5-min walk from Exit E1, Sheung Wan MTR Station continue reading
Celebrity Cuisine serves classic Cantonese cuisine and is located inside Lan Kwai Fong Hotel. Their recommended dishes include pan-fried turnip cake, egg fried rice and birds nest. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2010, 2017-18), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2011-2016)
Opening Hours
12:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:30
Payment Method
Visa Master Cash
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Alcoholic Drinks
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Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Outdoor Seating
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Signature Dishes
百花釀蟹鉗 花紹焗雞 海鮮盆 脆皮BB鴒 燕窩釀雞翼
Review (74)
Level2 2018-09-29
前幾天有位朋友同我講,你生日大多數選擇西餐廳,今次要破例食中式午飯,我真係好期待,原來帶到我蘭桂坊酒店1樓「名人坊」,這位「隱世廚神」星級主廚鄭錦富先生在2010年贏得米其林一星,隔年之後晉升為二星餐廳,2017年米芝蓮1星,我更加聽過富哥自己親身剖白生路歷程,機緣巧合做了林百欣私廚20年,坐低餐枱後,我朋友話已經安排好午餐,(1)粟米鮮淮山紅蘿蔔:飲落後感覺好多味道湧現出嚟,有甜,有鮮,總言之感覺好清甜,(2) 琵琶豆腐:本人很喜歡食豆腐,外脆內滑(3) 蒜蓉蒸龍蝦:頂呱呱(4)燒乳鴿: 皮脆嫩滑,一啖咬落去,D肉汁慢慢 滲出嚟,好滿足(5) 龍躉:感覺好滑(6)木瓜雪耳糖水:糖水味道剛剛好,掛住食,我都要感覺身邊既環境,枱與枱之間都好闊落,所以當大家說話時,都唔會騷擾到大家, 今日既午餐比足💯 continue reading
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Level1 2018-09-15
用每位$688元这价錢食到咁有水準的食物,真的心滿意足!感受著上等材料星级厨藝貼心服務,食一餐實而華的飯局,真系冇得彈!之前賞試过坊間很多裝煌華麗,地點卓越的餐館都沒有这里的精心水準。一分錢一分貨揀間用个心去做既餐廳食飯,安心又放心! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2017-07-31
絲打行將出閣,約同小人茶敍,向小人發射了一枚紅色炸彈!兩個人茶敍,到來名人坊,貪它環境較為舒服,茗茶之餘可以慢慢細談。鮑魚咸水角味道不錯,少油少肥,咸咸香香,鮑魚是有的,只恨太少太細粒,沒多少鮑魚味。長大蝦春卷實的確頗長,春卷皮是超級的薄,似是吃著X華的蛋卷般又脆又香,內容更是充滿蝦肉,令人欲罷不能。跟著的XO醬炒腸粉,就差了幾條芽菜,不然就跟一碟乾炒牛河的河粉無甚差異了!腸粉炒得極其油膩,吃下就只感受到一個辣字,最後我們都沒有吃完這碟腸粉。金黃流沙包一如其名……是「流」的!用筷子一叉開,原舊奶皇餡是原封不動的穩固地坐落在包的中央,半點都不流沙。食味還好,不會過甜,帶有奶香。店方送的紅豆沙絕不馬虎,清甜得來有粒粒紅豆,還是起沙的呢~~收到紅色炸彈,是時候準備銀両做人情了。 continue reading
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Level4 2017-03-19
Had dim sum here even though their Michelin worthy dishes seemed to be Chinese delicacies. The dim sum was fairly priced (compared to the a la carte menu) and quality was pretty good as expected. The dish that stood out for me was deep fried abalone. The rice flour was crispy and the filling went very well with the sweetness of the flour. On the whole, pretty good experience. We paid about 250-300 dollars each - not cheap but not overpriced either. continue reading
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This Cantonese restaurant is located in Lan Kwai Fong Hotel, Kau U Fong, Central. The hotel is really small and when entering the entrance there is a tiny reception counter and we went straight to the lift to go to the first floor. And like the lobby the restaurant is not big, with only a few tables on a L-shaped layout.We ordered the special menu with the credit card discount, to allow us to try more dishes. And first comes the Chicken Wing Stuffed with Bird Nest. This is one of the signature dishes and the chicken wing is crispy on the outside, and stuffed fully with bird nest inside, providing an interesting contrast on texture. Personally the bird nest prepared in this manner is more a gimmick since it has no taste. Not something I crave for, however. The second course is the Double-Boiled Soup with Conch Slices and Fish Maw. The soup is clear and not oily, with a large piece of fish maw and some thin slices of abalone. Again a soup to showcase the premium value of the set, but at least the taste of the soup is nice and flavorful.The third course is another signature, the Stir-Fried Pig Stomach Tips with Bell Pepper. The stomach tips is thinly sliced, and cooked perfectly, crunchy but not rubbery. The bell pepper and onion gives a good complement, and with the soy beans further enhanced the aromas. There is also a hint of spiciness to make it even appetizing. This dish really deserved the recognition in my opinion. The fourth course is Braised Abalone with Vegetable. The size of the abalone is decent, braised beautifully such that you can easily cut with the knife. The abalone sauce has the right degree of flavor, not overly salty but able to bring out the savory of the abalone. The vegetable is fresh and tender. A fairly good dish.The fifth course is the Grilled Pigeon. My requirement on this dish is first on the size of the pigeon, and this restaurant certainly met my criteria on this aspect, with the right size to have a good bite on meat, but not overly so which also means the pigeon is a bit too old and its meat too tough. The pigeon has also been marinated well, and even without adding the salt or sauce, it is juicy and full of flavors. My favorite on the night.The sixth course is Pea Sprout in Supreme Broth. A very common dish in any Cantonese restaurant, the pea sprout is decent, quite soft and young, and there is not much residue after munching. The broth provides the seasoning to the vegetable and is a very good fit, with also the thinly sliced Chinese ham and garlic a good complement.The seventh course is the Steamed Garoupa, which has a nice condiment accompanying, including shiitake mushroom and salted mustard, all thinly shredded. The fish itself has a firm texture, nice taste and matches with the condiment also very well. My only comment was that this dish would be very difficult for a foreigner to handle. But still for us it has no issue. The eighth course is another signature, the Chef's Recommended Fried Rice. The fried rice is very good with each individual rice distinct and not lumped together. With egg, spring onion, shrimps and scallops, the taste is also nice and getting us all full.Then we have Fruit which is a piece of Pomelo and a slice of Water Melon. Both the fruit are sweet, fresh and juicy. A palate cleanser also in a certain way. And then we have the Boiled Fungus with Papaya Sweet Soup. I personally did not like this dessert because of the strong papaya aroma, but this one I did finish all because there is no such aroma and also it got the right sweetness for me, not overly so.The decor and the atmosphere is decent, without any element to impress but looking at the 'sanitation' cabinet/cart for keeping the bowls and dishes make me wonder whether I am in a restaurant in China or not. Also, there is a small girl who walks around the kitchen and out, who seems to be the daughter of someone working in the restaurant. Again I think that is not appropriate and also quite dangerous with the young girl walking around, and certainly downgraded a lot my opinion for the restaurant.The cost is $3032 for three persons, and that is already with a credit card discount offer on the set. Given what we have and the total experience, I would say it is a bit too expensive from the price/value consideration.My overall rating is 58/100. continue reading
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