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Dignity Kitchen is located in the preservation and revitalisation project “618 Shanghai Street” of the Urban Renewal Authority. A variety of hawker food are offered at different food stalls (Dai Pai Dongs). It is run by a social enterprise from Singapore with the aim to return dignity to the local disadvantaged groups on career development in the hope that they can be self-reliant one day. continue reading
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Mon - Thu
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Fri - Sat
10:00 - 22:00
Payment Methods
Cash Octopus
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叻沙蝦麵/鷄麵 海南雞飯 鮮油咖央多士 新加坡水果沙津 南洋咖啡 斑蘭蛋糕
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Level4 2020-05-16
噚(15-5-2020 Fri)日同老公放假離開教育大學後,就再嚟上海街618被活化嘅舊建築,支持呢間社企,我哋嚟到後,就研究買咩食,我就一早鎖定要食咖央多士,嘢飲就要恐龍美祿.老公就要沙律,慢煎糕同熱鴛鴦.買完要自己留意嘢食出咗未,然後自己出去攞.我嘅咖央多士同恐龍美祿好快整好.咖央多士唔厚,揭起睇,有一片牛油喺喥,食落,多士仍脆,但咖央令我好失望,冇香味亦唔甜.味道:1.5分恐龍美祿OK正常冇問題.味道:3分老公嘅嘢食呢?佢研究咗慢煎糕即係冷糕,我哋曾經喺鑽石山食過(嗰個食評: https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/review/%E7%94%9C%E5%93%81%E5%81%9A%E6%97%A9%E9%A4%90-e3410367),老公好鍾意食,今次又撞返,咁就要食.揭開睇,有好多花生碎,食落,冇上次食嘅脆口,味道一般,唔甜.味道:3分而沙律(囉o若),由生果同油炸鬼加甜辣汁同花生碎做成,生果中,大部份係番石榴同菠蘿,其次係青瓜同梨,呢個唔太辣,幾好味,但加埋腍咗嘅油炸鬼,感覺有啲怪,或者呢個係地道新加坡小食啩.味道:3分熱鴛鴦呢?我只試一啖,奶茶味係淡啲,或許佢嘅作用係沖淡咖啡嘅苦味,等佢冇咁苦.味道:3分價錢衣o家睇返張單,原來價錢平咗,要咖央多士同慢煎糕,再要嘢飲,就成為下午茶餐.2.76分服務:同樣睇返張單,見到囉o若印住正常辣,我問卵老公,買嘅時候有冇問佢辣度?佢答冇.咁呢樣或者可以改善,又或者唔好印正常辣,以免被評價.環境:其實一嚟到,已經嗅到調味料嘅酸味,或者因為係open kitchen緣故啦,但呢隻味都幾令人誤會係食物問題.闊落嘅,不過冷氣好似有啲凍. continue reading
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Level4 2020-04-30
因近期疫情關係好多人都發掘左做廚神嘅天份,甚至會去油麻地上海街一帶買工具,而市建局其實已重建旺角上海街600至626號共14幢唐樓為活化商場「618上海街」,進駐了本地特色小店和餐廳,例如人氣馬來西亞餐室蘇媽蘇媽,不過仲有另一個馬拉餐廳選擇💁🏻‍♀️由新加坡社企 Project Dignity 創辦的熟食中心,主打海南雞飯、喇沙咖喱、咖央多士等新加坡美食。熟食中心大部份員工係特殊人士,例如茶水檔由聾啞人士掌理,理念係通過技能培訓讓身體殘障人士可以自力更生,弱勢社群亦可堅強地生活 💪🏻客觀評論,其實小編食完覺得餐廳食物唔算特別出色價錢亦唔係特別平,尤其係依個價錢但採用自助形式,客人需要去唔同食物種類攤檔自取食物。不過當初真係純粹抱住支持社企嘅心態去幫襯,而且商場成層都用左餐廳,環境非常闊落,亦明白食物嘅價錢要用作舖租和員工人工。所以睇吓大家係抱住咩心態去食啦🥰.👓馬來椰漿飯配咖喱雞 $58跟傳統一樣配料有參峇醬、蛋、花生、小魚乾、青瓜。可惜椰漿飯完全唔夠椰漿味甚至唔太食得出。咖喱分別有一隻雞髀同雞胸肉,份量比較少薯仔都冇舊,雞肉好韌,咖喱係嗰種以辣油為主少椰漿奶味。評分:5.5/10👓喇沙雞 $55喇沙湯底比較重辣味,反而唔太重椰漿味,我會比較鍾意重奶味嘅喇沙湯底🤧採用慢煮原隻龍崗雞,雞肉肉質反而比咖喱雞好,較淋身冇甘韌。有一隻蛋和好多舊豆卜,配料算豐富。平時食開嘅喇沙都係用油麵,不過依度同時有油麵和粉絲兩樣,真係跟足傳統嘅喇沙有驚喜,而且粉絲比較吸湯食落頗惹味。評分:6/10👓 咖央多士 $20多士烘得香脆嘅,但無論牛油或咖央都係太少料,好薄嘅一片,成個多士食落好薄身冇口感,相比下吐司工房個多士更厚身好食。評分:6/10👓恐龍美祿+$15正常嘅美祿飲品配上足量嘅美祿粉,中規中矩,但相比下都係吐司工房嘅恐龍美祿較多為出色。評分:6/10👓南洋咖啡 熱 +$8反而幾好飲,唔算太濃咖啡味、有苦或酸味,奶味剛好唔會太淡,好容易入口。評分:7/10 continue reading
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Level4 2020-02-26
