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12:00 - 23:45
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Level1 2021-02-23
從打電話去訂位直到入座,兩個人開咗一支大約$400嘅酒同埋叫咗一個大約$400嘅拼盤,個侍應先走埋嚟同我講話一定要每人叫一個嘢食。佢地從我哋打電話訂位之後入去坐直到開咗支酒都冇講過。當我哋開始飲酒同食第一個菜嘅時候先同我地講。同夾硬屈人冇分別!最後我哋都唔肯就範冇叫多一個菜。所謂嘅經理態度奇差! !!反而做part-time嘅侍應哥哥就話明白我哋,因為佢哋冇一早講清楚! Part-time侍應哥哥值得一讚!食物一般,沒有太大驚喜。 continue reading
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Level2 2020-10-22
They have a nice and authentic selection of casual Italian cuisine and the ambience is casual and friendly. But last time I went staff attitude up to manager level was lousy. They keep reminding you to order at least one big dish for each person - a few times- and keep pouring your wine all the way to make sure you finish quickly and order more. The place is just not the same. continue reading
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Level4 2020-05-06
4/5Awesome pizza! Interesting pizza dough, chewy fluffy, alittle oily. Great ingredients.Salad and pasta is good too. Salad with the cheese and fresh fruits gives different effect. Love the tomato base of the pasta, simply yet homey.很棒的披薩! 有趣的披薩麵團,耐嚼的蓬鬆,有點油膩。 很棒的成分。 沙拉和意大利面也很好。 沙拉配奶酪和新鮮水果會產生不同的效果。 喜歡麵食的番茄底,既簡單又溫馨。 continue reading
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Level3 2018-09-20
Went there couple of times before taking my parents there. Unfortunately the experience was not as good as before. We ordered a half meter board which is for 2 to 4 people. Portion was generous as usual. Everything was up to standard.Salad was well dressed. Ingredients were fresh and nicely combined.I had always loved their home made pasta. The texture was great. However, the sauce on that day was way too salty. We mentioned to the waiter, but he didn’t care.This pizza also let us down. The dough was a complete disappointment . It was not like that in my past visits. continue reading
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Level2 2018-04-14
No one goes out to dinner seeking a bad time.This statement is what I tell my staff regarding customer service. Your wait staff truly is in the frontline that helps create a great night or a bad night for your customers.I think the management at La Brata could learn to treat their customers equally and with a much better attitude. Training really does help.For the 1st time for a long long time, my husband and I had a Friday night off to enjoy with our friends. We were a table of 8 that made a booking for 9pm. There was a delay with the table but we didn't mind. We were looking forward to a night of great company with yummy food and drinks.We called ahead to inquire about corkage because we were gifted a bottle of wine for my Husband's birthday by a customer of our restaurant. We wanted to share it with our friends. We intended to order wine at the restaurant as well. Before we were even given the wine list, our server (who acted and looked like the manager) had already came by to berate the bottle we had and scoffed at us.It didn't get any better from there. We ordered the 1 meter cold cuts and Cheese board at $598. We had decided to order a bottle of their wines best suited for the board. Instead of flatly stating they no longer carry the bottle we chose, the same rude server stated they are now using another wine for by the glass. As we were ordering a bottle, we were confused by his statement. Anyway, we just ended up ordering what he said was the new house red.We also ordered their Burata cheese plate. Which was ok. I've definitely had better but it was still quite creamy and a pleasant appetizer.However when the Cold cuts board came, the server dropped it off and left. We had no idea what we were eating for the meats and Cheese. No explanation, no service. It felt like we were tolerated instead of embraced as guests. Our friends noted we were the only Chinese table in the restaurant.Next we ordered a pizza. Pumpkin sauce, Pancetta and smoked cheese. It was quite good but light in flavor. Still perfectly enjoyed by all of us. We added a Duck ragu pasta dish ($160) and their Porterhouse ($800) for Medium rare.Duck ragu was overcooked minced meat and overcooked pasta. Little sauce and bearable.Steak....we were all shocked at how well done most of the steak was. So I asked the same server what temperature we ordered it. Medium Rare. Well, it wasn't, so he huffed and took the steak back. After a while he came back and said it was not possible to cook our porterhouse to medium rare so we should order another steak. I don't think I've ever heard of that and I've worked in a proper steakhouse. Fine, we ordered the steak he suggested for Medium Rare. He smiled at us like he had a knife to his back. If it was any more insincere, he could have just swore at us.The steak that finally came was cooked medium well. Because the server never came to ask if the steak was ok, if we were ok. We were hungry enough to just eat it. I could only eat half of it because it was so tough and chewy. By now the entire table was pissed at the service we were getting. We noticed a very different attitude and service compared to the all the other customers. I know in most traditional Italian restaurants, Limoncello is served complimentary to guests at the end of the meal. We saw others get it, we didn't. We didn't really care about the Limoncello, but what we cared about was how our entire table was treated.Unluckily for La Brata, I'm a 20 years veteran in F&B. I've worked in every position from Chef to Server to Bartender to Manager to Owner. I've never encountered such a disregard of customers in restaurant this small. This guy single handedly ruin our entire table's night out. We went in excited and happy. We left upset and angry. There are like a zillion Italian restaurants in HK, blindly pick one and it would be better than La Brata. I'd rather pay double to eat at a place like Spaghetti House than ever step foot inside La Brata again even if it was free. continue reading
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