Pamper Mom on Mother's Day! Buffet Selection: A variety of heartwarming surprise dishes and gifts

May is here, which means Mother's Day is around the corner. This is a special day to show our appreciation to all mothers by sending gifts, flowers and taking them out to dinner. There are many heartwarming buffets for Mother's Day with dishes or small gifts that are specially designed for mothers and we have selected 6 ones for this article.

Limited "fresh" buffet: The Place  

If your mother likes to eat seafood, this "fresh" buffet is ready for you! It serves ready-to-open fresh oysters, chilled lobsters, cod crab legs, breaded crabs, and Argentinian red shrimp sashimi. All of these are fresh and sweet, especially the red shrimp sashimi which is not available at other restaurants. In addition, there are signature dishes like the “Char Siu” and instant sliced skin duck hosted by Ming Court, a Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant. There is also a Japanese-style sashimi heart-shaped platter for every mother.

Available on: May 13-14, 2023

French Seafood Dinner Buffet: The Cafe

This is another buffet that mainly focuses on seafood, but it mainly focuses on French seafood, which is another kind of enjoyment. It serves classic dishes such as French Herb Baked Escargot, French Sea Bass and Grilled Sea Bass with Lemon Butter Sauce, which are rich and delicious. On Mother’s Day night, the barbecue meat will be upgraded to grilled Australian Wagyu Tomahawk steak and honey-baked ham. The former is rich and tender, while the latter is very salty and sweet with honey. Each mother will also receive a gift of Oyster King's six-head abalone with fish maw, which can nourish her skin.

Available on: May 14, 2023

Chinese side dishes dinner buffet: Sky Lounge

The older generation usually prefers to eat Chinese food, and this hotel restaurant serves a Chinese side dish buffet dinner! First, they serve full-boiled old fire soup. The dishes include the signature honey-glazed barbecued pork; the meat is soft and has a rim, and there are crispy cucumber stir-fried shrimp and steamed sea cucumber. Every customer who patronizes the Chinese buffet dinner will receive a complimentary stewed chicken soup with Cordyceps flower conch head, I am sure all mothers will be satisfied for it.

Available on: May 13-14, 2023

Seafood Buffet Dinner + Dessert Baking Class at Harbour Plaza Hotel: Café 8 Degrees  

This hotel’s Mother’s Day Seafood Buffet Dinner also has a lot of seafood options, with two types of fresh oysters from France as well as the United States and Ireland, which are shipped to Hong Kong by air every day. Grilled abalone and tempura scallops are prepared on the spot. For desserts, we sincerely recommend the Green Tea Chocolate Heart and the hotel's signature dessert Mango Napoleon. In addition, each mother can enjoy an exquisite cupcake for free!

When did you cook food with your mother? If you eat at the buffet, you can enjoy a discounted price of HK$400 to participate in the dessert baking class, so you can enjoy the moment of making cakes with your mother.

Available on: May 13-14, 2023

Bird's nest themed dessert + thoughtful handmade "Mini Preserved Flowers": The Chef's Table

The buffet is sure to win the favor of mothers and adults, because this buffet has specially added bird’s nest-themed desserts, including bird’s nest strawberry tart, Hokkaido 3.6 milk stewed bird’s nest protein, bird’s nest Portuguese egg tart, etc. They are all sweet, and beautiful but of course, salty food is equally attractive. The buffet dinner includes pine leaf crab legs, fried duck liver, a bite of Wagyu beef, roasted black haired pork belly roll with herbs, foie gras mousse with pistachio nuts, and spicy oyster crackers with avocado sauce, etc.  In addition, the hotel specially commissioned the "Siyi Handicraft" of the Tsui Lam Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service in Tseung Kwan O, a bouquet of " Mini Preserved Flowers " made by people with disabilities and given to every mother, adding a warm meaning to Mother's Day.

Available on: May 13-14, 2023

Sweet Mother's Day Dinner Buffet: La Scala

Sweet Iced seafood buffet that includes long-legged crabs, blue mussels, cooked sea prawns, emerald snails, and New Zealand mussels, which are full of freshness and sweetness. The Teriyaki Abalone and Sweet Potato Crispy Box is a good recommendation. The Teriyaki Abalone is braised until soft and delicious, the sweet potato puree is fine and smooth, and the crispy box is crispy from the start. They are very satisfying to eat. In addition, the desserts are amazing. The Bird’s Nest Lemongrass Tea Fragrant Pear Melaleuca Pancake Cake is made of a thin layer pancakes, Lemongrass Tea Mousse, and fragrant pear slices. The top layer is topped with bird’s nest, which tastes sweet. In addition to a free stewed oyster fish maw with mushrooms and oysters, every mother will also receive CANVAS Natural Refreshing Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 10ml and a HK$100 cash shopping coupon.

Available on: May 13-14, 2023

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