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港鐵灣仔站 A5 出口 繼續閱讀
Grand Hyatt Steakhouse獨家推出美洲野牛菜式,供應美國、加拿大及日本入口的牛扒,其Dry-aged熟成牛扒最受歡迎,設有一座高速烤爐,以900度高溫極速鎖起肉汁。 繼續閱讀
最優秀灣仔開飯熱店 (2012), 最優秀服務開飯熱店 (2014)
18:00 - 22:30
18:00 - 22:30
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等級4 2018-05-25
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The funny thing about restaurants is the fact that some of these places are pretty inconsistent, sometimes when I revisit a place I didn't like before I can be surprised again or at least have a different view on the place. I changed my view on the steakhouse after this visit. Instead of a normal bread basket we were given garlic bread instead. Quite thoughtful. Their signature crab cake which I thought was quite mediocre. The eggplant parmigiana was very good. Very cheesy and well baked. I would say it's my favorite dish that night. Excuse my picture taking ability. The mussels were not that great either. Tomahawk with green pepper corn and BBQ sauce. The meat was quite fine. Sauteed beans with bacon. Baby carrots. This was a lot better than when I visited a few years ago. At least I can still point out something that I thought was good. I guess I will come back from time to time after this visit. Grand Hyatt restaurants has always been pretty dull in the past. Hopefully they can improve the quality of other restaurants in the hotel too! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-08-22
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今年老公生日咁幸運係sunday 所以可以約埋奶奶姑奶食好野 姑奶仲話有Visa promotion 所以預先訂定位 當日就可以去嘆 四位被帶到卡位坐下 環境較喑 但係服務好好 招呼周到又細心 熱辣辣蒜蓉包 外脆仆仆 蒜香撲鼻 內心鬆軟 真係好正 New England Clam chowder好Creamy湯內有蜆肉同龍蝦肉 鮮 濃 味美Lobster Bisque cognac香濃味美 味道係好似一口就飲左好多龍蝦咁口感好豐富 湯內還有龍蝦肉Steakhouse Salad Bar 雖然選擇唔算好多 但食材全部新鮮高質素 亦可無限任添食 記得留肚個main course Salad Bar少不了Freah Green Salad不用多講 反而想講係一些已配搭好嘅自家Salad 藜麥 鷹咀豆 牛油果 果仁 菇類等 亦可order chef 為你即製凱撒salad 煙三文魚 鵝肝醬 即刨巴哈馬火腿 蜜瓜 芝士盤添 火腿油脂分佈均衡 甘香味濃 跟清甜蜜瓜同食無得輸 Dry Aged Irish Free Range Strip Loin 6.5 oz碳香 肉嫩 保留到牛味 6成熟剛好 嫩粉紅色 不用點任何汁都已經好有味 當然想再提味可以點些佢地自家芥末啦 BBQ Glazed Salmon煎得剛剛熟 魚肉仍然嫩滑可口 水準之作 Side Dishsweet potato fries 甜甜地 外脆外軟 Yummy Yummy Chocolate Mug Pie 真係好濃好濃嘅朱古力味 配上雲呢拿軟雪糕 真係好味到唔識形容 perfect matchBaked Cheese Cake Strewbarry Compote甜品賣相靚 唔花巧 味道好豐富滲出芝士味 加埋 士多啤梨醬汁 酸酸甜甜食落唔會太溜 令外加order 一份蟹肉餅同奶奶喜歡羊架 份量足 羊架厚身得黎煮得剛熟嫩滑帶微騷 咁先係最好味嘅羊架 繼續閱讀
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Happy Anniversary🌹 焦點食評
等級4 2017-07-28
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<REAL FUN FOODIES>今年慶祝anniversary 男友玩surprise 事前完全唔講地點 唔講食咩淨係話要著靚靚咁講話間餐廳同地方都有個 "海"字諗極都諗唔到 因為我又私下整左個蛋糕比surprise佢 好驚係係個海度食點知個日落大雨 我又拎住個蛋糕 我要求搭的士 一上的士就知去邊喇!原來係酒店食扒 話有個海字係因為Hyatt!!!LOL好喇 入到去係黑忟忟雖然好grand 但影相就會變得麻麻地坐低好快有人serve 你叫左野食就會上包個staff 叫我地要襯熱食 又真係幾好食喎之後又左我最愛既tuna tartare 男友飲左杯啤酒個杯好cute 有埋個logo 跟住係個tomato salad 好多tomato 反而無咩菜我地一人叫左一塊扒同side dish 基本上係無可能食得晒一塊係Strip Loin 12oz一塊係Galician 12 Year Rubia Gallega Tenderloin 10oz佢係老少少 但係好特別 要多少少時間去咀嚼但又比Strip Loin 好食side dishes 有蒸蘆筍同我好耐無食 又肥又漏既potato gratin 真係食唔晒!!!因為重有我整既蛋糕!我叫左上好耐 但好耐都未上!點知原來男友叫左人送花 上甜品時送花太飽關係無叫再甜品因為要食呢個蛋糕但餐廳好識做送多左杯雪糕比我地就係咁 就完左我地個anniversary celebration 喇離開個陣有幸見到Liverpool 球員 不過無機會合照太多人了 繼續閱讀
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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has always been one of my favourite hotels, but usually I visit Tiffin upstairs. I’m not a huge fan of steaks but for some reasons, the guys around me love steaks, such as my brother and my father.Father’s day was last week, yet neither my father nor I were in Hong Kong. As such, we postponed the celebration to last Friday, and we have picked Grand Hyatt Steakhouse in the end. Excuse my first experience at this steakhouse, I entered straight through the main lobby doors in which I eventually found that we are supposed to enter through the dark doors on the right side. There we would then take the elevator up and reach the reception of the steakhouse.Our booking was at 8:45pm for four, but we had to wait for a short while. The ambience was pretty good, nothing too