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Post Pubblico is a New York Italian bistro that serves home-styled Italian food. Each recipe that they serve originated from Robert Spina's home recipes. This restaurant tryies to use simple local ingredients. continue reading
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Level2 2017-08-17
After we ordered the food, we looked at the wine list and tried to order a bottle of wine.First they ran out of Barolo, then we ordered Barbaresco, they came back and told us they also ran out of Barbaresco, that left us not much choice, we ended up ordering the Brunello.If a restaurant expects customers only order cheap wine or beer, then remove 50% of the wine list please!We ordered Ribeye, ran out of Ribeye cuz the kitchen didn't defrost. Very funny!In the end we took different pastas, and tenderloin. They gave us the wrong pastas.Food-wise, pastas were OK, but not up to a point I'd say impressive, as other customers commented. Their signature veal meatballs were again OK, but nothing so special about it. They basically just made the meatballs more lumpy, the tomato sauce was just the same sauce you'll find in a random Italian resto in Hong Kong.The whole meal was a bit bizarre and I will not return. I really thought they made good pasta. I heard good things about this joint but was 2 to 3 years back, probably their standard has dropped. Didn't bother to take any photos.One good note though, the servers were apologetic, and they tried to make it up to us.P.S. The bathroom stunk like hell. Luckily I went in when I had finished my meal, otherwise I would have lost my appetite!!! continue reading
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Level3 2017-08-10
朱古力蛋糕🍫🍰 份量十足,朱古力醬超級幼滑,感覺嗰三層蛋糕就泥跣出泥咁🤤🤤🤤🤤 蛋糕質地同味感係比較扎實,朱古力味極濃郁🤤🤤🤤 建議2️⃣個人分享食用🍽 如果一個人食晒,雖然極滿足,但應該會爆quota🐷🐷🐷🐷 continue reading
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Level3 2017-07-24
鄉下妹好少出城,出到人多車多嘅中環,真係唔識搵食,但又無理由嚟到中環食米線㗎嘛!於事朋友就帶我去SOHO區呢間意大利餐廳搵食!其實對我黎講,呢區間間都差唔多~哈哈哈!朋友話之前食過肉丸好味,不過我哋今次無叫,事關呢度嘅肉丸size好大,加上今次我提議食pizza~係極旱有既事!!!以我呢隻為食豬嘅性格,食一件pizza已經飽左大半, 兩個人share 一個pizza ~~我係需要股起極大嘅勇氣~哈哈!再加埋肉丸嘅話我仲邊有位食其他嘢?呢度裝修得唔錯,簡單又舒服,一入門口就係半圓形酒吧枱,方便喜歡飲酒嘅人,飲下啤酒吹下水,輕輕鬆鬆又一day!行入少少就有幾張二人枱四人枱、仲有半圓嘅小包箱座位。三五知己,放工落嚟Happy hour,都係個唔錯嘅選擇!坐底之後侍應就奉上麵包同兩片莎樂美腸+蕃茄+芝士,d芝士好香!配埋麵包食,鹹鹹地又幾好味!朋友講笑話今餐都係candle night dinner!邪惡的炸芝士青瓜一咬入口有種熟悉又陌生嘅感覺,呢條炸物食落有青瓜獨有嘅草青味,但望落去又唔多似!而且平時小食一般都係炸下薯條,估唔到今次竟然係青瓜!加埋入面嘅芝士,配埋厚薄適中嘅脆漿外皮,仲未夠!仲要點埋個醬嚟食~被我稱為<<邪惡的>>真係非一般嘅邪惡!蕃茄醬海蝦扁意粉無乜太大驚喜,味道可以!略嫌蝦太少,呢個價錢比多兩隻都尚有空間!叫咗兩杯mocktail,一杯熱情果味一杯西柚味,係用新鮮生果調嘅!好好味!Pizza冇記底pizza個名,淨係知好多火箭菜係上面!芝士味濃,有少少肉,只係個底有d硬,用刀切唔開要用手羅住食,哈哈!曾經睇過一篇報導講有關pizza嘅正宗食法,一般我哋喺餐廳都係切成三角形,用手托住食或者攞住個邊邊位嚟食,但d餡就會向下跌,咁好正常咪用個口去接住,食得都幾難睇!原來最正宗嘅食法係將原個pizza對摺再對摺,一咬塞入口!除左避免醬汁同芝士漏晒出嚟,咁樣大啖大啖咬果4層pizza先可以食到餅底嘅麥香喎!加上pizza原本係街頭小食,咁樣摺住食就方便一路行一路食啦!睇怕都要大胃王先做到正宗嘅食法! continue reading
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Posto Pubblico is located at Soho, it has nice dinning environment , the atmosphere is great, very simple dishes which live up to standard, and is affordable. This is a good place for dating and friend gathering up to 4 persons. Since the tables are not big , so big group gathering is not suggested. continue reading
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Level4 2016-10-12
[Note to reader: this is one part of my 8-part review series on the Ultimate Sandwich Competition. Here’s a description of the contest: “Crave Magazine is partnering with The Forks & Spoons and Deliveroo in search of Hong Kong’s best gourmet sandwiches. Eight of the city’s beloved delis and restaurants will battle it out to show us what they’ve got with their prized carby goodness, from classic Reubens to the reimagined Banh Mi.” I decided to hold my own (completely unofficial) contest, eating all the sandwiches and ranking them.Rules: I just made up these rules, but I abided by them throughout the contest. Rule #1: Only one sandwich can be crowned The Ultimate Sandwich, and it must be one of the eight entrants. While Crave magazine is giving the award based on sales, my award is completely subjective, based on my own opinion. Rule #2: I must eat the sandwich exactly the way the restaurant serves it, with no additions or subtractions (unless they’re explicitly offered as a choice point): no sauces from the table, no salt, no pepper, nothing. Rule #3: Only The Ultimate Sandwich deserves a smiley-face review. If a restaurant pretends it has The Ultimate Sandwich, but then just has a regular old sandwich, then that