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Level1 2012-10-06
We dined at Tbls last night in a group of 6, after having booked about 6 weeks ago. Where can one begin to describe the worst of this experience? Perhaps the difficulty in finding a restaurant with no signs whatsoever, an adventure which seemed rather exciting at first ,then annoying and then, in light of what came later, pretentious? Or maybe, it was just the total amateurish nature of the dishes. Six courses with 2 amuses-bouche, explained with a flourish by our rather loud maitre de, that invited, but didn't get, applause. The imbalance of the flavours was the sort of thing one might expect from an over-enthusiastic new cook. Why was there so much pork? Why did they use so much salt, including salted caramel ice cream? Indeed why three, yes, three ice cream desserts? For this we paid $1200 a head! You can eat much better for much less anywhere in Hong Kong. An annoying waste of time and money. continue reading
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Level1 2012-07-27
We made the reservation 3 days before and were told the restaurant was full booked. However, the lady volunteered to put us on their waiting list. The day before our dinner, she called us to confirm our booking as there was apparently, a last minute cancellation. My impression on the venue & ambience: - It looks much smaller than what's showing on the website and much more simple - There are at least 6-8 people working in the open kitchen and one would wonder why as the restaurant is not big- We were shocked and very disturbed by the noise in the restaurant throughout the entire dinner even with only a few tables there- The noise came from the overly-excited guests (looks like we had a girls-night-out event), the background music (very ordinary stereo and speakers) and the staff working in the kitchen. It was so noisy that our waitress had to shout each of our courses out loudly and it was almost military style. The kitchen staff were very concentrated on their own role washing the dishes and banging away with whatever utensils were in reach. Towards the end of the dinner, I believe we smelled detergent or bleach.My impression on the food:- Decent taste with lots of fancy presentation- Many courses but all very tiny portion- Two courses of dessert seem a bit too much while the main courses are small and unfulfilling- None of the courses make me want to go back again (to be honest)- That said, our experience and mood could have been better if the environment is a bit less hecticOverall:- Been there and done that (not that I am a foodie...)- Think overpriced and overhyped continue reading
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First of all, I didn't know what was all the rage about this place, honestly, sadness, pure sadness.....only set menu, and yes, priced at $680 per head.... yep...can hear all the WTF going on...... This place 9 out of 10 times, its fully booked, even on weekdays. Our table of four on got confirmed after someone last minute cancellation.This private kitchen already situated in a not so new building - 31 Hollywood Road, 1st impression, not good, the elevator is like 100 years old, the button on the elevator are some of the oldest you will find in HK.....Situated on 7/F, top floor, decor was clean, but simple, and we can leave it at that.Air conditioning was almost not existing, it was so warm, given it was 30C outside, they needed to have working air-cond, and I can say it was not working this night. My party of 4 got the table, no waiting, but the place only really sat 20 people with the balcony area. We sat facing the kitchen.1st dish - Salsa with a mini meat ball served in a small glass jar...not impressed, I gave them a 2nd chance...2nd dish - Mushroom soup with a portion of hamburger mixed with sloppy joe sauce on small hamburger buns....again, something you can whip up at home in 15min. Its minced meat on bread, and the soup tasted like ....someone say "Campbell Canned Soup"...yep it tasted like that. 3rd dish - Mac and cheese in a small porcelain bowl. This was the only dish that the chef show a bit of effort. Minimal effort at best. 4th dish - Fried fish on top of tartar sauce with a carrot puree and a bit of radish. Honestly the fried fish is something we could get from the frozen section of the supermarket, yep very fish stick style, but it was real fish. Taste was good, but again, can be whipped up by anybody with a little sense of cooking.5th dish - Rasberry sorbet - to wash your palate, it was sorbet. ok6th and final dish - Lime Macarone with Mint chocolate chip ice cream. The only decent surprise of the night...why? Because it was so warm in the restaurant we needed something cold to cool us down.**And they were super "anal" corkage fee $250, and even after we ask we they can waive it after ordering a bottle from them. the answer was plain no, some BS about company policy....Guys and Girls, think twice when you want to book this place, the bill works out to be $800 per head with wine.OMG, don't bother, save your $$$$$. People that thought and wrote review this place was good, have no taste or probably had magic dust put into their food. