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BELON is a neo-Parisian bistro showcasing French-rooted yet locally influenced cooking. BELON creates its dishes with the best available ingredients in the form of well-executed basics made from scratch. Reminiscent of the dynamic food scene found in Paris' 11th arrondissement, BELON presents a refreshing genre of French cuisine in a pared-down SoHo space that allows the restaurant’s sincere approach to food to shine. BELON was awarded one Michelin Star in the 2019 Guide and a place on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant List. continue reading
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Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2018-2019) Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2019-20)
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Level4 2020-02-14
Thanks to Black Series, Restaurant Week of Black Sheep Restaurants, my friend and I were able to enjoy a really nice French dinner at Belon without breaking our bank.Our feast started with this little puff, which was a finger food with delicious savory custard inside. A bite of gourmet. We ordered a glass of rose each to go with the dinner.Both my friend and I were huge bread lovers, we got carried away by this delicious House-made Naturally Leavened Bread with Salted Brittany Butter and ignored the mains for a bit. The cube of butter was so therapeutic in terms of its shape, colour and taste. And the house-made bread was absolutely lovely! The bread itself was very fluffy with crunchy side. And the warm bread melted the butter which made the spread really easy. We love it dearly.This plate of “Saucisson de Bigorre” was nice, not too chewy nor salty. Great to go with the bread.Belon works its magic to make me enjoy food that I don’t usually eat - celery. This Sweet Shrimp with Chinese Celery was a bowl of creamy puree with a thin layer of celery jelly at the bottom. I have to say, the taste of celery in this dish was so good that I enjoyed eating every spoonful of it! Very refreshing and delightful!This Hamachi “Salad Nicoise” was really great! The hamachi was fresh and delicious. I really adore the fish. And underneath the fish was goodies like egg, small tuna fish (?), potato and veggies. Definitely not to miss as they were all nicely prepared.This Hokkai Scallop with Shio Kombu and Pomelo was even better. The Hokkai scallop was wrapped in a house-made ravioli. The scallop was really meaty and fresh. Love it! And the creamy puree on the side was absolutely fantastic! The pomelo added so much freshness to the sauce, which was good to eat on its own or mixed with the scallop. Absolutely amazing!We were presented with this Roasted Chicken before the kitchen chopped it up and served it like this. I like how they use the claw to simulate the head of the chicken. A good roast for real. Crispy skin wrapping really tender chicken meat.I am a big fan of potato, this little pot of “Petits Pois a la Francaise” was really satisfying! The lemongrass (?) on top made great seasoning. The creamy mash and peas were so tasty! I wish I have more vocab to describe how great this meal is!Dessert was Belon’s signature Mille Feuille. It was really crispy that we were able to separately it vertically with our spoons, and enjoyed the flaky pastry. Yum yum! You know the food is great when the whole table stop talking to focus on the eating.The complementary Madeleine was very delightful! It was served warm, and the crispy shell wrapping warm fluffy cake made a perfect end to this great feast! continue reading
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Level4 2020-01-30
