8-min walk from Exit K, Central MTR Station continue reading
The only Chinese restaurant in The Murray Hong Kong also provides outdoor seating. Guo Fu Lou primarily offers traditional Canton dishes, such as grilled ham and chicken and cooked-to-order dim sum. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2019-21)
Additional Information
國福樓歡迎攜同八歲或以上兒童光臨惠顧 衣著要求:商務休閒. 男士請穿著包鞋,長褲,有袖上衣或外褸。
Opening Hours
*Last Order 14:30 (lunch); 21:30 (dinner)
Mon - Sat
12:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:00
11:30 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:00
Public Holiday
11:30 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:00
Payment Methods
Visa Master AlipayHK Alipay Cash AE UnionPay JCB
Number of Seats
Other Info
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Spot payment
Review (21)
Level2 2020-11-27
盡量造訪及回訪各米其林餐廳,也嘗試準米其林及衝擊米其林的餐廳,以米其林給人的感受去品嚐。星級:1星(2020)。訂位:電話,對應有禮。下單:菜式介紹清晰。上菜:重複菜式名字。用餐環境:良好。洗手間:好。此店外邊有露天茶坐,放有藝術擺設,當天氣放晴,來杯咖啡茶,甚是寫意,皮蛋酸薑一流,蛋黃超流心,蛋白晶凝通透呈雪花;酸薑醃製味道不會過重,口感清新。九肚魚,夠鮮味,但炸粉太厚。牛肉腸,未有特別出眾。牛肉餃,有點特色,可是味道搭配未必令人新鮮,有可能聯想到合味道杯麵咖喱味。蒸排骨,骨少肉多,惟鼓汁太細緻,不夠入味。2人光顧,點餐如下:皮蛋酸薑(小碟)生磨杏仁茶避風塘九肚魚(小碟)豉汁蒸排骨咖喱牛肉餃爽滑牛肉腸薏米水茶、芥、清水 x2酸菜小食加一後,合共HK$897。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2020-10-23
想試吓去酒店所以揀咗呢一間中餐廰。說實話食物非常普通,唔值呢個價錢。地方係坐得好舒服,D侍應絕對係普通酒樓嘅侍應,唔係五星酒店的,打斷了我同朋友講嘢問我飲唔飲湯。呢間中餐廰唔俾八歲以下小朋友去,但係vip 房入面好嘈,侍應忙於招呼佢哋不停在我哋枱前面行嚟行去,其實一D都唔安靜。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level5 2020-10-11
This Cantonese restaurant is located in the pavilion of The Murray Hong Kong at Admiralty. Having heard of its name a few years already, when it was still based in Wanchai, we finally came today to try it out. Awarded Michelin 1-star since 2013. It is also part of Fook Lam Moon Group. Seated at a table near the door leading to the balcony connecting to the hotel, the spot was not too ideal, with so many people coming in and out the door and creating some disturbance. Next to us is the entrance to the kitchen so there are also a lot of activities too. But apparently all other tables were occupied. The decor is contemporary with a neat, stylish and comfortable setting, designed by the an international acclaimed firm AFSO.As my wife loved the dish, I called a few days in advance trying to pre-order Deep-fried Crispy Frog Legs but the restaurant still would not accommodate. Probably worried that we would not turn up? Frankly that was a bit disappointing. On the night we ordered another cold dish featuring pig ear but that was also not available. Another bummer.Finally we settled for Bombay Duck with Crispy Garlic and Chili ($200). The fish fillet is lightly coated with some flour before putting to deep-fry, and then sprinkled with come crispy garlic and chili. The fish fillet got a light crisp on the outside but still moist and tender on the meat, a great show of the technique of the chef in controlling the temperature and cooking time of frying. A nice starter.Next we had the soup, with me going for Hot and Sour Soup ($180) while my wife had Assorted Seafood and Bean Curd Soup ($180). My soup had a lot of ingredients, with the finely shredded bamboo shoot, wood ear, shiitake, bean curd, shrimp and fish maw giving a nice bite. My issue with this soup is that there is essentially no sourness, and also only very slight spiciness. Even though the taste is not bad, on that front I would not even call it a hot and sour soup. But it seems my wife's bean curd soup is quite good. We then had the seasonal recommendation: Steamed Garoupa Fillet with Vermicelli ($240 each). A simple-looking dish, the garoupa fillet is fresh and tasty, steamed to the right degree and with the good quality soy sauce and a bit of spring onion it was very nice. The vermicelli had absorbed the flavors and were also delicious. Next we had another of the chef's recommendation: Baked Stuffed Crab Shell ($240 each). Trimmed to a nice oval shape, the crab shell was stuffed with plenty of crab meat and onion, then covered with a layer of bread crumbs before baking to golden brown. Added with some Worcestershire sauce, the sourness and unique flavors of the sauce