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Creative/Modern European Cuisine with occasional Asian influences
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18:30 - 21:30
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18:30 - 21:30
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12:00 - 16:00
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Review (16)
Level2 2018-02-07
Hidden on Sai Street, Sheung Wan, A Side / B Side is a gem for affordable and pleasurable fine dining experience. The restaurant has a cozy interior design, with drawings of food on the wall as menu and decoration, as well as a selection of books and wines. One of the things I like about fine dining is that you can see how the chef prepare food. It is almost like seeing how an artist creates his/her own artwork, very delightful to watch. This time is no different. Seeing the chef prepare the 8 items on my dish was a wowing experience, you never know that there is possibility for such kind of presentation until now.(From 12 o'clock clockwise)Winter Pudding: One of my favorite, chocolate mousse and cream at the bottom, topped up with black truffle, chocolate chips, and dried fruit slices on top.Egg plant: grilled with Japanese sauce.Fish (?) wrapped in veggies: served hot, should eat this first.Fish with caramel pops on top: the caramel pops brought out the flavor of the fish, surprisingly, and added a crunchy sensation to the fish.Mushroom: another of my favorite. Mushroom was mashed and molded back to this mushroom shape. Very creamy and delicious.Salmon "Sushi": gosh! I love this huge chunk of fresh salmon!Foie gras: another favorite, the green jelly bits and green apple circles on top made the foie gras more like cheesecake to enjoy.Deep fried meatball: served hot, should eat this one first.I am definitely coming back to try their dinner menu! continue reading
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Level1 2018-01-28
Despite reading mixed reviews on OR about this restaurant, I kept an open mind when I booked this restaurant. I was a ted disappointed when we were informed that they only served brunch today (had too many disappointing brunch experience in HK...). My view changed when we were presented with a beautiful mix of creative dishes on one plate. I thought I would leave unsatisfied with the small portion but I was entirely wrong...I am not a real truffle person but the Winter Dessert (chocolate mousse, Jerusalem artichoke and black truffle) was really luxurious - what a real treat! Anyone interested must come quick before the artichoke season finishes at the end of Feb! (You’ve been warned!)Got chatting with chef at the end of service and learned that he is English but trained in France. He was working at Akrame before taking up this place. Will surely come back to try their dinner! continue reading
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What to like: This place was a pleasant surprise. I walked in with no expectations and ended up leaving with the utmost satisfaction. If you follow my Instagram account, you’d know I’m obsessed with California style hipster aesthetics in general, and A Side / B Side reminds me of a lot of the restaurants I would find in San Francisco and Los Angeles. For some people, the quality of the food is all that matters - but for me, it’s about a complete dining experience.  At A Side / B Side, the food is fantastic, and everything from the decor to the service evoked those pleasant memories of going out in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Maybe I'm biased, but the whole vibe just works for me.The restaurant feels intimate rather than small, and you might walk right past it because it blends in with the neighborhood perfectly. The u-shaped chef's table/bar seats around 15 people, and Chef Jon Irwin would frequently check in and converse with diners. This guy is the definition of hospitality, and you can feel the genuine passion he has from a mile away. To get this kind of attention from the chef is always a plus in my book, plus you find out the more interesting stories behind each dish that way. The lighting is dim - sets a great mood but not really Instagram friendly - but I guess that's where I come in to work my magic. If you are just going on a date or hanging out with a small group though, this place is definitely all the way up on my recommendations list.Food: I would say it’s tapas style French cooking with a hint of Asian influences. Sounds like every other overrated hip restaurant that got featured recently? True - but when done right - modern cuisine is truly a thing of beauty and Chef Irwin is doing a good enough job here to impress my stomach. The menu is simple, featuring 4 categories: Seafood, Vegetable, Meat and Dessert. They’re designed to be small so that you can try a variety of dishes, which is perfect for someone like me who can't make ordering decisions at all. There are a few dishes that featured really unexpected ingredient combos in order to create interesting flavors and textures - like deep fried sago with blue cheese and parsley emulsion - god damn that sounds odd but kudos to the talented team for making it work.The star of the show was the Courgette Flower and Hokkaido Scallop dish. The vibrant courgette flowers are stuffed with creamy truffle farce filling and served with a mushroom beurre blanc dressing that tasted like heaven, the scallop was plump and juicy, and to put the icing on the cake -a calamar salad and warm shiitakes served with a finger-licking pickled egg yolk sauce to tie everything together.What’s not to like? I have to say that was as close to complete satisfaction as it could be all things considered. Will I go back? Yes! Next time you see a girl happily eating her food at the bar alone, that might be me. Say hi! continue reading
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Level1 2017-10-02
No longer a farm-to-table restaurant which is in itself a big disappointment. First thing they got our booking details wrong. Not even any bread to serve. The starters (bell pepper, cauliflower and courgette flower) were charged same price as before but the portion ridiculously small and quality totally unacceptable - huge disappointment as the fresh local vegetables terrifically served was the signature of the old a side b side, especially the cauliflower in curry sauce dish.We had to beg for plates to share our extremely small sized appetizer which is ridiculously over-priced. Very pretentious and horrible service. The waitress appears to have come to work for the first day and doesn't even know her way. Very much wonder what happened to the old a side b side crew. A huge loss. continue reading
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We came here for dinner on a Friday, and we were overall extremely impressed by the food, service, vibes and design of the place - basically one massive chef's table. Not very common to see in Hong Kong!  What stood out to us was the flawless precision skill and technique necessary for each tapas-style dish. From the Thai-inspired lemongrass/coconut flavours of the "turbot graffiti" to the fine details of the crunchy deep fried sago crisps accompanying the US striploin and awesome use of Courgette flower with truffle stuffing & mushroom, the dishes were on point and executed to perfection. Loved the premium locally & internationally sourced ingredients, and I noticed a lot of Japanese influences running throughout the menu (kuruma ebi, Hokkaido scallop, komatsuna spinach, shiitake, etc.) and you could tell a lot of prep was put into each dish. Chef Jon Irwin and his small but talented team did a  fantastic job! Thank you for a memorable dinner! continue reading
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