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My last commentary was less than a year ago and the subject heading was "Delicious sweet treats". After my dining experience this time, I decided that the subject heading should start with the same but qualified by "high quality cakes!"We walked in for lunch on a weekday. There were quite a lot of seats when we arrived around 12:30p.m. and then it was crowded by diners ordering just coffee/tea after lunch.We decided to order 1 sandwich, 1 spaghetti with some cakes and soft serves to share.Lobster Soup (Set portion)This lobster soup was topped up at $50+10% in addition to a sandwich/spaghetti and was served in half of the normal portion. I thought they were drinks when they were served to us as they were super tiny. And it was then when I finally realized the portion was half of the normal portion at such a top-up cost (re a small remark on the menu). But taste-wise, it was quite delicious which was pretty rich in both lobster and cream! There were some small lobster meats too. Yummy but quite pricey given the tiny portion.That said, please note the hair on the right side of the bowl. Some marks should be deducted for hygiene.I ordered the Lobster Roll immediately as it was one of the signatures! But I was so shocked to see that it was so small when served. The bun was pretty good though. It smelt pretty good and was sweet and slightly crispy. It was indeed a good bun. However, the ingredients were just so-so. The ingredients were cold, with not so much lobster meat and some celery etc in salad dressing. It was not as good as expected. No need to try.The Beef Spaghetti was just so-so. While it was appreciated that there were quite some slices of cheese served on top, the sauce was too salty. The spaghetti wasn't particularly al dente. No need to try. Garden SaladShocked by the small portion of the food, we decided to order more from their menu. The veggies in this garden salad were quite fresh with delicious ingredients like peppers, tomatoes, sweet potato, beans, onions and purple cabbages etc. The dressing was ok but a bit too oily. But such quality should be reasonably expected given the price.We also ordered French Fries to fill our stomach. It might be the item offering the best value for money among all other items we had ordered. The fries were freshly deep-fried. They were served really hot. They were quite thick and were quite good. What can beat freshly deep-fried fries? Delicious!Here you go the best items of the meal! DALLOYAU (Almond meringue, praline cream, crushed caramelized hazelnut)The plate was so attractive to the eyes! The cake seemed so huge when served to me! It was very delicious, no wonder being 1 of their signatures. It had a very crispy crushed caramelized hazelnut as the crust with delicious and thick interior. Yet it was not overly sweet. There were also some crispy caramelized hazelnuts in the middle too. Frankly speaking, it tasted like Ferrero Rocher to me. Highly recommended. Black Truffle Opera (Almond joconde sponge, truffle syrup, vanilla butter cream, dark chocolate glace)This cake tasted pretty good too. It was lighter than the previous cake surprisingly. It smelt and tasted strong of black truffle. However, I couldn't taste the different layers clearly which was a bit disappointing especially given the price, maybe because there didn't seem to be much differences in terms of flavours and textures for the different layers.We tried both flavours of their soft serve, at $50+10% each. The soft serves were so heavy when the server presented them to me!The white truffle soft serve was like iced texture-wise and was not smooth at all. It indeed offered quite special and unique texture and flavour. Maybe they couldn't make white truffle soft serve as smooth as normal soft serve? The white truffle flavour lingered in my mouth quite a while after my lunch.The dark chocolate soft serve was really rich in cocoa and was a bit bitter. It was much smoother than the white truffle soft serve. The waffle cone was super crispy and went great with the soft serve. They were both good but not my favourite type of soft serve being sweeter and smoother. Food was not cheap but the quality of the sweet treats especially the cakes were really pleasing (but more expensive than cakes of similar quality elsewhere!). Seating was too open and not too comfortable, obviously designed for drinks rather than meals. Service was ok and they served us clean utensils and napkins after each dish. No harm to come back once in a while to try out other cakes!  continue reading
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Level3 2019-02-03
那天下午放早,在準備前往公司舉辦的週年晚宴前,大家來吃過甜㸃下午茶,餐廳當時坐滿了食客,我們一行五人只好等候座位,不到五分鐘,侍應生已經招呼我們入座。看了餐牌,太多糕㸃選擇了。最後各人各吃不同款式的甜㸃。我㸃選了熱朱古力咖啡,恰好咖啡味較濃過朱古力,甜㸃的味道甜而不膩,很好的配搭。餐廳的侍應生的記性很好,不需要用紙筆即時記下,也沒有漏單和錯誤。 continue reading
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Level2 2019-02-01
Good quality creamy latte that’s beautifully made and never overly hot... the muffins are delicious with filling in the center, my favorites are the banana with caramel center and blueberry with jam center. I also really like the croque monsieur, simple but very delicious. This and Fuel are the top cafes in HK I think! continue reading
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Level3 2019-01-05
Dalloyau.. somewhere which won’t disappoint me as always ... 😋😋😋The environment for Dalloyau IFC is a bit more “casual” and it’s good for coffee break / light meal .... quite nice to be there for chitchatting and “hea”.. Have read about the lobster roll for some time but haven’t tried it yet 😜😜😜 this time, ordered the lobster roll + carbonara + Cafe Au Lait (Parisian CoFFee) = all nice!! Portion isn’t big for the roll and the spaghetti while they are delicious! 🍝🦐🧀 YUMMM 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 the coffee smells good and tastes good! ☕️☕️☕️ This cafe offers quite a variety of coffee and I tried its cappuccino before which is also lovely ^o^ scones and desserts are great as well 🥰🥰🥰 continue reading
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Level3 2018-12-19
Coffee is a must for me every day. During weekdays I drink coffee to concentrate more at work, but during weekend I drink it for relaxation. Today we chose to have the coffee here in IFC DALLOYAU cafe. I have tried their cakes before which taste really yummy! .+.+.+.+.+👉🏻Hazelnut Coffee $55  $55 for a cup of hot coffee is not cheap. The environment is not perfect at this cafe as it is the open area in IFC mall, shoppers can just pass by us and we can't really relax in this way.  There are not many tables in this cafe. But in term of the coffee itself, it is great! It smells so good! Next time I'll rather try their coffee in other locations.   continue reading
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