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Delaney's 提供香港少有的愛爾蘭菜式,場內坐位十分寛躺,並且設有大螢幕直播足球賽事。 continue reading
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There weren't many Irish pubs that are on my mind - Delaney's can be one of the several that I can barely name. It is always my choice when it comes to occasions with noisy people and watching soccer games. Reading from the Apple Daily News dated 9 July 2015 (Ref: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/news/art/20150709/19213706) that it will close down in August 2015 due to a new and more affordable bid by a new tenant, my colleagues suggested visiting this restaurant before its closure. Before reading the news, I never knew that it had been here for 21 years already (similar to my age huh?).I bet it should be a lot more crowded at night than in daytime. Quite a lot of pubs in this area serve lunch sets to utilize the floor space when it isn't the time for drinking yet. Set lunch (3 courses) here costs $105 - 150, ranging from open sandwich (own selection of meat to be inserted) to steak. Bread basket is served before we picked our main course. Somehow with disappointment, the bread was not hot (nor warm) at all and tasted hard to chew. The variety of bread could be a point to appreciate - in such a small basket, I found 5 types of bread.For the appetizer, I chose parma ham & melon salad. The portion was big enough as an appetizer, but it was lack of sauce to get the taste across.For the main course, I picked Grilled Chicken Breast - the portion was HUGE! There were two big pieces of chicken breast which were well-grilled, two long bacons, and TWO FORMS of potatoes - mashed potato and potato wedges. One of my female colleagues could just finish one piece of chicken and half of the potato content, while I tried my very best to finish all the chicken pieces... gosh, the portion was soooo huge! Men or meat-lovers must love the dishes here.Set lunch here was just average but it was a kind of memory to people who used to gathering around here and spent numerous memorable nights. Adieu, Delaney's Wanchai, and I would visit the other two outlets for sure when it is time for soccer games again. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-02
St. Patrick's Day 是什麼? 相信好多香港人,甚至是一些去過英國留學的香港人都未必會知道同留意這一個節日。在英國,也只是部份人及部份社區會熱鬧起來,因為這是鄰國《愛爾蘭》的傳統節日。日期是每年的3月17日,節日就顧名思義是記紀念一名叫《St. Patrick》的主教。他把基督教傳入愛爾蘭並把愛爾蘭建立起來,推動了整個愛爾蘭的文化發展。於是,後人就在他的逝世,3月17日,定為一個紀念日,漸漸地,St. Patrick's Day 成為了一個宣揚愛爾蘭文化的傳統節日,現時,如英國、美國、加拿大、澳洲、紐西蘭這一些有大量愛爾蘭移民的國家,3月17日,你會在特定的區域內,可以看見有人穿著綠色的衣服,在街跳傳統的愛爾蘭舞蹈。而在香港,St. Patrick's Day 又怎慶祝呢? 蘭桂坊可能有些活動但我並沒有去,但我作為一個喜歡愛爾蘭文化的偽英國人,點會唔知怎樣去尋找 St. Patrick's Day party。很簡單,在香港的各大愛爾蘭酒吧,就會於3月17日改頭換面,去慶祝這一個愛爾蘭傳統節日。晚上的 St. Patrick's Day party 我就因為要照顧家庭而不能參與了,所以,我就約同食友C,於中午食飯時間,來到灣仔的《Delaney's》酒吧,來品味是日的 St. Patrick's Day menu。未入室,就看見店外的大 banner,說明了今日是 St. Patrick's Day,歡迎各界人士來感受一下愛爾蘭,而一般香港人對愛爾蘭的認識會有幾多,我相信好多人都只懂得健力士罷了。我先入去樓下的酒吧區,可以食,但坐滿了,而高高的吧檯是只為了飲酒而設的,當我表明來意是用餐之後,就要上一樓。《Delaney's》的餐廳,在一樓。而不來也不知,原來這是香港熱刺 (Tottenham Hotspur)球迷會的其中一個睇波主場。餐廳/酒吧周圍都有關於熱刺的收藏品,作為別隊的球迷,都感覺到開心。是日的 special lunch menu,就是 St. Patrick's Day 的 menu。我們沒有看原本的 lunch menu 同 a la carte,因為,這一個 set lunch,已經夠 Irish,亦夠豐富。