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Tempura Sashimi Sushi
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Level4 2018-11-10
This tempura restaurant is located in Henry House, Causeway Bay, and the reason for coming was bit unplanned. Originally having booked Sushi Hiro but upon arriving the staff told us they could not find our booking. In the end they offered to put us on the restaurant one floor below, as it was of the same group and we could still order the same menu.Feeling a bit upset, we obliged and was seated in Ten Yoshi, and after looking at the decor and menu I found it was specialized in tempura instead. So decided to switch to having that instead of the sushi. The decor was decent, with us seated at the counter and able to see the chef in action, which is always my preference when visiting a Japanese restaurant. The omakase menu ($1,100) included a number of premium seafood, with the chef coming over to show us, checking whether we had any concern on them before proceeding on the cooking. I like this approach as it made us clear on what we were going to eat in advance and able to alert the chef of anything we don't like or allergic. The appetizers include a Black Sesame Pudding which had rich flavors. There were some ginger mash on top to add the fragrance, plus a few marinated salmon roes to supplement with savory. A good start. The other appetizer was Poached River Snail. The flesh was tender and not rubbery, with the mirin sauce giving a nice umami flavor. Then we were served some Edamame Beans. The beans were nicely seasoned with salt and would be a good companion for beer or sake. Unfortunately I was driving this evening so I could not have any alcoholic beverages and missing that great pairing. Next was the Clear Soup with Seafood. It was highly flavorful, with a delicate taste which was superbly enhanced by squeezing a few drops of lime juice in. The shrimp, fish, mushroom, chive and ginkgo further contributed to the complex taste of the soup. The sashimi coming next was White Fish, but I did not ask for exactly what type of fish they were. They were cut very thin so essentially was translucent. With a nice bite, the sashimi was eaten not with the traditional soy sauce and wasabi, but vinegar sauce. It was well received by us and the feast of presentation, texture and delicate taste was appealing. Then we began the different tempura pieces, starting off with the Prawn. Deep-fried perfectly, the tempura was not oily at all, as evidenced from the piece of paper used to hold the tempura having virtually no oil stain when the tempura was put on top. Even the head of the prawn could be eaten, after deep frying it. The second tempura was Fish. While again not able to ask the type of fish, but it did look like a small red mullet. The flesh was light and delicate, and was another great ingredient for the tempura. The third tempura was Lily Bulb, skewered together before going for the deep-fry. The lily bulb did not have much taste, but after dipping in the tempura sauce there was a surprise fragrance and sweetness. The fourth tempura was Abalone. I think the flesh was a bit over-cooked and thus making it a bit rubbery, though nothing like being too tough to bite and swallow. Then came my favorite on the night, the Grilled Saury. Right in the best time of year to have this fish, its size was big and while it might seem a bit charred on the skin, in my opinion it was perfectly grilled, with the skin having a bit of crispy. The flesh was just phenomenal, really strong in its original taste Next was the Milt Tempura. We had experienced milt in many restaurants before but most were prepared by lightly blanching. It was the first time we had it deep-fried in tempura style. Interestingly on texture, while on the outside it was crisp, the interior was really silky, providing a great culinary experience. The one following was again rather special, The mini-onion was cut in halves and then