Adorable Cafes in Hong Kong
Whether it be business meetings or get-togethers with old friends, cafes are the ideal choice. A perfect balance of casual and formal, cafes serve small dishes, delicious coffee and tea. As you might expect, Hong Kong has flourished as a unique hub of quaint, fancy and traditional cafes. Here are our choices for adorable ones that you can bring both dates and clients. 

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Carefully selecting their coffee beans from all around the world, Noc Coffee & Roaster caters towards coffee lovers. They have 6 different and unique coffee beans they use for coffee, each one creating a different flavor combination. The Brazilian bean, Kaquend, has a smooth, praline and molasses texture and flavor. In contrast, the Colombian bean, Pedregosa (Pink Bourbon) is more floral, with a peach and sugarcane undertone. Noc Coffee & Roaster’s creamy flat white espresso is extremely popular, decorated with a beautiful rose latte art. Noc, which stands for “not only coffee,” lives up to their name, also serving a wide range of pastries, sandwiches and tea. Pair a tangy pineapple slice with sweet crumble and the pour over coffee or a black pepper ham sandwich with a flat white. Located on Gough Street in Central, this cool and cozy coffee shop is a great place to work, catch up with friends or get a daily caffeine fix. 

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Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard is a unique space that caters to guests that want to read, socialize, work/study and drink delicious coffee. This cafe specializes in serving healthy yet satisfying food including fresh salads, organic eggs, cauliflower ‘rice’ and chia muesli. In addition to their food, there tea and coffee is also more healthy than the standard. Try their turmeric latte and espresso macchiato or superfood smoothie and tea lattes for a great taste paired with vitamins and minerals. On weekends, families can bring their dogs and kids to enjoy their outdoor space - Opendoor Cafe provides plenty of toys and chalks to play with. Occasionally, Opendoor cafe will host regular neighborhood events with art exhibitions, barbecues and craft beer garden. 

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Owned by DK Aromatherapy, DK Cuppa Tea is a cafe known for its creative and innovative themed afternoon tea sets. The cafe aims to provide customers “food therapy” by combining delicious food with essential oils, soft music, dim lighting and comfortable seating. The afternoon tea sets served here are all themed and change on a seasonal basis, featuring a combination of sweet and savory food. Currently, they have a Rose Tales tea set and an elegance feast tea set that can be enjoyed on their private boat. The Rose Tale afternoon tea set features chocolates shaped roses, red velvet cake adorned with a cream cheese rose, rose and cinnamon tea, tomato soup, scallops, escargot and more. The tea set is also plated beautifully with red and blue roses spread around the outside of the plate. Be sure to make reservations and ask about what tea set they’ll have next! 

Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui features Allegretto, a coffee shop famous for their intricate, realistic and adorable 3D latte art. They can create their signature latte art with cappuccino, mochaccino and their classic lattes. Their signature animal is the cat, but they can also create bears, elephants, cows, pigs and dogs. Since the latte art is intricate and delicate, it can take some time to prepare. Luckily Allegretto has an extensive dining menu that includes all day breakfast, snacks, mains, pasta and dessert. For a sweet pairing with the coffee, try the chocolate molten fondant cake or creamy blueberry cheesecake. 

A brightly colored blue storefront on Peel Street, Hazel & Hershey can’t be missed. The shop is filled with cute decorations with a coffee bar placed at the center of the cafe. Customers can sit at the bar and watch the baristas craft their coffee, providing an intimate experience. Unlike other coffee shops and restaurants in Hong Kong, Hazel & Hershey has outdoor seating next to rather than in front of the shop, making it more private. In terms of their coffee, they have fresh roasted coffee to the method of your choosing and can make almost any style of coffee desired. They even have a variety of beans from different countries, perfect for coffee lovers that want to try something new. Upon exiting Hazel & Hershey, buy one of their charming coffee related products sold on the side. 

Written by: Audree Wang

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