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I was the last min fill-in for the dinner last nite but I have heard from my friends saying that you have to make reservation 2-month in advance to secure a table. As I read the comments from Openrice, I reckoned that their food quality is going downside whilst the price is hiking record high!!! $620/head for a 6-course meal…does it worth? I tried not to have high expectation on food but sorry to say that it’s disappointing…the food wasn’t impressive at all except for the 2 desserts. Even the refreshments were no good…the homemade apple sorbet is way too sweet & fake in taste!It's a very small restaurant located in an odd building on Hollywood Road & the ventilation isn't good that the whole restaurant is smelly...quite an awkward experience Soup & sandwich - ok Mac 'N Cheese with crawfish - this is good, not too cheesy, it's delicious Summer crab cake - OK Baby back ribs - the sauce was too sweet & you couldn't taste the rib as it's over-cooked! Sour Cherry Pie - the whole thing was good except the pie...so dry & hard like biscotti Strawberry macaroon with Kalamanski ice-cream - pretty refreshingRemark: $200 corkage/bottleBEWARE: Pls check your bill thoroughly as we were billed with one extra headcount. They explained that they just calculate the total headcounts based on our reservation…H-E-L-L-O, you served 5 diners from end to end but you charged us for a party of 6? They tried to game us on $752, that’s a lot!!! We didn’t realize it right away due to the alcohol effect & paid off the bill…GOOD LUCK! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2011-08-05
Went there on a Saturday night having booked it 2 months ahead of time - it was definitely worth the wait. The head chef's food philosophy is to combine "simple, solid comfort food" with "haute-quality ingredients, preparation, and presentation so that my guests can enjoy their most familiar dishes in an exciting new way". It is something he has achieved very well with making simple everyday dishes special again. Guests only have the options of selecting the Tasting Menu where every course is personally introduced by Chef Dang himself. First course: "Soup & Sandwich": Chilled Tomato Soup with Mustard Oil, Smoked Brisket Sandwich with Cucumber and Red Onion RelishThis soup really hit the spot. The mustard oil (it was actually wasabi oil as explained by the Chef) was not too strong to overpower the flavours of the soup. The highlight of this course was the "sandwich", which was actually a miniature burger. Unlike your everyday burgers, the beef brisket patty was chewy and really had a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The "bun" was also made out of pastry, which I thought was a very creative concoction!Second course: "Mac 'n' Cheese": Crawfish and Chorizo Macaroni and CheeseI absolutely loved this dish, a simple dish turned sophisticated with the addition of crawfish and chorizo. The chorizo brought a slight smoky flavour which fared well with the cheesy texture. Yet, I was slightly disapointed to find a lack of crawfish in my Mac n' Cheese - or was it just muddled with all the cheesy goodness (but I could not taste the crawfish either)? Third course: "Summer Crab Cake": Crab Cake, Yuzu Compressed Watermelon, Jicama, Avocado Coriander Coulis I was already excited to dig into this course when I heard the sound of the crab cakes sizzling. Once I cut open the cake, there was a generous amount of crab meat oozing from the shell. The refreshing yuzu compressed watermelon was a wonderful compliment to the soft buttery crab meat. *thumbs up*!Fourth course: "Down 'n' Dirty Baby Back Ribs": Citrus and Honey Glazed Baby Back Ribs, Cumin and Mustard Cole Slaw, Sweet Potato Purée I am not usually a fan of baby back ribs as it requires messy fingers and forcefully extracting the meat from the bone with your teeth. This was not the case here as the meat was cooked to the bone, with it coming off the bone almost effortlessly. As the name suggests, the chef kept with the 'Down 'n' Dirty' concept of using traditional BBQ sauce to marinate the ribs. The BBQ sauce was not too heavy, leaving enough room for a hint of citrus flavour. Fifth course: "Sour Cherry Pie": Sour Cherry Pie, Almond Foam, Smoked Chocolate and Bourbon Ice CreamThis was my least favourite course, partially because I have a bit of a sweet tooth. The chocolate was far too bitter and the cherry was too sour for my liking as well. However, for those you adore dark chocolate; this is perfect for you as it was not too sweet nor heavy on the stomach.Finale: "Red, White & Blueberry" Strawberry Macaroons, Calamansi Ice Cream, Blueberry MacaroonsWhen this dish came, I was amazed at how the chef managed to keep the calamansi ice-cream in such a perfect cylindrical shape between the macaroon! The combination gave the perfect 'sweet n' sour' taste. The macaroon was crisp and not too sweet whilst the zest of the calamansi ice-cream was absolutely refreshing. The cute chocolate butterfly on the side of my plate was also a lovely and delicate add-on To conclude, I loved every bit of this 6-course menu and would recommend others to give it a try. The only downside to this place is the limited number of tables, forcing you to book weeks ahead of time, but it's definitely worth the wait!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)