deep-fried, and while having to be careful because the inside was very hot, the onion had a nice sweetness and a bit of crunchy texture. Then there was the Nanban dish, which got some small fish and a piece of pumpkin. The vinegar sauce had a nice acidity to make the dish refreshing and also acting as a cleansing intermediary. The fish was deep fried and crispy also. Next was something special as well. Wrapped by a piece of seaweed, the sea urchin was prepared using the tempura style, creating an interesting culinary enjoyment of a crispy exterior and an soft interior. While I would still prefer eating them raw, this is a nice alternative and I applauded the creativity of the chef in creating this tempura. With two tempura outstanding, we were already quite full. Then came the Maitake Tempura. Again this one was good, with the mushroom moist and tasty after dipping in the tempura sauce. Before the last course the chef gave us a Tomato 'salad' to remove the oily sensation, with the plump tomato having nice sweetness and acidity balance. The chef also had meticulously cut the tomato into sections to facilitate eating. Last of the tempura was Chestnut Tempura. The chestnut was also in season, giving a very sweet taste. It was a good finale to the tempura dishes, though it was not the end of the meal. The next was the Hokkaido Oysters. Very big in size, though I had to say such big oysers were not my favorite. However it was creamy and if you like the fishy note of such this one would be a good dish for you. With a choice of three ways to prepare the rice, the chef asked us whether we would prefer 'normal rice', noodle or rice with tea. Going for the normal rice, the shrimp cake the chef had prepared was truly nice, with a lot of shrimp meat but everything done in grat harmony. Another of my favorite in the evening. The dessert was the Melon, which was sweet, juicy and tasty. Both me and my wife had finished essentially everything. And it was a great finale to the good dinner we had in the evening.The total bill was $2,242 and we did not order any beverages. While we was not planning to come here, it was a nice coincidence for us to experience this good tempura restaurant in town. continue reading
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Level3 2018-12-26
睇完周x東京後終於可以一試天婦羅。準時6點晚市上到黎,9樓係呢間食天婦羅,而10樓係同公司係食sushi,所以黎9樓都可以叫埋sushi。餐廳環境似模似樣雖然開左好幾年,師傅都係講日文應該係日本人,但係以中高級餐廳黎計衛生非常一般。毛巾個兜有漬,個餐巾有d 痴笠笠既野痴住,未食已扣分🙁🙁Menu,定價令你既expectation幾高:天婦羅:散叫左幾樣想食既,有蝦有蟹有金菇有年糕,同埋最想試既海膽磯燒(即係紫菜包住海膽炸),可惜係海膽太少,完全食唔到海膽既味道😞😞😞而其他天婦羅都係一般😞Sushi:叫左個set 有10款壽司,反而有驚喜,都幾好味,而且個配搭都唔錯,4百幾蚊,算抵過d 天婦羅👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻埋單一千蚊多d,對天婦羅比較失望,唔值呢個價錢。🙁 continue reading
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Level2 2018-10-01
到銅鑼灣吃飯,想起常常路過看到這間天扶良的水牌,所以決定去試一試。當晚除了我們外只有一枱客人,十分冷清。由於正值秋刀魚當造的時候,我們點了一條秋刀魚刺身,還有天婦羅壽司餐和天婦羅全席。首先是一杯桃味的餐前酒,前菜是芝麻豆腐和螺,接著是冬瓜湯,味道有點像中式的冬瓜湯。秋刀魚刺身肥美鮮甜,跟加入了薑蓉和蔥花的醬油十分配合。天婦羅壽司餐包括一碟天婦羅和壽司六件,天婦羅粉漿很薄,炸得香脆而不油膩,個人最喜歡穴子天婦羅,壽司都不錯,除了穴子壽司質地太腍,感覺奇怪。天婦羅全席包括了三碟天婦羅和一個炸蝦餅飯,份量雖多但完全不會覺得膩,當中以魚和蠔天婦羅最出色。喝過味噌湯後,侍應把茶換成抹茶,再送上芝麻雪糕。以$520一個套餐的價錢來說這餐實在物有所值。 continue reading
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Level3 2018-08-04
銅鑼灣的日本餐廳概括都有二百幾間, 質素都非常參差 , 簡單一個細節位可以睇到 該餐廳是否正宗, 就是坐低會上茶同畀條熱毛巾你抹手。茶碗蒸し 溫度啱啱好 (注:近排去過某餐館,熱到連個碗都揸唔起)有日本師傅駐場, 天婦羅的質素一定沒有懷疑👍午餐成為二百多元有:前菜, 天婦羅,刺身, 日本米飯跟漬物,甜品,茶啡。喜歡正宗日本菜的原因就是他們注重細節, 食材都會跟季節而轉變 正如個甜品係有清爽的蘋果加薄荷葉 , 夏天食落去真係大快人心。(注:甜品的賣相 唔係太吸引, 但食落口就另眼相看) 總結嚟講食物質素ok師傅功夫到家, 但侍應的服務上可改進,例如:上菜的次序, 可以多注意!跟客人加茶與及食完空碟收走。 continue reading
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Level3 2018-06-22
這天又到銅鑼灣享受一頓美味的午餐這一間的天婦羅很出名所以一定要試12點時,還沒有太多人坐在吧枱前便可以看到師傅即整天婦羅每次上菜前,他都會告訴你這是什麼,待你吃完才會上另一道菜。最神奇是那張吸油紙,是沒有什麼油份,可見功夫實在一流三文魚天婦羅還是第一次吃,配上抹茶鹽,有一種新鮮的感覺,魚很嫩口,完全沒有骨,蝦也很彈牙蟹鉗很有肉蟹的感覺,很多肉,完全沒有雪藏味海膽天婦羅一定要食!用紫菜包着炸,沒有散開,咬開後,海膽流出來,外酥內軟的感覺,海膽完全沒有藥水味用紫蘇葉包着帶子,竟然帶子還留有水份,完全吃到的都是鮮味賴尿蝦,有米的賴尿蝦,好像在長洲吃到的賴尿蝦乾拿去做天婦羅,但肉質不會乾再來自選壽司,這頓飯實在滿足,推介蟹肉壽司,用蟹肉拆出來的,拖羅也不錯魚生很肥美吃太飽要用檸檬水清清,配上蘋果茶啫喱,劃上完美的句點 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)