Eats and Drinks on Lamma Island
Lamma Island is perfect for those that want a quick escape from the skyscrapers and dense population of Hong Kong. Only a 40 minute boat ride from Central, visit Lamma Island for a day trip to eat good food, hike and much more. Try these places next time you go to Lamma Island! 

Photo by: 青衣老妖 and 浪子 夜默
Owned by a Turkish man trying to bring his culture to Hong Kong, Turkish Cuisine Best Kebab offers a combination of traditional Turkish food and Western cuisine. The restaurant is popular for their homemade Turkish Lamb Pizza (no cheese), Lamb Cheeseburger and all kinds of kebab, from lamb to chicken. Sliced from a rotating rotisserie, the meat for these kebabs are filled with impressive flavors. Almost all of the seating at this restaurant is outdoors, allowing guests to enjoy the weather while they snack. Open until 10pm, Turkish Cuisine Best Kebab is also great for post-dinner snacks. Turkish Cuisine Best Kebab is extremely popular, so despite their best efforts, be prepared to wait. 

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A local Tofu Dessert shop owned by a grandma and her family, Kin Hing Tofu Dessert shop specializes in serving authentic homemade tofu pudding (dohua). The shop is stationed under a large tent, giving it a rustic yet traditional atmosphere. All of the tofu pudding is fresh, handmade by the grandma on a need to serve basis. The tofu pudding is as white as snow in large full pieces, the smooth and soft texture incomparable. Let the servers know how much sugar syrup to add to make the tofu pudding perfect. While the lines on weekends tend to be long, the efficient service here allows the lines to quickly move through. This authentic Tofu Dessert shop is definitely not one to miss when visiting Lamma Island. 

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Located right along the waterfront with a view of traditional Hong Kong fishing boats, Tai Yuen Restaurant is a seafood restaurant serving local delicacies such as crab, fish, abalone and more. Guests can order their choice of seafood by selecting the available seafood inside the fish tanks - still live to ensure freshness. This family run restaurant has quick and attentive service with reasonably priced food. While all of their seafood is fresh and delicious, some of their more popular dishes include their Sauce Fried Clams, Garlic Crab, Boiled Fresh Shrimp and Steamed Abalone. They also have set menus available tailored to the size of the party, which feature some of the fresher seafood of the day. Tai Yuen Restaurant is shaded, so even on a rainy day, customers can enjoy fresh seafood while listening to the rhythmic rain impinge upon the ocean. 

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A vegetarian restaurant located on the main street of Lamma Island, Green Cottage is perfect for a relaxing and healthy meal. Green Cottage opens at 6:30am every day, serving breakfast with refreshing juices and coffee. For those that are just visiting the island and miss a traditional American breakfast, don’t worry, as they make a killer Eggs Florentine and Belgian Waffle available all day. Apart from breakfast items, they also offer a variety of Western and Italian comfort food, including burgers, lasagna, pizza and salads. After hiking around the island, get a Mango Lassi or fresh Watermelon Juice here and bring your pets; they provide dogs fresh water and treats. Green Cottage also has a chef’s special menu that changes regularly, so regular customers will always have new dishes to try. Be sure to visit this welcoming and friendly restaurant before sunset as they close at 5:30pm! 

Written by: Audree Wang

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