上次吃belon還是它剛開的時候,覺得普普通通,這次再來,選的是1288hkd道數較少的tasting menu。起初上的幾道小食,都非常有創意,不過味道上覺得普通。Oyster tartare. 生蠔被藏在最下面,吃的時候感覺口感有些分層。另外生蠔還是整口的口感好吃,切碎了失去了生蠔的特色,倒不如換其他海鮮。hamachi nicoise油甘魚尼斯沙拉,沙拉醬汁好吃,但搭配油甘魚還是覺得奇怪。Drunken pigeon, with Celtuce and sorrel. 醉鴿搭配萵苣。醉鴿味道不錯,肉質極其嫩。Violino squash ravioli 小南瓜意大利餃子,非常creamy和入味。Whole roasted 「three yellow」 chicken with 「petits pois a la francaise」 烤三黃雞,當晚覺得最好吃的一道,但是比起louis的烤全雞,還是有明顯的差距,這裡的雞很大程度是靠醬汁提味,雞肉本身並沒有特別出彩。隨菜附送的土豆泥和沙拉好吃極了! 兩份甜品出品非常不錯,mille feuille和dark chocolate tart都很好吃。仔細回想從前菜到主菜,其實每道菜的味道細品都還不錯,但都無法留下深刻的印象。整體印象上,餐廳環境、菜品、服務等各方面定位不統一,環境像是小的bistro,菜品和價位是fine dining,但份菜和呈現的方式又十分隨意,相比較而言,我個人更喜歡louise。 continue reading
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This Michelin 1-star restaurant is located in Soho, a Parisian bistro featuring French cuisine prepared by Chef Daniel Calvert, in a nice cozy ambiance, with soft lighting, and a bar in the background. However, the tables and chairs are of the bistro style so is not too comfortable and spacious compared with more formal French fine-dining restaurants. The mood and atmosphere though was more friendly and easy on the other hand.The staff are all very attentive and offers us a good explanation on the menu and the individual dishes. We ended up going for the Selection de Luxe ($1,688 each) in which the dishes are selected by the chef, showcasing the more premium ingredients. The Naturally Leavened Bread with Salted Brittany Butter was very nice, with a crunchy crust on the outside, soft and chewy interior, freshly baked out of oven, and the butter also was rich and flavorful. A good start and raising my expectation to the dishes to come.The Saucisson de Bigorre was a type of pork sausage from Bigorre, in southwest France in the region of Gascony, made from the famous black pigs. The peppers and slight smoky note made the sausages a great appetizer to pair with the Le Guishu Assemblage ($158), an interesting wine from Camargue, made from a blend of rice and grape wine.Next came the Cod Tarama with Karasumi and Mitsuba. The tarama is the salted and cured roe of cod, and then adding the salted mullet roe, karasumi, which is commonly seen in Taiwan as a delicacy, with some mitsuba, or Japanese parsley on top. The savory notes are very appealing, with the two types of roes harmonious in taste. The creamy tarama and the solids from the karasumi are contrasting in texture to give an interesting mouthfeel too. This is my favorite among the hors d'oeuvres on the night.Continuing we had Crispy Shirako with Sauce Gribiche. I was surprised in the previous dish on the choice of Japanese ingredients, but more so for this one. The shirako is in fact fish milt, baked to a crispy surface and then paired with the gribiche sauce, a mayonnaise-like cold egg sauce. The creamy shirako reminded me of melted cheese without the cheesy flavors. This one can be a pleasant surprise for everyone coming to the restaurant.Next was Cep Mushroom Barbajuans. The barbajuans are sort of fritters, with the stuffing being the cep mushroom and some cheese. The meaty flavored mushroom was finely chopped, with a nice bite and nicely seasoned. Surprisingly I found the barbajuans to be chewy and unlike the crunchy fritters I would be expecting, though on the taste they were good.The last hors d'oeuvres was Oyster Tartare. This one was the signature of the restaurant, with the oyster cut into small pieces, adding some aioli and small croutons on top, followed by some caviar. The oyster was fresh and rich in taste, with the sauce and caviar offering a perfect harmony of flavors among the ingredients and truly wonderful. And by cutting into small bites I think it also would make it less intimidating for those people who might not eat raw oyster. A must try in my opinion.Coming to the entrees the first one was Sanma 'Nicoise'. Sanma is the Japanese name for Pacific Saury, the silvery fish that is right in season. Unlike serving in sushi restaurant, the skin of the fish was not removed, leaving a chewy bite which I found quite interesting. The meat was