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馳名泰式火鍋,冬蔭功底,辣到噴火!最出名係豬頸肉、蝦肉釀鳳尾蝦及泰式雲吞。火鍋以外亦有其他泰式小食,包括招牌炒河,喜愛刺激泰國菜的朋友,一定要試試!\r\n continue reading
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冬陰公湯 生蝦刺身 咖哩蟹
Review (33)
Level2 2021-11-21
見朋友早排去友誼食飯打卡影相,心諗都有段時間冇去,打算再回味一下。點左:生蝦,紅咖哩雞,冬蔭功湯,炒椰菜苗,再追加薄餅。先講生蝦,退步了不少,之前食是爽口彈牙,今次係比較軟身,有點漿口。之後聽到隔離枱都有同樣問題去問侍應,都係同一個問題,証明唔係我味覺出錯。冬蔭功湯是ok 的,蝦都新鮮。但菇就比較小。炒椰菜苗都香,有鑊氣,但好食野份量就偏少,失望。紅咖哩雞可以話十分敗筆,雞肉雪味「香濃」,成煲只有三樣野:豆角,雞,同汁。等左薄餅久了,追問一下個姐姐講話個爐冇gas ,轉蒜蓉包我都話唔要了,之後等埋單期間佢拎左碟薄餅去第二張枱,唔通個枱客自備gas? continue reading
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Level3 2021-09-08
九龍城友誼,之前食過幾次雖然店舖好細又冇得Walk in但真係好好味😋,每次來必定會嗌檸檬牛肉五成熟嘅牛肉在配搭檸檬汁,好有口感食泰國嘢點可以唔叫生蝦,新鮮夠辣又好味咖喱炒蟹,配蒜蓉包我至愛蟹肉大大隻,呢度咖喱汁非常出色在浸埋蒜蓉包,好滿足唯一要改善嘅地方上菜上得太慢不過因為真係好食所以次次一想食泰國菜就會嚟呢度 continue reading
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Summary: It's another dinner-service only good Thai restaurant in Kowloon City. Most dishes taste authentic with some dishes a bit adapted. I could recommend this as another option.The Goods: Taste authentic (with some exceptions). Reasonably priced.The Bads: Depending on where you're seated it feels a bit cramped. The staffs were too busy for some requests. One of the dish takes quite a while to arrive. Damage: The 2 of us ordered 3 dishes, with one of them being fried noodles for carbs, with just normal tea. That comes to HKD280, or HKD140 per person. We were full but not too full so I guess this is the right amount of orders for 2 persons.A colleague told me I should try this restaurant but they only opens for dinner service it's been a long time until I finally come to try (I like to just chill at home for dinner - Kowloon City is not close by). The shop is a bit removed from the street with plenty of Thai shops but it's not too far away. They have ground floor as shop front which is were we're seated, but they also have a separate unit on 1/F which I find a bit awkward because they have to cook their food in G/F shop, carry them out the front door to take the stair next door. I was seated right at the door (like, 2 feet away) so it feels  a bit busy with people walking in and out all the time. The shop is not too cramped if not because of the fact I was seated next to the door. It's a bit old though, with plenty of Brahma & Buddhist figure/figurine as decoration. I never liked the kind of decoration but I guess it's just preference. The openrice time suggests they open at 6pm. We arrived at 5:50pm and there were 2 tables eating already so they definitely opens before then. The dinner service is quite busy, and the staffs struggled to keep up from time to time. What we orderedAs mentioned we only ordered 3 dishes which is quite enough for 2 persons. The first to arrive was the #11 Spicy & sour seafood soup (Poh Teak) at HKD78 (for small). It's my favourite dish so I always order it (lol). It's similar to the infamous Tom Yum but without milk (clear broth), no chilli paste (not red), and with sweet basil which is something I think adds very nice flavour to it. It is quite the way I like it, except that I think it can be even more sour. This dish should be sharp sour then follow by spiciness (which is also a bit lacking but I understand most people can't handle the heat). The seafood consisted of shrimps, squid, and venus clam. I'd say the amounts are good for the price, although one comment is that the venus clam was either frozen or overcooked - the meat shrank and a bit tough. Overall though, I would say it's still a good dish, still some room to improve