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Level3 2017-04-02
Which lady does not love French cuisine? I think there is none! That’s why I brought 2 of my friends to this restaurant. We ordered 3 crepes, which were “La Roma”, “La Cheese Lover” and “Four Seasons”, all were savoury crepes. I forgot why we did not order any sweet ones though… How could we?The ingredients used were specialized to match with the famous food in respective countries, which were shown on the names. For example, they used Parma Ham in La Roma. There were plenty of slices but not too salty when we ate them with vegetables.We couldn’t say no to cheese, especially molten cheese! The cheese in “La Cheese Lover” was very strong, I thought it was because of the blue cheese. Some of my friends could not stand such strong flavour but I liked it, a typical cheese lover huh.“Four Seasons” has the most distinguishable appearance. The chef separated the crepe into 4 areas and each area contained different ingredients. We could mix and match what we want, from the sour and little spicy salsa sauce, fragrant and chewy mushrooms, fresh vegetables and savoury ham.The taste of crepes were great and special, but I think the crepe could be thicker which would give better texture. 3 savoury crepes were too much for 3 girls… we should have saved 2 slots for sweet crepes! But it was quite pricey... continue reading
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Level3 2017-03-13
I still remember back in UK, I was reading an article about Hong Kong is a hot spot for French and the first question I asked at that time was "where are they?" and today, I have the answer.When we talk about French cuisine, most will associate immediately with confit, foie gras, wine and cheese, although we know crepes or galettes are French, but the brain process will never let this be the top search. We were referred by one of the French teacher, who indeed is a French, and said that this restaurant produce one of the most authentic galettes in Hong Kong and we love this place. Every time we pass Foo Ming Street, we could smell the intense buttery bakery and we never thought there is a French restaurant hidden within the building bushes. Hiding is a good word because beside the savory aromas, you hardly notice its existence.Wait, this is Hong Kong right? because this tiny, narrow tunnel, together with the use of brick, with reachable roof-top gave a lot of "French feel" to me.  The floor is simple and the decorations are also simple and it is that minimalist together contributed to the conclusion. If you were to ask a British, crepes and breton galettes basically mean pancake . Other said galettes are for savory and crepes are for sweets but that wasn't my understanding. I first encounter crepes and galettes when I was attending a health lecture about coeliac and the major difference between them is the presence of gluten. One might question that why would they talk about crepes when I was attending a health lecture and this need to go through some basics. Coeliac is basically a disease when people is hypersensitive to gluten, just like someone is allergic to pollen, but they are allergic to gluten. Ingestion of gluten will cause tummy symptoms and therefore, those people who is diagnosed with coeliac will need to have a strict gluten-free diet for life to prevent the flare. Galettes use buckwheat, a gluten-free grain, and crepes use normal flour, which contain gluten is therefore the main difference between them. Having said that, some galettes might mix a bit of wheat flour and if you are truly having coeliac, be sure to ask. Besides the gluten, galettes also has a lower sugar contents, darker in colour and different in texture and this is mainly due to the use of buckwheat. I need to try both and I planned my course.A great dish to start with is the La Terre-neuve, which is a galettes with smoke salmon, egg and spinach. Well boiled spinach and dissolve the spinach juice over the salmon, egg and cheese. Outer sides of the galettes are crisp and the center is mount by the cheese and egg. The galettes are delicate, yet not fragile and overall is very juicy.One have to try is their apple cider, a French apple wine in a sparkling bottle. The refreshing note with a finishing of good acidity on top of lingering ripe and toast apple is just delicious. Quite different from the UK apple cider which mainly lack of nutty and acidity tone. This apple cider can choose from sweet, dry or rose and I choose the sweet one and it goes well will all the galette I ordered.Doesn't sound like a traditional French galettes but it just sounds amazing! The combo of Japanese eel with foie gras is another kryptonite to me. The honey flavour from the foie gras and the teriyaki