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Restaurant: Maxim's Palace Chinese Restaurant (Edinburgh Place)

To encourage eatery outlets to reduce food waste at source together with customers through offering portioned meals and adopting food waste reduction measures, the Environmental Protection Department has launched the “Food Wise Eateries” Scheme. Participants will be awarded with a Food Wise Eateries (FWE) accreditation status if they comply with the assessment criteria and will be granted with the FWE Logo and Stickers for displaying in the premises and their promotion for public identification. Applications are accepted all year round and are FREE of charge.

For details, please click here, https://www.wastereduction.gov.hk/zh-hk/waste-reduction-programme/food-wise-hong-kong-campaign

Restaurant: Maxim's Palace Chinese Restaurant (Edinburgh Place)

To promote a new salt and sugar reduction (RSS) dietary culture and living style to the people of Hong Kong, the Environment and Ecology Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department have launched the "Less-Salt-and-Sugar Restaurants Scheme" ("Scheme"). Restaurants participated in the Scheme will offer less salt or sugar options to the consumer or even tailor-make less salt or sugar dishes in designated restaurants. Participating restaurants will be granted with the Scheme Labels for displaying in the premises for public identification. For details, please click here: https://www.eeb.gov.hk/food/en/committees/crss/restaurants.html

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Review (144)
Level1 2024-04-04
We will never eat here again!!Went for dinner, when ordering we had asked the staff multiple times whether our AE card can be used for a certain promotion and was told yes. When the bill came, we were rudely told our card cannot be used for the promotion, that we had to pay full price and there was nothing that could be done about it.One - we only ordered the promotion since the staff said it was fine, else we would order something else.Two - the staff collecting payment and the manager rudely tell us nothing they can do about it, your card not applicable.Ended up paying 50% more than we expected. Never eating here again. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2024-01-14
今日星期六酒樓11:00 開門,但我10:55 到已經排長龍大概70 至80 人,多數是遊客,可能很多網上推介卦😆食物質數比一般美心集團酒樓高一些,款式很多,但價錢略貴(小點$43,頂點$65)坐落問樓面呀姐拿張濕紙巾抹手,她說沒有,稍後有個經理經過我再問他拿張濕紙巾,他說等一陣給我,但最後都沒有,實在太過份。連這樣小小服務都不能提供。😡另外有些不滿就是雖然點心是推車仔出嚟,但大部分客人都十分心急,等唔到車仔推到來便一窩蜂湧出去圍住點心車,十足食buffet 自己出去拿食物,令其他客人不能享受車仔推到自己身邊,破壞歎茶的原意😋希望酒樓勸喻客人安心坐下等點心車過嚟吧😋 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2023-11-10
我同爹哋、媽咪都鍾意食一啲傳統嘅粵菜,所以今次帶咗佢哋去中環大會堂美心皇宮食dinner 😋最近美心中菜推出全新十四款經典懷舊菜,大廚匠心推介🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻爹哋媽咪話食到回憶嘅味道喎☺️☺️我邊食邊諗起以前細個同爹哋媽咪一齊食飯嘅感覺😍😍今次我帶埋小朋友一齊,個感覺好特別!1️⃣皇宮小炒皇 😋係我哋全家人都好鐘意食嘅菜式,炒得好香口,送飯一流🤤加埋啲炸魚仔好香脆!
2️⃣脆炸妙齡鴿😋皮脆肉滑夠juicy ,妹妹自己都攞住係咁食😝
3️⃣荷香蓮子煀走地雞 😋底下個雞湯汁好清甜,雞都好嫩滑,一d都唔韌
4️⃣五年陳皮煎斑球😋好入味,煎得好香5️⃣櫻花蝦.蝦球蘿蔔糕 😋一啖蝦球一啖蘿蔔糕原來係咁夾嘅
6️⃣濃湯蟲草花浸娃娃菜 😋好清甜嘅娃娃菜,好入味7️⃣香滑芝麻卷😋芝麻味好香同好煙靭每道家庭式手工菜都煮得好有心機,好啱一家人去食☺️☺️☺️我兩個小朋友都食得好開心😋大家係咪都好想試食呢?宜家 全綫美心皇宮、映月樓、翠園(旺角分店) 都可以食到啦🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level5 2023-08-30
This Cantonese restaurant is located in City Hall and has been in this location as long as I can remember, certainly with a long history. It is still having dim sum carts at lunch, and a popular place drawing many people, for both the experience and the quality of their food. The queue is usually very long, and they do not take reservation as well for lunch. Today, though, we come here for dinner.It is quite quiet with the restaurant opening only half of the space, and for this section it is only half full. The setting is typical Chinese restaurant style, brightly lit, but at least the tables are not that close to each other to offer some nice space for conversation. The overall ambience is clean and decent.We order a few of the recommended dishes, starting with Sweet and Sour Pork 菠蘿咕嚕肉 ($128). The sauce is of the right balance in sweet and sourness, very delicious, with the deep-fried pork fillet having only a thin batter on the surface. While this is a common dish almost all Cantonese restaurants offer, it is a test of the chef’s skill and this one scores a good mark from me.Next is Hakka Stuffed Tofu Pot 客家釀豆腐煲 ($158). I was pleasantly surprised to taste the salted fish mixed in the minced pork stuffing, as many restaurants nowadays are skipping that. Also, there are some large clams and a big fish head in the pot, along with meatball and Chinese celery, to increase the umami taste of the soup. Great to see how the chef is able to bring extra flavours to a common dish.The final one is Steamed Leopard Coral Grouper 清蒸東星斑 ($388), which is offering at discount. The fish is quite big in size, and while for some people it might feel a tiny bit over-cooked it is actually good for me. I also liked the lighter soy sauce used.For dessert my wife has Red Bean Soup 紅豆沙 ($40) while I go for Mango Pudding 芒果布丁 ($48). The red bean soup has plenty of bean beans and thick, quite good in taste, while the pudding is decent, wrapping up a satisfying dinner for us.Service is good, with the staff friendly and attentive. Often in these traditional restaurants there is a feeling that the staff are not very happy, and that ultimately got reflected through the services, but it does not happen here. The bill on the night is $924 and overall good value for money, and we already start to discuss whether we should choose here for our regular group dinner in future. continue reading
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Level3 2023-07-30
You come here because- you don’t know the other choices in Hk- you have not tried getting dim sums on carts- you need to be in central- you are quite okay to have dim sums ordinary in both taste and quality.The que is daunting But, you can get around that by getting an advanced ticket on Gulu App. Assume that each 100 tickets ahead of you take about 1 hours . For lunch we had : - Steamed Radish cake (the best) - Minced fish ball - Beef ball - Glutinous rice wrapped in leaves - Salted egg yolk flavored Fish Skin - Char Siew buns - Fried Wontons with sweet sour sauce (avoid) etc I still feel indigested in the stomach though, it’s now evening time . continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)