September Top 10 Restaurants
September has passed and so has the Mid-autumn Festival. Did you try the lotus mooncake flavored ice-cream of Lab Made which made to the top of the Top 10 Restaurants? Along with that, the sweet tooth cravings are also beckoning again this month. New entries are Two-Michelin Star fine Chinese restaurant Ming Court, Italian Bakery Coffee & Tea Shop, 2/3 Dolci and HK-style nourishing sweet soups shop, 227 Desserts Tavern.

1 Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory  
2 Ming Court 
5 2/3 Dolci
6 School Food     
7 227 Desserts Tavern
8 Peninsula Boutique
9 Coffee Alley 
10 Maison Eric Kayser   

* The rankings are based on the number of positive reviews after subtracting negative reviews in the past 30 days. They are further adjusted by timeliness, user seniority and other review quality factors.

New Highlights

No.2   Ming Court

(Photos by hero生活旅~* & =架架麵=)

September is a month for gatherings. And things get even better to have some of the finest Chinese delicacies under the full moon. Garnering Two-Michelin stars for 4 years in a row, Ming Court Langham Place Hotel has come out on top for an exquisite get-together meal last month. The award-winning dishes are set to impress, both in terms of presentation and flavors. Amongst the highlights loved by OpenRicers are Giant Garoupa Enrobed in Minced Shrimp ($438), Pepper Shrimp and Stir-fried Shrimps with Egg White ($228) which do the fresh and succulent seafood the brilliant way!

【OpenRicers' say】
hero生活旅~*:(Translated review) Caramelised Japanese Kurobuta Pork Loin Merlot ($288) was served on fire. The striking appearance simply allures before we came to savor it. When we then tucked into it, the pork loin was cooked just right and tender. It was delicious with a subtle hint of red wine and assorted mushrooms. And for the award-winning dish, Giant Garoupa Enrobed in Minced Shrimp, Pepper Shrimp ($438), it was equally appealing. When you bite into it, you get the wonderful mix of freshness, succulence and tenderness altogether. But I just like it to be served hotter.

No.5  2/3 Dolci

(Photos by herbert, Miranda Yiu & peggy-lifeforfood)

Sweet tooth alert! 2/3 Dolci, a new Italian Pasticceria in Wan Chai, is offering goodies in a plethora of choices ranging from gelato ($38/scoop), hand-made pastry cakes, and baby chiffon cakes to the most authentic Italian espresso, tea and super rich drinking hot chocolate from France. A recommendation by OpenRicers is 100% Pistacchio Tart ($46), in which the pistachio cream made from real pistachio paste exquisitely top the layers of caramel cream, custard cream, sponge cake, and the tart base with chocolate coating. But a note to be taken is that the café and bakery is strapped for comfy seating space.

【OpenRicers' say】
peggy-lifeforfood:If you go there, it’s crazy not to try their gelato!!!!! Their pistachio gelato is so yummy that I need to encore it again!!! We chose the new flavor – Guava for the 2nd scoop of gelato. I can’t really find Guava gelato elsewhere. It’s very fruity & fresh. It’s really match with the nuttiness of the pistachio gelato!

No.7  227 Desserts Tavern

(Photos by 為食小豆 & four_month)

One more new sweet embrace for foodies in September! More than just another HK-style desserts restaurant, 227 Desserts Tavern has ushered in a series of nourishing sweet soups. Innovative creations include fish maw desserts, and Black Toufu Desserts ($26-32) made with more nutritious black beans, serving with a wide assortment of toppings of Gohi berries, purple rice, oatmeal and more. Be surprised about desserts that are richer, in nutrition, flavor, and texture. The whimsical setting with red lanterns, tea bowls, wooden tables and chairs alike resembling an ancient Chinese inn, makes it fast becoming a popular spot for chilling out with some refreshing sweet soups in the bustling Mongkok neighborhood.

【OpenRicers' say】
SY*:(Translated review) It was my first time to try desserts that are made with fish maw. I ordered a Steamed Egg White Milk Dessert with fish maw ($48) and Mango Pudding with Fish Maw ($52). Very smooth in texture, the Milk Dessert was warm and likely to be served right from kitchen steamer! I felt so nourishing with that! As for Mango Pudding, it came with garnishing of some fish maw strips and tapioca pearls. The server told me that the gelatin had been replaced by fish maw to deliver a different texture. I like it so hearty with generous mangoes in it!

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