but good enough for me to recommend.Another dish came almost right after, and it's the #86 Fried Rice Noodle with Pork (Pad See Ew Moo) at HKD68. We ordered this for a carb dish, and it's also one of my fav (again). To the goods first; it has good wok hei (stir fried) flavour, comes with good amount of pork, not overly sweet, and use the actual noodle type (wider and chewier than ho fun). Now to the bads; I think it's quite adapted to be similar to Chinese style (干炒河粉) in terms of flavours from composition of sauces, the noodles stuck together in multiple layers (look at the most front one in the photo), and they didn't bring us condiments (sugar, chilli flakes, vinegar, fish sauce). On that last point, it's probably not important for most people, but when eating this dishes, Thais always add some more condiments to the way we like it. We asked for it twice and never get it, the staffs were too busy serving food and we gave up. Ignoring the service, I still wouldn't recommend as it taste very much like Chinese style fried noodle that you can eat anywhere.The last dish came very late. It's a common thing to happen in a Thai restaurant because we don't have concept of serving orders so we just usually serve any dish whenever they're ready. The problem is sometime some kitchen is more delayed than the others. I feel the need to mention this though because we finished like 70% of the other 2 dishes already when this last one came. It's the #48 Beef in Lime Sauce (Neur Yang Ma Now) at HKD128. It comes with grilled beef (from guestimate it's probably about 200-300 grams), Chinese kale, and the lime sauce. The beef is a bit unconventional in a sense that we rarely cook the meat like this (medium rare) and instead it usually come medium well or well done. Although not entirely authentic, I'd say it's a good adaptation - I still don't like very tough grill meat served in Thailand. Although I wish they serve with a cut with more fat (like the authentic kind) for flavour. The beef itself is well marinated but it's not a high end cut (a bit chewy) but for the price it's good. The sauce is slightly too sweet and need more sourness in my opinion (but my wife said already good level of sweet, just a matter of preference). The table next to me also ordered the same dish and they seem to be struggling with the spice, so beware of it. All-in-all, I'm not surprised this is one of dishes people recommended, and I would recommend it too. Must order!A few last thoughts.... if you don't order special drinks, the tea will cost you HKD3 per person. Since I'm extra stingy, I think this is a bit much. It should be free! Also, the cup (or the tea itself I'm not sure) taste a bit like they didn't wash out the dish washing liquid well, yuck! It's quite minor point though. That's pretty much it, I think overall I could still recommend the restaurant but then again you have a lot of options. As usual, the menu photos below, Enjoy! continue reading
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Level4 2021-05-07
冬蔭公湯,咸魚炒西蘭花,海鮮沙律 ,燒豬頸肉味道唔錯,屬中上水平,但價錢偏貴,另加一再收每位3蚊茶錢。點左四樣泰國餐廳常見的菜式,唔算有驚喜,但冇失望,同朋友食得幾開心,但聽人講呢間檸檬牛肉幾出名,但可惜朋友唔食牛肉。 continue reading
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九龍城泰國菜有好多間,而依間小店開業到依家都好多年,無轉過老闆,每次黎食晚餐 🍽客人依然常滿,而且小店泰國菜水準一直保持係依條街吾係食過依間小店,係吾會發覺有間泰國餐廳😂幾時黎食,味道一直保持留意晚市人多黎幫襯最好訂枱,以免等太耐或黎到無位,晚市依間餐廳好多時都係常滿堂食用餐吾好預坐得好舒服,依間小店食風味吾係食環境今日餸上枱吾記得先影相📸️有2幅食物相吾記得影😫先推介酸辣鳳爪,吾怕辣可以試下,依間鳳爪辣得黎夠爽口另推薦冬陰公湯、泰式炒金邊粉、馬拉盞炒通菜冬陰公湯底料多,通菜有馬拉盞風味夠獲氣,金邊粉吾會太濕 continue reading
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