給一次機會Drawing Room。當晚每位約1000元。 continue reading
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Level4 2012-11-12
看餐廳的外表給騙了, 還以為是貴夾唔飽果隻, 還有”drawing room” 此名字給人印象就是外表行頭, 通常偶像派唱歌都略為遜色, 而drawing room卻是個不太漂亮的偶像派, 但唱得有不錯。他們想營造的華麗氣氛我卻感受不到, 酒吧有點像美麗華酒店, 只屬普通。 餸菜賣相出奇地平實沒半點花巧, 卻是非常傳統的意大利菜presentation, 值得一讚!是日晚餐已經是第2餐, 可憐我跟女友吃罷了一餐不知怎形容的fine dining後完全唔飽, 才跑到這裡再吃女友點了foie gras with scallop 我地share左個cappucino scampi同trio of wagyu。 Foie gras香滑軟腍, 卻沒覆蓋帶子的鮮味, 給我偷吃了許多=)cappucino scampi的泡沫很輕卻密, 如果帶點mushroom味就更好。trio of wagyu 有點普通, 和牛唔算好靚, signature來說有點失望, 不過還算中上之作。 continue reading
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Level1 2012-10-13
We booked a week in advance (7:30pm) and didn't get our table until 8:15/8:20. So much for booking in advance and for a expensive restaurant that is just unacceptable. The four of us then ordered a few drinks, which looking back can only be deemed as being overpriced. We then had some bread, which was average at best, but bread is bread I guess. We ordered the Crab Salad, Amuse Bouche and some soup to kick things off, only to be disappointed. The soup was watery and flavourless while the crab salad was acceptable when considering the price makes it poor value for money. The crab in the salad although shredded, must have come from a tin can and most likely those cheaper brands as we had issues with crab shells. The Amuse Bouche was decent, but was a little salty for our taste and as opposed to being slightly warm felt extremely cold. We then ordered 2 x wagyu beef cheek and a trio of wagyu short rib and the cod fish. The wagyu beef was below par as there was no meat flavour, you could only tastethe sauce and salt. We actually found the hash brown to be more enjoyable than the meat! The wagyu short rib was acceptable, the meat had flavour and it was not excessively salty like the beef cheek. The cod fish was already soggy by the time it got to us, the fish felt slimy. Once again another salty dish! The minestrone soup was too salty and lacked thickness. The meat from the cod fish didn't seem fresh, which I figure is the reason for the high doesage of salt. At this point the 4 of us weren't impressed, but thought what the heck lets try to cheer up with a simple desert. We all thought you can't really stuff up too badly making a desert, so we ordered 2 apple tarts with ice cream between us. Like a previous review said, the tarts were not thick enough and lacked apples. To sum up, we were far from impressed with the Drawing Room due to the high price and the poor quality of the food. The atmosphere and venue was decent, but you go to a restaurant to eat and in the case of an expensive restaurant you should be served excellent food, which clearly wasn't the case here. One other thing we noticed was the disgusting toilets, which really doesn't fit in with the rest of the restaurant. We also had an issue with my colleagues wine glass being very dirty. continue reading
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Level1 2012-04-23
We (3) booked for the earliest table (8:30), but we arrived around 7:30 to enjoy a few drinks first. We were seated in a very nice and comfortable booth/chair beside the bar. Cocktails were very nice, fresh and not overpriced. A short while later (maybe 30 minutes), our table was ready. Too bad it was the seat right beside the entrance with the washrom and customer traffic. Regardless, the table, furniture, lighting, and seats are all very comfortable and posh. The other customers were quiet, not busy taking pictures or making noise with their phones! The atmosphere is fantastic, quiet, nice music, soft, dim lighting, etc.. Too bad it costs so much to find such an atmposphere in Hong Kong!The menu offers only 2 sets. Both are unique, but the more expensive set included a soup for $ 350...so rather than chance that much $$$ on a "Signature" soup, we opted for set A. The bread was only average; no grains, white, too crusty on the outside and my mother makes much better bread, so I am used to better quality. The amuse bouche or whatever they called it, was a nice gimmick/touch...very rich in flavour. A bottle of Pinot Gregio was reasonably priced $380. It was tasty!The starter; the crab salad with cucumber gel is fantastic; light, refreshing and very pleasant. The flavours explode in your mouth. Second course, lobster pasta, also fresh, cooked to perfection and flavourful. It had a good portion of lobster too. My main course was the lamb. It was cooked to perfection and tasty. I tasted some of the Ox cheek. I'll get that next time because it was delicious! Desserts were all very nice. I chose the apple. Combining the 4 courses made for just the right size for a dinner. Presentation was fine on all courses, very simlpe, yet effective.The petitie fours were nice, but I wonder why we were given the option to take only one, when other tables were choosing 4 and five each? I was full anyways, but this should have been explained more clearly when they were presented.The service was right on...swift, efficient and extremely polite. Overall, yes, I will go back again, as often as I can afford. I'd love to sample that signature soup though. The restaurant is a very nice, away from the turmoil, night out, venue!I refuse to take pictures and disturb other guests while enjoying such an elegant atmosphere. I'd like to thank the other guests for doing the same Saturday night. continue reading
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