未食先飲,我們點的啤酒,當然是愛爾蘭的啤酒品牌。如果你來愛爾蘭吧只懂叫健力士的話,那你對愛爾蘭的認識就不夠深入了。朋友要的,是《Magners》是一支 Cider,Cider 是蘋果啤酒,是一種入口很甜的啤酒,基本上,你不會感覺到有什麼酒精味,但其酒精濃度其實是比任何一種啤酒高的,要呃女仔飲酒,可以一試。來愛爾蘭吧,當然飲《Guinness》,來愛爾蘭吧,當然飲愛爾蘭出產的啤酒,飲他們的濃麥味啤酒就是最正宗的,而我手上的這一杯《Kilkenny》,味道同在英國飲的 Bitter 雷同,但麥香味比較濃,酒花的澀味也比較重,這酒,只適合重口味的你我飲用。飲慣淡啤的朋友,是時候 upgrade。食愛爾蘭餐,亦即是食西餐,所以餐前會有可愛的麵包。這是愛爾蘭餐廳,同英國餐廳的格局是大同,所以,餐前提供的麵包,絕不是硬如石頭的歐洲式麵包,夠鬆軟可口,簡單地加牛油在內,已經可以用美味來形容。是日的餐湯,是 Leek & Potato Soup,一看就知道是很正宗的西湯,把大蒜同薯仔切碎加忌廉做湯,非常之香口。這一種既簡單又直接的湯,做得夠濃,而且大蒜的香味比起忌廉更重更香,薯蓉又增加了湯的質感,十分之可口。另一個前菜,是 Warm Irish Cumberland Sausage & Potato Salad。Cumberland Sausage,是我最喜愛的英式肉腸。不過,這是愛爾蘭式的,比較短小精幹,味道是一樣的濃烈,同一般長條卷狀的 Cumberland Sausage 一樣,就是豬肉加胡椒,香口得很,只不過,他們把腸開邊切了,令我吃得不夠爽。另外,薯蓉沙律也很好味道。主菜的其中一個,是 Irish Hereford Beef,亦即是 roast beef。說明了,這是選用了在愛爾蘭生展的海福特牛牛肉,肉質鮮嫩,牛肉味道也濃郁,再者,配上雜菜薯蓉,加埋件 Yorkshire Pudding....很英國。 (其實英國同愛爾蘭的主要食品,是大同的。)Homemade Lamb Stew,Stew,我常形容為愛爾蘭式的牛腩或羊腩。我慣常食的 Beef Stew,是 Irish Stew 既改良版,而真正的 Irish Stew,是羊肉,加蘿蔔同薯仔,慢慢煮慢慢炆,味道,沒有一般加有 Gravy 去煮的 Beef Stew 那麼濃烈,不過,味道都是以濃香為主,而羊味早已同湯汁混合了,而且慢煮的過程中,令所有材料的味道混合了,蘿蔔、羊肉、薯仔的味道完美地融合在一起,是一個很傳統,也很惹味的食品,惟是賣相不吸引而已。餐後有一杯普通的咖啡,不過普通得黎,有一樣野我們覺得他們很 British/Irish/Scottish/Welsh。是什麼? 就是茶杯旁的一小片 short bread 啦。一杯咖啡/奶茶,一件 short bread,英國人所謂的 High Tea,其實就是這樣,一杯茶,一件 cake。(當然,真正的 high tea,配的餅會大件好多。)是日的酒吧,全程播著愛爾蘭的音樂。在香港,而且是中午,雖不能真正感受到愛爾蘭人慶祝 St. Patrick's Day 的開心,但有傳統的愛爾蘭食品的陪伴,已經是很滿足。我在香港尋尋覓覓愛爾蘭餐多年,始終,都是《Delaney's》 最好。 continue reading
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Level2 2014-10-27
Sometimes you can forget why you haven't eaten somewhere for a loong time – and then the food arrives and you remember why. As a drinking place there's nothing wrong with Delaney's apart from the uninterested service – but that's so common in many places you just accept, and don't bother to tip. After serving me my meal and drink the waitress never looked in my direction again. Even when clearing the plate and spying the empty glass there was no enquiry as to whether i'd like another drink or some desert.I ordered the Beef and Guinness pie ($138), changing from the mash potato listed on the menu to 'steak fries' was no problem. I just couldn't find them on the plate... all seven of the fat style chips were served in a mini-ramekin and four of them were about an inch (3cm) long the other 3 of a more average size. But all were cold and full of oil.The Beef and Guinness pie itself was served in a large ramekin – which looked initially to be a good sized portion - but it could more accurately be described as Beef and Guinness soup. The pastry crust was undercooked, easy to understand why as the dish had obviously come straight out of the microwave as the 'soup' was scalding hot. The soup – according to the menu it's gravy – was fairly tasty, but not of guinness. The 'pie' ramekin was 70% soup with a few chunks of meat that had no flavour. The odd chunk of carrot and button mushroom were crisp and firm.A pie is not a difficult thing to make, and you'd expect an establishment that's been open 20 years to be able to at least serve solid if uninspiring pub food. But looking around the bar at just after 9pm on a Sunday night and of the 30 odd people there I was the only person eating.Delaney's Wanchai is a perfectly fine bar to drink in, just give the food a miss and eat somewhere else. continue reading