sweetness from the eel is such a great marriage. The galette sheet at the bottom balanced out the oily essence that leak from savory ingredients. This dish work best with the sweet apple cider as it synergistically enhancing all flavours and balanced well with the acidic tone. Boneless eel, chutney onions and the sesame, the choice of each ingredient has its own duty and I really like this dish.Next is the chef's recommendation - La Toulouse. Main ingredients include the smoked sausage, cheese, onions and french mustard. Sausage with mustard was one of my favourite when I was in Europe and it is not a simple Dijon mustard, it is the Moutarde de Meaux mustard. Robust coarse mustard seed with vigorous caramelized onions produce a good pairing for the smoked sausage. The only picky point is that the sausage are slightly over-fried with a relatively hard crust that dragged the experience. The three galette had good consistency and the thickness is perfect.Even though it is located in the heart of Causeway bay, feeling is so different inside Fleur de Sel especially when you are at the balcony. Using the most romantic footbridge of Paris, the Pons de Arts, with the iconic twin tower of the Norte Dame, this picture will make you project yourself at the scene, in addition that the customers are mainly French, this certainly give a unique scenario that can delude into thinking that you are in the city center of Paris. This projection is not something that you can experience else where in Hong Kong. After a long imaginary walk in Paris, it is time for dessert and I ordered the hot chocolate together with the Crepe de Toblerone. Needless to say, this crepe is very different from the galette I tried earlier. Less crisp, more soft and certainly more sugary. It is a melted Toblerone with vanilla icecream seated on top of a chocolate cushion. It is simple, it is satisfying and I am happy that the meal ended with this dish.It is March and that means it is time for French Gastronomy - "Gout de France"!! It is basically a food and tourism event to promote French cuisine with good food, good company and good environment, which I think Fleur de Sel tick all the boxes. This year's event date is on 21st March, 2017 and there are 15 restaurants participating in Hong Kong and Macau region and Fleur de Sel is one of them. On that day, Fleur de Sel will serve a special menu, although the special menu is not out yet, but I am pretty sure they will continue to offer the highly recommended galettes or crepes related dish on this day.The stereotype of French having a relax attitude seem to reproduce in Fleur de Sel. Whole experience was relaxing and even asking for the bill took some time as well. Also due to the feeling, and the contrast, I just feel like i was enjoying my meal in one of the cafe in Paris, the little Paris that situated in a busy district in Hong Kong.Previous participation in Gout de FranceFleur de Sel wallFleur de Sel wall in another viewOpen kitchen of Fleur de SelFleur de Sel logo continue reading
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Level2 2017-02-24
很喜歡藉著吃各地地道食物來了解那地方的文化生活。我不是太喜歡Galettes,但偶而一嘗,也不錯。食物質素可以,可能因為是法國餐關係,價格就高檔了。最要讚的是女侍應們的禮貌及優質服務。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2017-02-04
第一次來這家小店,訂了7pm但因事延遲到,7:30pm亦致電通知店舖,到達後全店爆滿冇位,要等差不多一個小時。等待時店主Vanessa欣勤款待叫我們先到bar枱坐下,然後又送cider 又整crepes給我們填肚。首先來個紅蘿白薑湯,跟著鴨肝,再來三文魚波菜crepes ,Parma ham salad,最後crepe Suzette to wrap our dinner.......all yummy & can feel they have passion with every dish! Love this shop & will definitely recommend to friends! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
There's a couple of places that specializes in French crepe (savory & sweet) in Hong Kong. I've been to a lot of them, and think they're just ok. However, of those,  I find Fleur de Sel to be the best one in town. The best part, it's centrally located in  Causeway Bay! The restaurant is located on the second floor of an old residential/commercial building in close proximity to Lee Theatre. Once you get out of the manual lift (the ones where you have to push the door to open and close), the smell of butter permeates the whole floor - just follow the smell! There's a large variety of savory and sweet crepes on offer, but make sure to check out their specials. Often they have unique combinations - I usually get those, like the photo below, which I had back in Feb. 2016. When I first visited, it was very popular, sometimes needing to wait for a table even though I made a booking, but during my last visit a few months ago, it was quite quiet. It will be a real pity if the place closes, so I encourage everyone to give it a try, or go back again! I will surely be back as often as I could.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)