Bread won’t let you starve! Let’s try the hamburgers in town together!
Recently, burger trend is rising unexpectedly. MacDonald’s Shogun Burger is available again since last week. Just days the queue awaiting Double D Burger, commonly known as using sexy waitresses to attract people, opened its first burger restaurant in Hong Kong. You may found your Facebook page is suddenly filled with burgers posts. American fast food culture is always popular in Hong Kong, thus the price range has been rising in recent years and hamburgers sold $100 or above still have countless supporters. Indeed, which hamburger restaurant really worth the price and worth to try?

A small corner shop at Pottinger Street- Texas Burger

Texas Burger sells burgers since June 2014. Spencer, who is the owner of Texas Burger from Hong Kong, always travels in America when he was small. He names the shop Texas Burger because he is enthusiastic about Texas’s cowboy culture. Texas Burger has been promoting 7 different kinds of burgers. Despite the original beef burger, roasted chicken and fish burgers are also available to choose. The recommended Texas BBQ burger ($83) is the must-try dish. It weighs 6 Oz, with fully-cooked but juicy steak made with beef together with cheddar cheese, crispy beacons, onion rings and exclusive BBQ sauce. The sauce is in perfect match with the freshness of beef, which gives bonus score to the burger.

(Photo by tlkf & VCY)

Burger shop from California- Little Bao

May is the female young owner of Little Bao. She used to work as a chef in a Michelin 3-star restaurant. She then opened Little Bao in October 2013. Little Bao is a relatively small restaurant located in Staunton Street and it can only serve 20 customers at one time. During weekends and before public holidays, a lot of people queue for more than one hour in order to try the burger. May uses her fine-dining style to produce Chinese steamed sandwiches into burger-like by putting fatty pork belly in between. The burger is a mixture of Western and Chinese style and also has special texture and layered taste, but you need to eat at least 2 burgers to feel full. Another Little Bao recommended dish is the LB Ice Cream Sandwich ($48), which is made of Shanghai-style fried bun and has green tea and toffee flavors to choose from.

The dry-aged beef burger-Shake'em Buns

Shake’em Buns is the short form of milk shake and bun, which has a direct meaning that the restaurant sells burgers and milk shakes. Shake’em Buns has less people to queue now compared to 2 years ago but it still has a lot of die-hard fans because the food quality is very promising. The restaurant uses fresh New Zealand beef for burgers. The beef will maintain a 2:8 proportion of fat meat and lean meat. Every steak weighs around 150g, it is hot and fresh because it will be cooked right after consumers’ orders. With garlic egg yolk, spicy meat sauce and salsa added, the burger becomes more unique. Bread, the second most important ingredient, is ordered from a famous traditional bakery in Central. The fresh bread will be delivered directly to Shake’em Buns every day.

(Photo by Nc222 & bilow)

Burger shop from California-Caliburger

Caliburger has landed in Hong Kong since September 2013. The restaurant’s interior decoration is very special although it mainly sells takeaway burgers. Caliburger used US imported beef and cheese both at highest quality. The beef shoulder chops are USDA certified. The beef will maintain the same 2:8 proportion of fat meat and lean meat as Shake’em Buns. The burger bun will be heat to improve its texture. It follows a large amount of cheese added, just like the burgers in California. You can also add the silky and smooth Mozzarella cheese if you are not afraid to become fat. If you wish to keep fit, you can choose L.C. burger, the abbreviation of less carbohydrate. The burger is made with cabbage instead of buns, which is very popular among female customers.

(Photo by Superstaster mel & mandy0206 & Yvonee's Corner)

The dry-aged beef burger-The Butchers Club Burger

The Butchers Club Burger has its exclusive dry-aged factory in Tin Wan and also has a high-class steak restaurant. Now they also own the Butchers Club Burgers with high popularity. It always had a long queue when it was newly opened. Recently, a new shop is opened in Central. The Butchers Club Burger uses Black Angus Beef from the New South Wales in which the cows are fed with organic wheat. The beef will first be drying in its local factory for 30 days in order to make the meat juicier and taste stronger. The hand-made steak weighs 160g. After receiving customers’ orders, the steak will be cooked immediately and approximately medium. The meat juice after every bite makes people who like beef feel enjoyable. Also, the French Fries are made with duck oil so that it has more delicious taste. But you have to beware it is easy to exceed the Cholesterol level after consuming the French Fries.

(Photo by 陳真 & Emptyplates Gang)

Translation: Natalie

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