exaggerated or pretentious. After about 10 minutes, we were seated at a sofa table and was greeted warmly by our server. After ordering food, the waiter has also recommended us a Burgundy red which I later found very enjoyable, not too expensive too.Garlic breadThe garlic bread was on the house. We were supposed to have two pieces each although my mom and dad loved them so much and finished three pieces each. The garlic bread, as my mom describes, is much better than the Business class meal ones. The texture and the taste were just right, although I wish it could be even more garlicky.Oysters - 4 Gillardeau and 4 Woodstown Bay $60 eaWhat’s a meal without oysters? We asked for the waiter’s suggestions for some creamy and strong-tasted ones. He suggested Gillardeau from île d’Oléron in France, then subsequently Woodstown Bay from Ireland. All of us enjoyed both of them. They were very fresh and tasted exactly how we were expecting.Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare $220Tuna tartare is a staple in our family. I enjoyed it especially with the greens and ginger shoot on top. Not quite sure about the corn chips although it’s a trend, I didn’t quite enjoy them together.Foie Gras $240Coming with caramelised strawberries and brioche toast, the highlight was on the Grand Marnier and lighting of a fire. However I wasn’t so impressed as the waiter did not let us know in advance about lighting it, in which my camera wasn’t ready... the portion was generous, we had enough sharing three pieces among the three of us. The strawberries tasted more like alcohol than caramelised.Baked Snails $260Snails are so expensive in Hong Kong I certainly miss indulging in them in France. They were good anyway and went well with the toasts or by themselves.USDA Prime Black Angus Chateaubriand (to share) 20oz/565g $1480Finally the steaks are here. The chateaubriand was meant for sharing and they have cut it into for pieces, perfect for us to share. The middle two pieces were the best and perfectly medium rare, the bottom piece was fine, yet the top piece was overcooked as it was probably grilled the most. That happens for steaks usually but I guess I was the unlucky one to have gotten that piece. Overall it was good.Wagyu Beef A-5 Kumamoto Tenderloin 6oz/170g $1580Moving on to the expensive piece of wagyu. It looked and tasted great, it’s good that it’s not a piece of overly oily wagyu to me. However I’d say that the chateaubriand is a much better deal.Sides - Sweet Potato Fries, Truffled Potato Fries, Creamed Spinach, Green Asparagus $85 eaFinally it’s the sides! They’re actually my favourite part of the meal usually. Sweet potato fries were very much liked by my brother and my mom, but I’m not a big fan of sweet potatoes. Truffled potato fries were great. Creamed spinach was good, my brother and I finished one each. I didn’t really try to green asparagus but it looked good and they loved it.We actually ordered the cheesecake to end the meal while there was a lovely “Happy Father’s Day” on it. However, we were too happy taking pictures ourselves so I don’t have a picture of the food itself.The bill came up to be around $6300 with a bottle of red, there are discounts with certain credit cards so I got a 20% off. I think that this is quite a nice deal as we actually ordered one of the most expensive steaks but the price was still much lower than any French or omakase restaurants that we usually go.I’ll definitely be back for celebration for another steak lover. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2018-06-24
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想搵個地方慶祝你結婚兩周年❤️因為老公係食肉獸 所以揀餐廳主要想揀steakhouse因為之前老公生日都係Grand Hyatt食buffet 今次都揀返呢間酒店一入到餐廳燈光暗暗 氣氛唔錯 安排坐四人卡位 不過位置比較近門口 所以覺得有啲美中不足落咗order之後餐廳會主動送上一份garlic bread好好味 因為外脆內軟👍前菜有不能小的法國生蠔 夠哂新鮮睇食評大家推介蟹肉餅 果然好食 全部用蟹肉整成所以一食落口好似食咗好多蟹肉一樣👍湯我哋叫咗一個周打硯湯同一個龍蝦湯龍蝦湯會比較好飲 因為周打蜆湯太過creamy 飲得太多有點over牛扒當然唔少得 五成熟啱啱好 肉質柔嫩 正因為餐廳知道我地慶祝週年紀念 仲送咗個甜品同心意卡俾我哋 朱古力雪糕好好味😋愉快的晚上🌙 繼續閱讀
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