6-min walk from Exit B2, Wan Chai MTR Station continue reading
22 ships offers a wide range of modern Spanish tapas created by English Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton. Other than food, 22 Ships boasts an extensive list of wines, spirits and Spanish beer. Due to its popularity, this restaurant does not take reservations however it also has no service charge! continue reading
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*15:00-18:00 Drinks only
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Visa Master AE Cash
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Alcoholic Drinks
10% Service Charge
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Level4 2016-11-09
This Spanish restaurant locates at 22 Ship Street in Wan Chai, that’s why its name is 22 Ships. My boyfriend and I arrived the restaurant like 30 minutes before dinner time, thus the restaurant was still tidying up and preparing for the dinner section. I was surprise because we weren’t the only who were waiting the table at the time, there were like 6 to 8 foreign customers as well.Time was up and the server arranged our seats at the bar table, which you can say is the front row for performance perhaps. All the dishes are printed on the table mat and you can check out the blackboard for Today’s Special dishes. We started our meal with two pieces of Market Oysters and it served along with some aged vinegar, lemon juice, oyster sauce and olive oil. The oysters look very clean and appealing, however I was struggling about which sauce to put on my piece. After the taste of four sauces, I decided to go with aged vinegar and lemon juice. Simply add a drop or two aged vinegar and lemon juice, that hint of sourness can bring out the natural and fresh flavors from the oysters. People who sat next to us were attracted by its delightful appearance and ordered two as well. Up next was another appetizer, Scallop Ceviche. I had a look on Instagram about this restaurant, seem like this is a must-order dish. Five pieces of yuzu sauce marinated raw scallop were placed on the stone plate, along with some sliced radish and cubed Chinese radish. The scallops are soft and smooth, that refreshing yuzu flavor will completely explode in your mouth. Then, the crunchy radish can bring some more textures and lead the dish to another level, no wonder this is one of the signature dish here.This Salt Baked Beetroot Salad was absolutely gorgeous, as it got an eye-catching of sharp pink and orange colors. There are two colors of chopped beetroots and they were juicy and a bit of crunchy at the same time. Pairing the beetroots with plenty of goat cheese and create a perfect balance of the taste. Moreover, it is topped with few chopped peanuts and added the crunchiness to the dish.The appetizers are in small portions, hence we decided to go for one more before the main. Jamón, Manchego & Truffle Toastie with Quail Eggs is basically a bite-size of sandwiches with couples of ingredients, filled the toasted bread with ham, manchego cheese and black truffle sauce. A hint of burnt flavor from the bread and smoky taste from the ham are quite appealing, which you can taste the light truffle too. And the end, topped the sandwiches with a quail egg and every ingredients worked well with another.It’s time for the main courses, Baked Bone Marrow is one of the special here. Bone marrow is uncommon in Hong Kong, it is possibly more usual to see at the hot pot than western dishes. The mixture of bone marrow and beef is stuffed on the bone, and it is sided with gentleman’s relish and toasted bread and onion jam. The gentleman’s relish combines anchovy, butter, herb and some spices, thus it was melting on the freshly toasted bread. It contains a really rich flavor and tastes amazing, especially that sour onion jam can erase the heaviness. A delightful meal gotta end with some desserts, so we ordered Peanut Butter, Condensed Milk and Bananas. The dessert is completely unexpected, the peanut butter is formed into a stick, condensed milk has been made into a icecream-ish thing, then sided with some frozen peanuts, caramelized banana and popping lime bites. All the ingredients were in special forms and textures, which was quite fascinating I would say. The condensed milk icecream and peanut butter stick are rather sweet, but the popping lime bites can totally freshen up the whole dessert. continue reading
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這次到其餐廳是跟朋友慶生。因為不能預定位置,所以我們有幾位六點多就去拎位了。但朋友因要事要大慨十五分鐘至二十分鐘才能到齊,其間不停催我們的朋友還有多久才到呀?!不然就不好意思了,嗰幾個位要比其他客人了。然而我們又不見有人在等位置。不過上菜很快,味道說真的還不錯👍。但到了大約8:30就急急給我們bill要我們結帳呀。唉,我們的生日蛋糕還未上呢😅😅😅吃完蛋糕還不到9:00就又急急想我們走了。但值得一提的是Suckling pig 跟 多士是不錯的 continue reading
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Level1 2017-05-06
Revisiting after a long time, however it was not as good as I remembered. The service is definitely terrible, they also tried to squeeze all the big people into tiny seats.  continue reading
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Level2 2017-03-15
第一次來是吃晚飯,當時蠻多人,氣氛不錯。這次是忙裡偷閒,午飯時間來,人比較少,相對坐得比較舒服。味道不錯,餐牌就是桌上的桌上紙其實每個都很好吃,但個人誠意推介green peppers另外,酒也不錯,雖然價錢不平民,每碟也很小,但是一定會再回來吃的 continue reading
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Level3 2017-02-25
First thing I noticed, the queue is gone.Second thing I noticed, the unproportional heights of the tables and the chairs is awkward. The tables are too low and the chairs too high, making us either having to curl our backs or pick up the sharing plate in order to eat. Food is tasty but all too salty and the complicated combinations of ingredients makes the dishes a tad too flavourful for the natural colours of the hero ingredient to shine through. For instance the overwhelming OX sauce totally covered the flavour of the sea bass. Baby chicken was over cooked and too dry. continue reading
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