Dignity Kitchen is a restaurant that changed my life. Originally from Singapore and now with a branch in Hong Kong, this place is a social enterprise restaurant that serves as a 22 day training program for people with disabilities. For the past 10 years in Singapore, they have trained disabled people in a hawker type restaurant to acquire skills in the workplace so they can not only find jobs elsewhere, but they can also gain confidence in themselves. To hold their head high and be proud of what they do in life. In Singapore, they have a very good track record in job placement and have even expanded to not only a restaurant setting but a bookstore as well. Now, they have expanded to Hong Kong in the newly refurbished 618 Shanghai Street. Bringing with it the same philosophy and goals. They train them restaurant skills while paying them the legal minimum wage. They also hold free lunches for senior homes around the city. This is excellent in not only it lets the seniors have a free meal but it provides the staff a way to practice their social skills.I happened upon it one evening while browsing the new 618 Shanghai Street. A building refurbished with "retro" shops and quaint cafes. But when I came to this floor, I was intrigued. The place was practically empty compared to the cafes surrounding it. The staff at the cashier greeted us. Informing us of what this place was about. I looked at boyfriend and said This. This is where I want to have dinner tonight.The place is very spacious. In fact, they have taken up the entire floor of this building. The decor mimics a Singaporean hawker stand.There is a drawing of the founder of the place on one wall.You can also see where the classroom is where they do their training.They even have information on how to customize your drink.Their ordering system is not automated. The lady informs us they are working on it. At the present moment, you order at the cashier and they will give you two paper tickets. One you keep and the other you bring to the the counter that prepares the food. Menu is in English and Chinese.  There is no 10% service charge. Once you order, you give one paper ticket to the staff that will prepare your food and wait for them to call your number for pick up. It's very self service, so bring your tray  for disposal as well.We ordered our drinks and waited for our food to be prepared. Boyfriend had the Ice Teh ($19, on the left) and I had the  Kopi ($18, on the right). The ice teh was not as sweet as the ones we usually get at other places. But it had a nice tea flavor. I liked my coffee as it wasn't as sweet as most places but just as strong.We shared a Kaya Toast ($20). The kaya, we were told, was made in-house. It was really good. A very fragrant with the addition of egg and coconut. They added pandan so it made it extra fragrant. There were slabs of butter that could have been melted a bit more but it was fine. I had the Chicken Rice ($58). The rice wasn't too oily but I think it could have done with a bit more chicken oil to bring it out. But at least it wasn't dry. The chicken was good. Very moist and tender. It was all nicely placed together as well.  