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Decided to come here for traditional Sunday roast because I have not been here for ages.When I entered the bar, the carvery station had gone so I asked them if they were still doing it and they said the roast was served upstairs.Went upstairs and the restaurant was almost empty on a Friday lunchtime.Since my last visit, the roast has gone up from around $120 to $150 which is more expensive than having an expensive lunch in Central.The roast comes with a soup, salad and tea.★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★Salmon chowder soup:Started off with the soup which was starchy and had a strong potato taste with pieces of salmon in it.★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★Salad from the bar:The salad is collected from the bar.I was pretty annoyed and disappointed with the salad bar.The selection was not as good as before and it had weird Asian things such as black fungus salad which you will not find in the UK or Ireland .If I am paying $150 I don't expect to see Asian ingredients and I wish the selection was how it used to be which can be seen in the previous reviews.★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★Roast:I got the roast from the carvery which was Beef and Limerick ham that day.Again the vegetables selection was not as good as it used to be.There was no spinach.The plate of roast was not as good as it used to be but the Yorkshire pudding was still ok but parts of it did not rise properly.I requested for some mint sauce which is normally served with lamb but I love it with Yorkshire pudding and gravy because there is vinegar in the minty sauce.★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★Tea:Ended the meal with further disappointment.They used to use tea leaves which had a bold tea taste but now they use teabags!!★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★I was angered by the fact that the prices have gone up and the quality has gone down.After talking to the Chef, he confirmed that there are less people having roast which is why they don't serve it downstairs.Anyway, I wonder how long before they will stop serving the roasts and I hope it does not end in the same fate as The Canny Man because they don't serve A la carte during lunch!More photos of the restaurant.◎ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛ◎The bill: $150Service: OKService charge: noYummy factor: Napkins provided: yesToilets: yesNoise levels: NoneGlass of water provided: yesEnglish Menu: YesAir Conditioning: Yes◎ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛ◎ continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-03
去完美食博覽,已經係10點,好多食肆早就關門了。正煩腦緊食D乜好,靈機一足,想起Delaney。其實我一直都想去試,今次係大好機會。地面嗰層多數係細bar枱,同埋已經坐滿人。結果,我哋上左去第二層。依層嘅枱係正常餐桌,方便食嘢。叫左iced ocean, homemade spring roll, roasted half chicken...etcIced ocean—令人有D失望,仲以為係有沙冰,原來只係一杯有淡果香的cocktail加冰Homemade spring roll—係餐廳推介,上枱時熱辣辣,但無乜特別。Roasted half chicken—好香Rosemary味,肉質嫩滑好入味又juicy。菲藉侍應好友善,服務周到。 continue reading
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