restaurant is ipso facto only OK at best, and perhaps frowny-face at worst.]Straccetti di ManzoOBE beef, Gorgonzola dolce, artichoke pesto, arugula, anchovy aioli,homemade subHK$119 This was my first attempt to join the ultimate sandwich competition, and it did not go well.So I showed up on a Saturday (16 September 2016), which was determinately within the 12 September to 10 October time frame of the alleged competition. When I was seated, I was given a very old, worn, printed menu, which of course did not have the special sandwich on it. I looked around the restaurant and there was a specials menu, but it too did not have the special sandwich on it. So I asked my server whether they had the sandwich, and he said: “Is it on the menu?” I said, “no.”The server took my phone, with the Crave magazine webpage on it scrolled down to the sandwich in question and brought it to whoever in the back of the restaurant might possibly know about the Sraccetti di Manzo. He returned with the dullest of explanations: “this is a competition among different restaurants and Posto Pubblico is doing this sandwich” (I assume that maybe he thought I thought they were serving all the sandwiches on the list I had given him. I did not think that, but whatever.) “So,” I said, “do you havethat sandwich?” “No,” he said.[Later on, I emailed Posto Pubblico and the RM (restaurant manager?) Mohammad Wahid apologized for the “confusions” and said the sandwich was available every day at lunch, including the day on which I came. I don’t know what “available” means if it includes something that is not on the menu and unknown to the staff. Since I was in no way assured that future “confusions” would not occur, I decided not to give it a second go.]So this review will describe the rest of my dining experience. Unfortunately, Posto Pubblico loses The Ultimate Sandwich Competition, because not even bringing a sandwich to the competition is a guaranteed way to lose the competition. They don't get the worst marks, however (!), and I do like the other (real, actually existing) food at Posto Pubblico. I’ve been here a number of other times, and also to Linguine Fini, and I have, except for on this particular occasion, never been disappointed.Since I’d had several things on the menu, I decided to go for the special Tuscan Fried Chicken: “pecorino, crispy sage, pickled chilli - $229.” My server informed me that it was just chicken and that I should order a side if I wanted more than that, but that it was a lot of chicken. I figured it’s OK to skip my veggies this once.According to Daniel Gritzer of Serious Eats Magazine, fried chicken in Tuscany is originally a Tuscan-Jewish dish. The preparation involves marinating the chicken in lemon juice and garlic, breading it in flour and egg, and frying it in olive oil, using plenty of herbs. Here, I thought some of the stuff was superfluous: the pecorino certainly was unnecessary, and I didn’t really notice it. I ate some crispy sage and then I did not eat more crispy sage, it worked only as a garnish. The pickled chilli, which was a sweet pepper and not a hot one, worked OK to break the monotony of the chicken, but the best fried chicken is not monotonous.Let’s talk chicken. You get half of a chicken, in three very different-sized pieces. The best aspect of the chicken was by far its juiciness. Even the white meat was very good and not dry. I don’t know if it was marinated in lemon, like online recipes suggest, but it came with lemon slices which I squeezed on, and the citrusy brightness also helped the flavor. The worst part of the chicken was the breading/ skin. The skin of the chicken had only partly melted, becoming a yellow fatty glob that made the breading soggy in places. My drumstick had very soft non-crisp breading, as did the bottom of my breast + wing piece. The thigh came out the crispiest.This isn’t top-flight fried chicken, and if that’s what you want, go to The Parish down the street. But who goes to an Italian place for fried chicken anyway? Not me. I came for the sandwich. Unfortunately for me, it was not to be.1. ***WINNER*** Bulgogi Roast Beef Sandwich – Jinjuu 2. Steak in Knead – Knead3. Ultimate Smoked Pastrami & Cheese – Morty’s Delicatessen 4. Beef Bourguignon Banh Mi - Mrs. Pound5. The Gentleman’s Sandwich – Beef & Liberty6. Shanghai Dip – Second Draft7. [Did not show] – Posto Pubblico8. HA HA Piss Off! – Bread & Beast continue reading
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