firm and not mushy, another proof of the freshness of the fish. Very rich in taste, the Nicoise sauce poured on top provided a nice acidity from the tomatoes making it refreshing and also helped to neutralize any fishy note. A dish I also enjoyed very much. The wine paired was a Michel Redde et Fils La Moynerie Pouilly Fume 2018 ($168).Then we had Salade Gourmande au Foie Gras, a very beautifully prepared dish, with the foie gras at the bottom, on top having a layer of fig jam (?) providing a refreshing sweetness to balance the rich and intense flavors from the foie gras. There are some salad around. The staff also provided us with a piece of brioche to eat with, and the buttery, freshly baked brioche on its own was already very delicious.Next was Drunken Pigeon with Celtuce and Sorrel. This one was another creative dish, featuring many Chinese elements. The drunken pigeon was really tasty, and truly reminding me of the same flavors from the Shanghai cuisine. However, the pigeon was much more tender in this one. The celtuce, or asparagus lettuce, was also a type of vegetable found in many Shanghai dishes, cooked nicely to the right softness in texture. The wine paired was a Cotes du Jura ($248) which was great in matching with the pigeon.Going to the plats we had Australian Quail with Wilted Pea Leaves and Sauce Perigourdine. The quail was very nicely done, extremely tender and flavorful. But the true beauty I would say came from the sauce. It is made with chopped black truffle and reduced with brown stock and jus from the quail, so rich in flavors and complexity, that I could not help but to use a piece of bread to scoop up any single drop remaining on the dish. The wine paired was Domaine Louis Boillot & Fils Gevrey-Chambertin ($338), perfect to match with the gamey flavors.Turning to dessert we had Preserved Pear Millefeuille. The layers of puff pastry was very crunchy, and in between them there were the preserved pear which got a nice contrast in texture as well as a lighter note in taste to make the whole dessert less heavy and balanced. The wine paired was Farnito Vin Santo del Chianti ($278).The last course was another dessert, Mont Blanc, made with chestnut puree, on top with some whipped cream. The chef had a twist here by putting three chestnut puffs, which were very tasty and again, highlighting the seasonal ingredient to the extreme. A great finale to the whole meal.The overall experience was very good, with both the food and ambiance nice, true to the Parisian bistro style. My biggest comment was the price. The bill on the night was $5,269 which was too expensive in my opinion. I thought the wines were too over-priced, especially these by-glass wines. Still, seeing the restaurant full on a typical Wednesday evening, under the current gloomy political environment, the restaurant did attract customers. And I hope many of the restaurants that I have seen struggling recently can soon be back to normal business. continue reading
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Level4 2020-02-24
Belon #中環 ❗️米芝蓮一星法國菜❗️為期兩星期嘅Black series圓滿結束,好開心可以把握到最後機會試到belon🤩🤩🤩Black series期間,可以平價嘗試到black sheep restaurants嘅餐廳,呢間已經係我今年第五間,全部都非常高質。作為米芝蓮一星嘅Belon,亞洲第15,全世界第96嘅餐廳,當然價格唔平,但的確每一道菜嘅配搭都非常創新,為味蕾帶來衝擊‼️主打食法國fusion菜,環境舒適,高級得來唔會覺得周身唔舒服,服務一流。$688/1一到埗,侍應攞出佢哋嘅menu作簡單介紹,之後就一道一道咁送上,速度快,服務態度都好好💕。首先送上嘅係1️⃣熱辣辣嘅(Extra) cream cheese puff忌廉芝士泡芙🧀完全冇諗過個泡芙係熱,入口芝士爆曬出嚟,好rich又creamy!之後再配上佢哋嘅2️⃣House made naturally leavened bread with salted Brittany butter 自家製天然酵母麵包配布列塔尼牛油🍞🧈同Saucisson de biogorre比弋爾風乾豬肉腸🐷,香脆富有口感嘅sourdough配鹹香味重嘅豬肉腸,係一個好嘅開始🤤。其後就係頭盤。3️⃣Sweet shrimp with chinese celery 甜蝦配唐芹🍤完全係對味蕾嘅衝擊,唔鍾意食唐芹嘅我覺得可以❤️將唐芹打食啫喱狀放喺底,然後再配上非常細滑嘅燉蛋白,加埋鮮甜嘅蝦仁,散發着鮮味,成個味道非常創新✨。4️⃣Hamachi salad Nicosie 油甘魚尼斯沙律相對上普通啲,就係油甘魚刺身配上沙律菜,不過油甘魚都幾新鮮而且充滿油脂😛。5️⃣Hokkaido scallop with shio kombu and pomelo 北海道帶子配柚子昆布,又係另一道衝擊味蕾嘅菜式😱單睇個名,覺得啲食材好簡單,點知係用上意大利雲吞皮包住半生熟嘅帶子,再配上柚子昆布醬。醬汁應該用上忌廉等材料,令到成個醬汁帶有奶香,酸酸甜甜得來亦非常creamy,超鍾意嗰醬汁🤩!終於嚟到主菜!6️⃣Half/ whole roasted chicken with petits poise a la francaise 烤半隻/原隻走地雞配法式青豆🐔。作為招牌菜,雞肉果然非常嫩滑,廚師刻意係煮食嘅過程之中唔烤到全熟,再用餘溫慢慢焗熟,再喺雞下釀菠菜茸,豐富成個味道✨。可惜並非每一件雞都有菠菜茸,而且個菠菜茸較為實,容易同雞肉、雞皮分離😶。味道方面同港式豉油雞有啲類似,未算突出🙈。相反,個side dish薯蓉就非常好味,用上大量但唔膩嘅牛油忌廉,再配上香蔥、煙肉、青豆,成個薯蓉十分creamy,奶味十足🤤🤤🤤!7️⃣Millefeuille 拿破崙蛋糕,係我食過最好食嘅拿破崙🥰超級鬆化嘅酥皮,配上含有雲呢拿籽嘅吉士醬,酥皮同吉士醬嘅比例剛剛好,絕對唔會覺得甜膩,再配上酸酸嘅果醬,絕對係味覺嘅最高享受🥳🥳🥳!最後仲送上8️⃣檸檬味嘅Madeleine馬德蓮,新鮮烤焗,外層微脆,倘算鬆軟。好欣賞佢哋對於食物嘅運用,大部份嘅菜式都衝擊左我嘅味蕾,係從未食過嘅味道🤯!特別係個拿破崙真係回味無窮!不過所有菜式都偏鹹,而且法國菜份量唔多,值唔值$700就見仁見智🙈 continue reading