There were fresh cucumbers underneath and al drizzled with some sauce. It came with some pickles that were really good. At first I though it'd be spicy but they weren't. It also came with a bowl of chicken soup that was a very rich in flavor.Boyfriend had the Shrimp Laksa ($58). There was a surprisingly a lot of  toppings! A whole egg where most places only give you half an egg. There was lots of tofu puffs, about 4 shrimp, a few fish balls and fish cakes. Oddly, there was no bean sprouts. I wonder why?  The toppings tasted very good. The balls had a good  bounce. It also wasn't spicy at all but rich in flavor. It was a nice thick broth. They have samba sauce on the side for you to add if you want it spicy. After adding that, boyfriend said it definitely lifted it up.They  also used a thick noodle that clung to the rich broth very well.The portion size here was very generous. The service was excellent. Friendly and sincere. Everyone worked hard atwhat they did. It was wonderful to chat with the people who worked there. And they honestly wanted to know what you thought. If they could improve on how they prepared the meal. They say the best meals are ones made from the heart. I could really feel that here. And for that, I will be back and wish them the best of luck as Hong Kong is a not an easy city to succeed even for ones with no disabilities. continue reading
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Level4 2020-02-17
前陣子得知上海街有一個唐樓活化做商場,還知道裡面還有一家由新加坡社企開辦的food court,裡面是給提供一些工作機會給特殊人士,就是這樣吸引了我來到這裡,食店位於二樓全層,設計都是新加坡food court設計,人客睇啱食物,就要在收銀處買飛,再交飛去相關的檔口,檔口的人會叫你在幾多分鐘再來取食物,我今日一個人來到這裡,但見好多食物我都很想試,就膽粗粗的叫了很多食物,其實都不知自己會否吃得完。第一樣是咖吔多士,這裡的咖吔是自加製,多士烘得很脆,裡面的咖吔份量剛剛好,不會太多,也不會太少,自家製的咖吔比一般的咖吔多了一份自然椰香味,不會似坊間的那麼重香油味道,甜味也做得很好,多士用上薄麵包,因為可以比厚麵包烘得較香脆,果然不錯!熱南洋咖啡,咖啡味濃,因裡面已有一些練奶和花奶,所以不需再額外添加糖,但入口不會很甜,入口香醇,不錯!斑蘭蛋糕,這裡的斑蘭蛋糕是用上每日新鮮運來的斑蘭葉打汁而做成,味道很天然,沒有坊間的帶有一種香油的味道,蛋糕焗得很香很鬆軟,味道也不會太甜,一吃便知是新鮮焗起,斑蘭蛋糕可以全個買,或可以切件買,人客可以自由選擇!新加坡沙律,又名ROJAK,裡面有很多新鮮的生果,有黃梨,番石榴,青瓜,沙葛,青芒果,青蘋果,油條,再用蝦膏,辣椒,糖,花生,檸檬作調味,口感非常,甜酸辣味湧上味蕾,生果很新鮮,每樣生果都吃到它們的甜味,加上這特別的醬汁,再加上油條,再多幾分層次,令人回味無窮,真的很有驚喜!我都不知覺地吃完全碟沙律,正!誠意推介!!喇沙蝦麵,這裡像新加坡的可選油麵或粉絲,我就選了油麵,這裡的食物都不會用味精,就算喇沙湯底,都只會有它本身的食物味道,湯味濃但不會鹹,材料豐富,蝦味鮮甜,裡面還有豆泡,魚片,蛋,芽菜,油麵質地都不會太腍,有點煙靱,雖然吃了那麼多東西,份量都不算少,但我都居然吃得下,真係奇蹟,可能這裡的食物味道天然,吃得很舒服吧!這個地方還可以提拱給食客包場,包食物的服務,我現在已經想定了聖誕可以來這裡包場開party了,哈哈!! continue reading
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Level4 2020-02-08
這次再到上海街618食東西 看到有家社企餐廳名為廚尊的餐廳位於2樓全層 主打是新加坡菜~餐廳裝修呈現舊式香港風格 在不同檔口取所點的餐這家餐廳是社企Dignity Kitchen由新加坡開到香港店舖是以社企形式經營的新加坡美食市集 ~ 廚尊 ~邀請一群社會上有特別需要人士來工作及學習事物藉此機會鼓勵香港共融文化幫助他們融入社會工作食物總共有數款選擇 午餐還有熱飲贈送價錢不太貴另外有新加坡出名的咖央西多士和椰漿飯等等供應~貼心的店員會從旁指引去取餐 所點的餐會有兩張紙仔按所要的食物去相應的位置 然後把其中一張給店員到取餐時再給店員以便確認 另外水吧店員是聾啞人仕請大家用枱上的文字去指給他看 不要以為他沒禮貌🙇‍♀️·海南雞飯 HKD$58在海南雞式下會有經醃製過的瓜 味道帶點咸味挻開胃另外在餐湯和沙律附上 海南雞雞件很鮮嫰而且份量多點醬汁來食每到雞件味道昇華🤤🤤 用來拌飯也不錯呢·熱南洋咖啡 HKD$0(跟餐價)咖啡選擇了少甜 認為味道還有點甜 因為我不喜歡太甜下次再去要點微糖才行 但咖啡味道很香濃很喜歡☕飯後來杯咖啡真是醒腦醒神❤ 飲咖啡是很重要的😆😆 continue reading
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