helps to bring out the delicate of the crab meat to another level. Even though the fillings looked simple, among the many similar ones I have tried in different restaurants, this is one of the best in terms of taste. Though the size is a bit small for me, and the restaurant can think of adding some mashed potato or having a holder to keep the crab shell in place and not moving around when we scoop in. Decided to order something less common, Sauteed Jinhua Ham and Fillet of Pigeon ($360) fits our purpose. The pigeon fillet is very tender, sauteed together with ginger, spring onion and carrot, seasoned very well. The ham is steamed and then sliced, before wrapping with a thin pastry to bake, and then cut into slices. I found this even better than the pigeon, with the texture of the ham not chewy or tough at all, and the overall presentation also very attractive. The ham is not overly salty and a good complement with the pigeon as well. Very nice indeed.Still got some room, we had a Stewed Rice Vermicelli with Shredded Duck and Pickled Mustard Green ($260). I like this dish a lot, first because of the 'wok hei', with the vermicelli steaming and all the ingredients just cooked and without a touch of over-cooking. The pickled mustard green has been properly processed so it is not too salty but giving a nice fragrance, with the shredded duck also tasty. A very satisfying conclusion, and I give this dish a high mark. For dessert my wife had Sweetened Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seed and Aged Mandarin Peel ($75) while I opted for Chilled Fresh Milk and Coconut Pudding ($75). These are decent and I would say the pudding is a touch too sweet for me, but overall a nice finish to the whole meal.Service is generally quite good, with the staff friendly and attentive. The manager did come to check with us on how we like the food a few times as well. The bill on the night was $2618 which was expensive considering the type of food we had. It was unfortunately not good value for money in my opinion.More so, I do have a few comments which the restaurant should address. First, it took a long while between dishes. Each dish is served one after the after (which is fine!) but it was just too slow in-between. As we were seated near the kitchen I could see the problem was that the chef was focusing on preparing for the guests in the VIP room, seeing that they came to the room later than us, and the number of dishes served against what we had, the priority was obviously on that group. Another big problem was that this group of diners had been drinking heavily and going in and out of their room, going outdoor to smoke or to pick up someone or to toilet or whatever, without wearing mask. It was such a nuisance to every other diners in the restaurant as I observed everyone was turning a dark look at them, but this group of non-Cantonese speaking customers just keep doing what they want.I can understand that it is tough for the restaurant to address such customers, but the reality is that it really ruins a good dining experience for others. For the rest who pay the same premium price coming here to enjoy a good meal like us, this sort of things will turn us away and not consider returning again. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-09-02
連續數年摘得美芝蓮餐廳的殊榮,可想可知國福樓的實力保證。雖然沒有吃過以前在灣仔的舊店,但新開在酒店的國福樓仍然主打懷舊粵菜,服務細心周到,環境也高貴清優雅,推薦一試😝👉 花雕蛋白蒸蟹鉗據說是把蛋白混合上湯、花雕拌勻一齊蒸,肥美的蟹肉要熟,也要鮮甜美味,同時更要保持蛋白幼滑,非常考功夫💯極力推薦這道菜👍👉 茉莉花燻雞除了有烤香或煙燻的雞味,更有淡淡的茶香味,是我食過最特別的燻雞😍👉 黑椒洋蔥炒牛柳牛柳香嫩、洋蔥爽脆、黑椒味濃香口,非常惹味,最適合拌飯一齊食🍚🥢 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2019-02-21
國福樓之前吃過兩次,這次過年和家人一起來,第一次照相,順便記錄一下。叉燒酥,叉燒非常juicy,咬一口居然還有湯汁滴下也是難得。爽滑牛肉腸粉,這道確實不太一樣,分量看似不大的腸粉,粉和餡料包裹的很緊實。腸粉的部分比之前吃過的都要薄,牛肉餡也非常的緊致有質感,鮮蝦蒸粉果,之前粉果多吃素的,鮮蝦的味道也不錯。豉汁蒸鳳爪,中規中矩軟軟糯糯豉汁蒸排骨,味道普通,排骨幾乎都是肥肉,非常油膩諸侯金錢肚,中規中矩蟹子燒賣,這道普通,燒賣一點都不juicy,口感死板雞粒芋頭酥,這道不錯釀蟹蓋,因為龍景軒的釀蟹蓋太好吃的,其它再吃都覺得普通,味道單一,最後全靠醋提味,鮮有限,反而有點膩。甜點點了三份,芋泥燉蛋,芋頭紫米露、杏仁茶,其中芋頭紫米露獲得了大家的一致好評。國福樓的服務非常不錯,茶水稍微有點溫就立馬拿上一壺新茶,服務員每次都會熱情的給食客講解推薦。點心菜品偏傳統,味道中規中矩,特別驚艷的不多。排盤也是中規中矩、看著不精緻。其實單論環境味道,還是不錯的,但是我覺得性價比沒有我最愛的另一家高,所以在香港我的首選吃點心的餐廳不是這裡。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)