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From the moment I stepped in, I’m captured by the the classy slightly motown vibe and decor. Our table is at a corner by the window with shades of yellow street light beaming through the glasses, transforming everything on the dining table into golden. It’s so fitting to the wonderful dining experience that is sublime, remarkable and incredibly hearty. I’m pleasantly satisfied with the service, engaging and affable yet not forcefully attentive, it’s very welcoming and comfortable.Kicking off the night with housemade sourdough and a few bite-sized starters. Sourdough is so crusty on the edges while chewy and soft in the middle with subtle fermented sour flavor. It’s an excellent sourdough. I do wish to get more of it. It’s served with a tasty salted butter and ham.Elegantly presented in a oyster shell is a oyster tartare in oyster cream with pops of crunch from the toasted breadcrumb. It’s fresh and creamy, packed with umami. Raw Hamachi as the centerpiece, crunchy greens and egg yolk underneath complete a refreshing and vibrant salad.Continuing with the ocean is the fresh ikura (salmon roe) with horseradish cream sandwiched between outstanding seaweed puff pastry and seaweed napoleon pastry. Ikura pops in your mouth, blasting with umami while the pastry adds crunch. Before the almighty main course comes a hearty pasta dish. These little pillows of pumpkin scapinacci (the name of the pasta which the lovely staff kindly typed it in for us😂) is sweet and lovely with drizzle of pumpkin seed oil and parmesan to balance the sweetness of pumpkin. Simple but incredibly delicious.Finally the highly anticipated signature roasted chicken was brought to the table, and it’s absolutely sensational. The chicken is stuffed with spinach and mushroom filling underneath the skin that keep the chicken incredibly moist, succulent and richly flavorful. Chicken skin is wafer thin and super crispy, detached easily from the flesh with no fat underneath. All the chicken juices and essence are not going to waste, they are cooked down into this deep intense chicken sauce. Accompanied with two equally indulgent sides, a creamy rich smooth mashed potato and an earthy salad with beans and bacons. Just when you thought nothing could top that exceptional chicken, the best is yet to come with the dessert.I am officially crowning this the BEST mille feuille EVER! 4 incredibly flaky, puffy, crispy, airy puff pastries stacked with preserved pear and cream filling in between. A spoon can easily achieve a clean cut through the layers. That’s evident how crispy and light the pastries are. The preserved pears with slight tartness to relieve the sweet. This may well be one of the best pastries I’ve ever tasted. This dark chocolate tart is amazing as well, with an excellent brittle tart base and decadent bittersweet dark chocolate filling, a yogurt cream on the side to counter the richness. As if the desserts aren’t sweet enough, a birthday card with chef and staff signature was presented as a gift as part of our birthday dinner celebration. It’s always these little touches that win people’s heart. Without a doubt, one of the best dining experience of the year. continue reading
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