7-min walk from Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR Station continue reading
The name of the restaurant "Jalan" means "street" in Malaysian. It focuses on Malaysian street dishes with exquisite cooking methods. Many dishes have also added innovative elements, such as the Donuts with Pandan Custard. The cocktails are also available. continue reading
Opening Hours
*Sunday to Wednesday: Last order - Dinner 22:45 / Bar 23:45 Thursday to Saturday: Last order - Dinner 23:45 / Bar 00: 45
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 23:45
Public Holiday
12:00 - 23:45
Public Holiday Eve
12:00 - 23:45
Payment Methods
Visa Master Cash AE UnionPay
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10% Service Charge
Review (10)
Jalan #中環 ❗️即將結業高質餐廳 超值得支持抵食馬來西亞菜❗️之前係OpenRice留意到呢間馬來西亞餐廳今個月30號就會暫停營業😢睇一睇啲相發覺菜色非常特別,而且仲有個半室外嘅窗邊位,環境一流😍而家經OpenRice book位仲有七折優惠,決定試一試😆完全冇令我失望,真係好高質,大家快啲趁佢結業之前多多支持!下畫嚟到有lunch menu,就算未減價都係百零蚊就賣到單,喺中環Soho區來講絕對算係抵食!巴東牛肉椰漿飯配溫泉蛋及三巴辣椒醬🐮$84 (原價$120)呢個就係馬來西亞菜大名鼎鼎嘅「辣死你媽」(nasi lemak)!濃郁微辣嘅巴東牛肉🐮配上流心蛋🍳超香脆嘅鹽焗花生🥜同埋好香嘅椰漿飯🍚輕鬆食晒!味道:4.4/5性價比: 4.7/5檳城喇沙烤魚🐟$87.5 (原價$125)好特別嘅喇沙烤魚🥰味道酸酸地有啲稠似冬陰功湯,超級惹味👍🏻兩大條烤魚柳點住個喇沙湯一齊食真係好好味。用埋個湯底點煎餅食絕對一流。味道: 4.4/5性價比: 4.7/5印度煎餅🥠$21 (原價$30)鍾意煎餅嘅我已經好耐冇遇過咁好食嘅煎餅啦💕絕對唔係普通一塊薄餅,而係有多層layers,表面酥脆內裏少少煙韌,就咁食都非常香😋用嚟點埋喇沙同埋巴東牛肉真係一流!味道: 4.3/5性價比: 4.3/5椰香咖咉烤冬甩🍩$56 (原價$80)呢個甜品非常創新,兩串共六粒嘅烤冬甩配上椰絲咖咉醬,幾香脆。不過啲咖咉醬只係搽喺冬甩表面,內裏係冇餡,相對其他菜式呢個冇咁突出,但鍾意食冬甩嘅人應該會鍾意。味道: 3.9/5性價比: 3.5/5整體來講呢間馬來西亞菜真係高質,無論係食物定環境都非常之正💖七折後每人埋單都唔使$130,超級滿足🥰好可惜今個月尾就要暫停營業,大家快啲去支持下,真係非常值得試! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
This kitchen/bar is located in Peel Street, taking the inspiration from the Malaysian hawker stalls selling street food to recreate a buzzing and open atmosphere in this neighborhood in Central, having open windows and counter tables looking out to the busy pedestrian walking up and down the street.On this Sat evening we certainly could feel the vibrancy, with a large group of people hanging out in the street from the few pubs adjacent, drinking and chatting. If you don't like the energy it could be quite noisy and disturbing, as the people are essentially just outside enjoying themselves, and some of them smoking too.There is not that many choices on the menu, and we started with Rojak Salad ($70), this is an appetizing and great tasting salad, with grilled pineapple, pickled carrot, cucumber and peanuts. The salad dressing is fantastic with good acidity and sweetness, and the basil further adds to the freshness. Even though the ingredients are simple, the blend of the flavors and texture from each is wonderful and appealing to the taste buds.Next came Chicken Curry ($130), and this dish also delivered the high expectation. The curry got nice complex flavors, and the boneless chicken meat made it easy to eat. The plenty of fried shallot and coriander enhanced the dish even further. The potato is equally good, cooked perfectly and absorbing the taste of the curry. I would prefer to have the curry a bit more spicy and it would also be good to have jasmine rice to go with the curry, but still a dish I like.The other dish was Market Fish Laksa ($125), with two large pieces of fillet pan-fried and then put on top of a Penang-style laksa, with boiled egg, tofu cubes, cherry tomatoes and beans. The taste of the laksa is great, and I like the tamarind note permeating from the broth prepared with lots of seafood. The fish is well-seasoned, and the boiled egg with the laksa too. Another good one.We also ordered a Roti Canai ($30) to go with the curry and laksa. It was nicely deep-fried and not feeling too oily, while having a chewy bite and a slight crisp skin. Apart from eating together with the sauce of the other dishes, there is a chutney provided. Also nice.With a mocktail called Jasmine Daydream ($60) and a bottled water, the bill was $475 which is reasonable. As my wife was not too comfortable staying with all the people hanging out outside smoking and having no barrier between us, we finished our meal quickly and leave.It is a pity knowing that the place is closing down by the end of the month, and I hope they would be re-opening in another location in near future and continue to offer these tasty Malay food, and ideally also having more choices. continue reading
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收藏的馬拉西亞菜,今天想吃的餐廳關門了,就近就來了。疫情期間菜單縮短,頭盤點了酥炸魷魚沙拉配辣椒醬、青瓜,醃蘿蔔。整體味道清爽好吃,美中不足有點偏咸,我如此重口味的人都覺得偏咸了。如果降低咸度,會是很不錯的一道開胃菜。檳城喇沙烤魚搭配流心蛋,烤魚、流心蛋、番茄、豆角、豆腐等,料足味美,喇沙料有滋有味。搭配點了外酥內軟的印度煎餅,沾喇沙汁一起吃,味道不錯! 本來還點了一道甜品,由於我來太晚沒有了。總體印象不錯,性價比很高,下次還會再來嘗試更多菜式。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2020-02-15
Wandering around SOHO on one of the rare days in our history of being in Hong Kong, I walked and entered Jalan, a new, modern Malaysian restaurant. The flat rice noodles JALAN style, with marinated tofu, mushrooms and green onions even though said and read "fire" was far from it. Absolute lacklustre of flavours. Their spicy sambals, I checked might not have been vegetarian, I was told. The chilli oil drizzle didn't do the trick, either. My cocktail was topped with a wee bit of wine and was alright. I might come here to try their other vegetarian options, but this visit left me disappointed. An observation that I made was that it was the only restaurant I visited that week, out of five or more, where none of the staff wore masks, amidst the coronavirus hullaballoo. Pictures on the blog-thevegetarianvoyager continue reading
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Level2 2019-12-19
My bestie and I booked at 12:15 through open rice on Wednesday. We were a bit late when we arrive. Fortunately it was not very packed till 12:40. Or else we might have to change to eat at other places. It is a very cute restaurant that allows you sitting by the window looking at the street. We wanted to try the coconut rice and the coconut water. Sadly they do not serve that dish during lunch hours. We had the curry and noodle on the set menu instead. They taste really good and we are happy with their extraordinary services! Price is very reasonably! Very lovely experience! Thank you! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)