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11:00 - 23:00
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11:00 - 23:00
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11:00 - 23:00
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Alcoholic Drinks
10% Service Charge
Review (21)
I am super excited to finally got a slot for the afternoon tea at Rosewood Hong Kong. I think I had been trying to book online for months, weekend is completely impossible ! They have two time slot for their afternoon tea, 2 pm and 4:30 pm, they are pretty strict with the timing. Afternoon tea for two is HKD 720 + 10% service charge. It does sound pretty expensive right ? When you go through the following you will have a different perspective. Cause I had the same feeling too, didn’t know what to expect ! My verdict: make sure you didn’t have lunch before you head over to this tea.... or else you will regret ! Cause unlimited REFILL ! First serving are their savory items: A colorful rainbow sandwich, looks pretty simple but pretty delicious ! It wasn’t like the other places that serves hard or dry sandwiches ! This savory dishes changes seasonally ! Comes to the assorted savory tower ! - foie gras lollipop - smoked salmon & salmon roe with sour cream - crab toast - charsiu pastry - two other savory items that I forgot the name ! Will probably need to come back next time ! Second serving is my favorite items: scones & Madeleines !!!! Madeleines came out of surprise, given that normally this is not a usual items for afternoon tea. Their perfect miniature size, warm and soft texture with a little crunchy edge..... I think I m in love with this ! ❤️ Scones comes with clotted cream and two different jams ! Scones was hot and flurry inside, didn’t have much flour after taste and the texture was perfect ! Yes I am pretty picky for scones ! If you are a sweet tooth..... this afternoon tea is a MUST ! Unlimited refilled of cakes and dessert from their pastry and chocolate trolly ! Yes I had ordered everything from the trolly to share. - strawberry tart- lemongrass cheesecake- chocolate and raspberry éclair - Mille feuille (this was absolutely delicious, the pastry was crunchy .... and the creamy layers was smooth and thick) - financier ( this was a little too sweet for me and the size could have been smaller) Last but not least their devil chocolate trolly ... also unlimited refill! From the cart there are the following: - Black Forest cake- chocolate mousse - cherry chocolate - homemade white chocolate -pistachio chocolate- two other chocolate cakes - signature butterfly kissesButterfly kisses: It’s made with marshmallows filling and jam coated with thin layer of chocolate! The well balanced structure .... sour tone from the jam balanced off the sweetness of the chocolate and marshmallows!!! continue reading
Level2 2020-05-22
星期五晚喺 Rosewood 好難訂檯,Walk-in 之後又要等,跟著就去咗Butterfly 試吓,差唔多7點半,諗住未必有位,後尾好好彩又有位。晚餐menu唔係太多選擇,都係一啲輕食,但都有pasta及漢堡令你飽肚嘅份量。兩個人叫份Burger,一個龍蝦Pasta,一個prawn cocktail杯,一杯Prosecco,再加點品,好在只叫一個點品,因為份量都好足夠。我唔食牛,但朋友話呢個Burger好食到100分,啲肉唔係似一般嘅漢堡包入面嘅肉,而係真係一塊牛扒煎肉咁,好入味,配搭煎香咗嘅煙肉,一啲都唔漏。龍蝦意粉,好味嘅,但我嫌唔夠熱。蝦cocktail杯呢個甜品似泰式芒果糯米,好味。Prawn Pops $180-Cheese Burger $260-Lobster Tomato Pasta $290-Friuli Prosecco $80-Mango Twist 110-Service charge $92-Total $1,012-備註:以星級酒店嚟講,女洗手間唔太合格,有陣味同埋冇人管冚蓋沖廁,唔算乾淨。以高級餐廳嚟評分就會扣少少分。 continue reading
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Level2 2020-03-06
呢間afternoon tea 真係好難先book到,我們需要等成個幾月先預訂到位置。Butterfly room 係rosewood hotel 大堂左邊,我覺得係有啲難搵,好彩見到個環境即刻開心返哂,座檯都很舒適,我地兩個人叫左二人份afternoon tea,首先會上小食,我覺得小食好豐富,而且食落去不會感覺乾爭爭,食材很新鮮。食到咁靚既食物擺設令人心情喜悅,最欣賞的係madeleines ,咬落口好鬆軟,味精不會非常甜,scone 就無咩特別,奶油忌廉都好smooth,食完小食 三文治後,職員就會推架餐車問我地想食咩甜品蛋糕,甜品款式超多,我們每款都叫一份淺嘗,因為小食已令到我們好飽,我好欣賞朱古力系列的甜品,每款都可試試,另外拿破崙和藍莓撻都好吸引,藍莓撻上每粒藍莓都很鮮甜,如果不難book真的值得再去一試。 continue reading
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上個週末同好朋友去左食下午茶,今次簡左瑰麗酒店,我地早一星期預訂,去到就即刻入座了。佢哋既服務質素好好,主動去迎合客人既需要。.我地兩個女仔主要想試呢度既Tea Set。服務員介紹佢地個下午茶Set,有五個Couse。叫完之後,我地即刻話兩個女生應該食唔曬😄.咸點方面我最喜歡係個青提子片加芝士,呢個配搭係分外特別,一d都唔漏,好易入口。.佢個英式鬆餅係外脆內軟,剛剛岀爐,個人好喜歡,不過食曬咸點加鬆餅後,已經飽左八成。.甜點方面,我同朋友都係最鍾意拿破崙蛋糕。D Cream 唔會太甜。我地食到最後都覺得好好味。.雖然呢度既Tea Set比一般外面既貴,但整體都算係性價比高,環境好優雅舒服,三五知己想靜靜傾下計係個好唔錯既選擇🥰 continue reading
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Valentine's Day, boyfriend brought over cake. This year, he decided to try out Butterfly Patisserie at the Rosewood Hong Kong Hotel. And as he couldn't decide, he chose 4 different ones.Each cake costs $68. They had a large variety including eclairs and tarts. I also want to note, the cake box was really inventive! They used magnets to hold it all together and completely reusable. Very clever and good for the enivronment!The size of the cake was actually larger than most places.  They were also really pretty. The chocolate was not overly sweet at all with a rich chocolate taste. There wasn't any of that horrible fondant that is so popular now a days.The berry cake was my favorite. It was so moist and packed with so much flavor!This was  jasmine almond raspberry cake. We weren't too sure about this one as we really couldn't taste the jasmine. Perhaps the other flavors were too over powering.  But it was definitely beautiful.It was multi layered as well.Cakes ... always better than flowers on Valentine's day. Because it's easier to share than a bouquet of flowers. continue reading
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