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Level3 2016-12-14
朋友之前試過放工來,但因為沽清而白行一倘今天星期六中午便來,十二點幾來到已經要排隊了,排排下隊,見到一粒天皇巨星埋單出來,原來係發哥呀野生捕獲發哥,隊都唔排,梗係要selfie 啦排左30分鐘,到我地啦。入去前會收你的order紙,marked 低各人的選擇,奉上時唔駛講野直接放在你面前今天4人同行,四個選擇,總括來講,湯請甜,生牛肉肥美香滑,熟牛肉似焞牛𦟌,入口即溶,河粉非常滑溜其他如牛丸,牛柏葉,春卷,蒸粉卷也未見突出荔枝梳打不夠凍及過甜要來的都係專攻牛肉河粉好了 continue reading
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Level4 2017-02-26
日前在灣仔頗有名氣的Brass Spoon,吃了一碗質素很高的越南生熟牛肉河。此店的湯很鮮亦十分順喉,牛味濃淡適中,純以湯頭計肯定是港島之冠。至於其河粉夠晒滑溜,至少唔會黏埋一舊,而且食落嗦嗦聲。牛肉方面,這裏生牛肉的比較熟的為佳,肉呈美麗的粉紅色,令人食慾大增。這碗pho以香港來說水準甚佳,但不用加一也要$85,其實有點貴,便宜廿蚊會較具性價比。聽聞此店很旺場,但我去的時候是近午時差不多結束時,所以很快便有得食。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2017-02-23
Don't want to read the long post?Quick summary:Food: A bit on the bland side but overall an above average experiencePricing: Definitely on the high end for Pho, not exactly worth the value in my opinionEnvironment: Store is small and has maybe 20 seats but did not feel cramped at all.A bit of background, I work nearby and have wanted to try this restaurant for the longest time. I've tried to go at least 10 times over the last half year and at least 5 times in 2017 alone; however it's been a flurry of letdowns with "Closed" messages plastered on the door, "Sold Out" showed at 12;05 or just obscenely long waits. It's quite a turn off everytime i round the corner and see no one in line but this weirdly made me want to come here and try it even more.I finally got the opportunity to today (12:05 pm) and while it was a good meal, it was definitely not worth the hype. Let's break down the meal.Food:The menu is quite straight forward with essentially Beef Pho and Spring rolls as the only 2 offerings. There are multiple toppings that you can add which include Beef Balls, Raw/cooked Beef, Tripe etc at a charge but there's no chicken, pork or fish for anyone who doesn't eat Beef. The menu resembles that of a typical Ramen shop with lots of customization with (Hold/Less/More/Standard) being offered for Beef Oil, Scallions, Onions and  Coriander. I went with a pretty straight forward bowl with everything being standard except for more on the onions. There are 4 "base" options for Beef Pho which are your typical, Premium, Raw, Cooked and Raw + Cooked beef Pho. My colleague and I ordered a bowl each, with multiple additional toppings and a spring roll and the portions were a bit small. The broth was clear, aromatic and tasted relatively clear of MSG (Not 100% sure on this) but ultimately i thought it came off as bland after a few spoon fulls. I was disappointed with the amount of toppings even after adding about 50-60 dollars worth to my bowl. I can't remember exactly but I got 2 beef balls for 12 dollars, a couple very thinly sliced pieces of Vietnamese sausage for 10 and you get the point. While I'm not one to complain about value when it comes to great tasting food, I thought it should be made clear when conducting a thorough review! The noodles were another area of disappointment for me. There was no option for 金邊粉 and as I've stressed before in my search for the best bowl, i believe these are the best noodles to go with when having Pho. I understand that it may not be everyone's preference of noodles but the lack of the option did not add points in my book. Environment: The restaurant was in a small quaint shop and while there were seats at every available spot within, i didn't feel cramped. The store was clean and well managed, probably due to the large amount of offtime they have, and i definitely felt comfortable eating here. Price:The pricing is obviously on the higher end. I don't feel like it was worth the price that was set but i can see the need for a premium price range. At 80$ a bowl, with no additional toppings or noodles, I would say that even the smallest of appetites would not be satisfied let alone a regular person. The additional toppings were also priced a bit too high with not much being provided per choice. Lastly, the 55$ spring roll featured 4 tiny spring rolls that while tasted decent, once again were not worth anywhere near that price.All in all, Brass Spoon was 100% not worth the hype that surrounded it. Be it colleagues, friends or Open Rice reviews, the combination of taste/environment/hype did not reflect the price and prep needed to have such an experience. I will say that it's slightly better then an average bowl of Pho from your neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant but to say that you'd have to pay a 50%+ premium on that same bowl, the choice is clear. continue reading
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Level2 2017-02-21
我們週末4pm 左右經過,見到有不少人在店內用餐,所以就打算試一試!唔睇OpenRice 都唔個係米芝連一星,仲要排隊先有得食。我們好好彩,不用等位就食到好野。一坐低店員會俾點菜紙你,好似拉麵店咁可以揀麵的硬度,湯濃度,要唔要蔥,芫茜,油等等。第一次見到食pho都有咁好的安排,好貼心。麵來了,好大個碗好多湯呀!like 爆!我們成碗麵連湯清哂!d湯好清甜,牛肉好滑又唔鞋,食得出唔係平野。整體來說,非常滿意另外點了一份春卷,剛剛炸好,夠哂熱外面脆卜卜,好味道如果唔洗排隊,可以一試啊! continue reading
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Level2 2017-02-20
I heard this place was worth checking out, and knew it opened at noon, so I arrived just before noon to find there was already a line of about 10 waiting patiently for the shop to open. The shop ended up opening 10 minutes after its scheduled time. Luckily, I made it in the first batch. The restaurant only had Pho and a handful of sides, so it was easy to decide what to get. They gave us a checklist of items we wanted in our Pho, ranging from premium beef, to the amount of beef oil I wanted in my soup. I choose the regular beef Pho with normal amounts of onion, scallion, coridander and beef oil. After waiting for around 7 minutes, the noodles finally came! My first instinct was that the broth was so clear! It looked promising! After my first sip of the broth, I knew the bowl of Pho would be a good one. The broth was so tasty and had a slight sweetness to it from the beef. The noodles were very smooth and slippery while the beef was super fresh. My test in determining if the Pho was good was whether I'd be thirsty 30 minutes after. I wasn't and didn't leave any after taste. It was a great bowl of Pho! Compared to other places, the price is a bit on the higher end, but I think it's worth it. Next time, I will try their premium beef Pho! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)