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Sushi Kuu located in Lan Kwai Fong, Central, mainly offers sushi and Japanese dishes, 90% of the seafood is directly imported from Japan. The restaurant also included the reward about one of the best restaurant in total 300 Asian restaurants by Mr. Miele. Customers can enjoy fashionable design with the relaxing music in Sushi Kuu. continue reading
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Level6 2017-05-26
因為愛吃唔願肥,近兩個月的覓食行動皆以日本菜為主,傳統的吃多了,今晚轉轉口味,找家蘭桂芳老外形式的。 Sushi Kuu 壽司喰位於 M88 一樓,高層去得多,低層原來面積更大,以黑色金色為主調,日本式瑰麗奢華之感,燈光柔和,酒吧餐廳的格調,設置巨型壽司吧,席上客人果然不少外籍人士。 大廳圓桌設高身椅背,既舒適亦增私穩度,周一晚上亦座無虛席,氣氛熱鬧。 我們坐在椅窗的卡位,一方是高廈街景,另一方華洋雜處,完全是置身大都會之感覺! 單字一個 “喰”,就是吃的意思,雖是簡單的吃,但不隨便,硬皮餐牌設計型格,廚師發辦每位$1100屬中價,並不過份。 前菜-枝豆  我認為枝豆是最佳餐前小吃,這客枝豆,品種及擺盤皆有所不同。長長的枝豆只作裝飾,內裡的果實早已取出。 左方的豆豆像蠶豆,原來尚要脫皮。 內心的豆子肥大圓渾方才是吃的,豆味濃,稍為蘸少許海鹽就完美了。 胡麻醬佐賀白金豚野菜沙律  據說是最受歡迎的菜式之一,果然香酸醒胃。 胡麻醬酸甜度平衡,味道討好,白金豚鬆軟有咬口,有肉香,野菜新鮮爽脆,配合得宜。 火炙三文魚生菜包卷 我覺得這道是仿韓吃法,因為用菜包著魚生吃。 饀料有肥美的三文魚、洋蔥、青蔥、黑松露及米飯,口感爽脆鮮美。 刺身盛  奢華至極的一道,十四款刺身,每款一件,少不了我的最愛,海膽、拖羅及牡丹蝦,再加上常用的油甘魚、三文魚、帶子、吞拿魚、玉子、三文魚子,最後是時令金目鯛、立魚、深海池魚及魷魚,如此豐富,不可能有投訴。 看那吞拿魚腩,脂肪含量起高。 牡丹蝦頭內蝦膏豐富。 選用日本米,口感香軟,就是涼了亦好吃,與刺身是絕配。 海蝦天婦羅牛油果卷  酥香的海蝦天婦羅與軟滑質感濃郁的牛油果對比明顯,蟹子卜脆,口感佳。 梅酒杏仁豆腐  以梅酒做啫喱配杏仁豆腐,配搭有創意,香滑中透出微甘的酒香,甜度不高,恰到好處。 綠茶慕絲柚子汁  顔色亮麗,賣相增分,柚子汁做慕絲,入口嚐到果之酸甜,配了兩粒腍嫩甜美的黑豆,綠茶味道不濃,滑溜口感不俗。 食物有質素亦富創意,環境氣氛服務俱佳,不失為一好去處。 continue reading
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As a Japanese food lover, I always try to seek the best omakase in town. As suggested by my friend, I went to Sushi Kuu with my family last week.Although it was Monday, the restaurant was so popular that there was no space for the bar table. We were assigned to sit by the window to enjoy the street view which was equally nice. We ordered the omakase set valued HKD1200 and it was amazing! Even the starters were nicely prepared. The onsen tamago was topped with salmon roes and sea urchin while the foie gras were immersed in red wine in the form of jelly with mango sauce. All the sashimi and sushi were fresh. Wagyu was cooked well with a succulent texture. Turning the fish's cheeks into tempura was also special and yummy. The meal ended perfectly with sweet pieces of melon and pineapple as well as hokkaido milk pudding. Sushi Kuu gave us no disappointment. And we'll definitely come back again! continue reading
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Always finding the best place to eat, this time Leader B has found a really nice one – “Sushi Kuu”, which is located in M88 plaza, near Lan Kwai Fong Central. Decorated with western interior design, the whole restaurant seems mainly catering for foreigners. All the food is so attractive for me and I chose to order the omakase set menu at last. In Japanese, the term “omakase” means to leave all to the chef and enjoy the food in season in return. And in this way I can try as much fresh food as I can and I don’t need to decide which dish to order haha (should be the most effective way to enjoy my dinner here lol) The starter of today is the steamed soya milk with foei gras and roe. The roe is that soft and the freshness of foei gras filled the soya milk with genuine taste. The balance is good with three taste combine together but no one override the taste of another. French oyster is juicy. The restaurant provides lemon slice to act as taste enhancer, which makes the oyster being more delicious. Then it comes to the sashimi part. The sashimi set includes white snapper, toro, shrimp, fried snapper, sea urchin and screw. The snapper texture is firm and it matches with the yuzu soya sauce provided. The shrimp is sweet and contains lots of shrimp paste, which is my favorite part of the sashimi. Though there is tendon in the toro, it melts inside my mouth and fulfills me with huge satisfaction. There are two hot plates in the set. One is the roasting shrimp and the other is deep fried mobula cheeks. The roasting shrimp is covered with assorted mushroom and black roe powder. The texture is firm and the appearance is delectable. While for the fried mobula cheek, this is my first time to try the dish, and I have never imagined the taste of it, but the texture is smoother than I think and not oily at all. After the hot plate, the sushi comes~ There are 5 types including grilled tuna, alfonsino, grilled salmon, sea urchin and salmon wrapped with lettuce. The grilled one are toasty and the sea urchin is so fresh. Most surprisingly would be the wrapped salmon, it is so interesting and the layering effect is rich. I can taste the salmon, the Japanese sesame salad dressing together with the lettuce and the taste is refreshing. And the last dish – abalone and sea urchin tastes wonderful too. Abalone is soft enough and the sea urchin gives another taste different from the usual raw one, which makes the soup so precious, not only the way it presents, but also the ingredients. Last but not least, the set comes with the sugary honeydew melon and pineapple from Okinawa and my choice of dessert – almond tofu~~ The dinner is so wonderful and I enjoy the time here very much!!!!!!!!!!!! Sushi Kuu 壽司喰中環威靈頓街2-8號威靈頓廣場M88 1樓 continue reading
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Level4 2017-07-11
"Eat in the season (不時不食 in Chinese)." With such wisdom, the Japanese proudly presents Omakase. This phrase means "I will leave it to you". It is a tradition of letting the chef chooses your dishes with the best and freshest ingredients. I like surprises and mystery is what makes this kind of dining experience special and attractive to me. Tonight, I went to a Japanese restaurant with Western interior decoration, probably caters to foreigners. However, for food, they adhered to persistence they are famous for. Here came the starter, steamed soymilk with foei gras and roe. The incense of beans filled my mouth. Genuine ingredients were what makes it so fulfilling. Surprisingly, the foei gras and roe didn't steal soymilk's thunder but act as a perfect hop balance. Oyster from the French were very juicy and richly tasted, filling my mouth with taste of the great ocean. Adding vinegar sauce, they became even more delicious. It was the turn of sashimi. Colourful gloss guaranteed their freshness. The kind which must be praised was spot prawns. They had a firm and sticky texture. What’s more, the shrimp paste tasted sweet and delicate. On the flip side, tuna belly is disappointing because there were tendons. Shrimps in this restaurant were good. This is another cooking method, roasting. The surface was layered with assorted mushroom and the shrimps themselves were chewy and delectable. It was my first trial of deep fried mobula cheeks. It was not greasy nor oily. The exterior was crispy while the interior remained tender and smooth. It is definitely a cuisine that goes well with wine. A Japanese meal is never completed without sushi. Lightly grilled tuna belly and alfonsino were toasty and excellently tasted with fat incense. Sea urchin was sweet and the sweetness lingered. Of all sushi, the most innovative one was salmon wrapped with lettuce. Layering effect was created with fat salmon flavouring by salad dressing. Abalone and sea urchin soup, this broth had a gorgeous name. The soup itself was delicious and abalone was tender and soft. Unfortunately, sea urchin didn’t have much taste since its essence are all in the soup. Finally, it is my all-time favourite, fruits. There were sugary honeydew melon, pineapple from Okinawa and grape jelly. This is such a satisfying meal! continue reading
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Level4 2017-07-05
It’s my second time visiting Sushi Kuu. I was here for the lunch. It was out of my expectation. Very fresh sashimi. It’s a very popular place for business lunch with quality food in Central. Tables are very full booked at lunch time.So I decided to give it a chance for dinner meal. I was here with a friend who is not an usual drinker. The waitress recommended us the Sake called “Asabiraki Tetsukuri” which is not so strong in alcohol with a note of aroma. For this time, We tried Omakase, which means “Let the chef in charge”. It’s always my fav since daily fresh ingredients are served. What’s more, you always get surprises!The Omakase in Sushi Kuu is HK$1,200 per head (10% additional service charge). The price is reasonable as it’s the average price of Omakase in Hong Kong. In Sushi Kuu, I found my money is worth spending. Sashimi is so fresh that never get disappointed!!! Can’t miss out Sea urchin and Toro. One thing is that I was expecting to see the traditional way to present the sashimi and sushi – from white to red fish. However, what’s served is not in order. The waitress explained that, ‘the modern chefs are likely to add their own creativity to beautify the food presentation. The white to red is less common nowadays. Thus, most Hong Kong people have well-knowledge of eating order.” There are appetizers, assorted Sashimi platter, hot dishes, sushi platter, hot soup, dessert.Service is alright, still, rooms for improvement. But rarely expect much service in Lan Kwai Fong.After all, it gives us a memorable dining experience with an excellent value. continue reading
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