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From now until 20 March 2019, those who successfully voted for any category will be rewarded with Takeaway promo code which allows users to enjoy double $20 discount on takeaway order.

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Terms and Conditions

By participating in this promotion offer, the users acknowledges that he/she/it has read, understood, accepted and agreed to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. The Promotion Period of the offer runs from 12:00nn 21st Feb 2019 to 11:59pm 20th March 2019, time refers to Hong Kong time.

  1. This promotion offer only applies to OpenRice Takeaway Services.
  2. Promotion participant must be an OpenRice member, maintain a valid OpenRice mobile application user account with a valid registered mobile phone number for OpenRice Takeaway Services.
  3. All promotion participants must be aged 18 or above and hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card.
  4. OpenRice member who successfully votes for Cuisine, Macau or District category & New/Classic Restaurant during the promotion period will be rewarded with Takeaway promo code which allows member to enjoy double $20 discount on takeaway order.
  5. The promo code will be displayed on voting page only when OpenRice member successfully voted any one category.
  6. The promo code will be valid only from 21st February 2019 to 30th April 2019.
  7. Users can enjoy the discount on any order with minimum spending of HK$20.1 by applying the specific promo code upon checkout.
  8. The offer can be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer or promotional discount coupons, except ‘Takeaway Awards Hot Offer – Get 100 Asia Miles’ only.
  9. The offer above cannot be exchanged for cash/ service, other products or discounts and is not transferable.
  10. Any fraud and/or abuse of the offer by any person (as determined by the Openrice Limited at their sole discretion) will result in forfeiture of the person’s eligibility to the offer. Openrice Limited reserve the right to deduct the value of any offer redeemed inappropriately to a user directly without prior notice and/or take legal action in such instances to recover any outstanding amounts.
  11. Openrice Limited shall not be responsible for any obligations and liabilities in relation to the products or services provided by the respective product or service provider(s).
  12. Openrice Limited shall not be responsible for any matter in relation to submission delay, loss, and any information transmission error due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues.
  13. Users are responsible for all expenses regarding to this campaign, including but not limited to transportation, tax and insurance.
  14. Should there be any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.
  15. For any enquiries, please contact : TakeAway-CS@OpenRice.com
  16. In the event of disputes, the decision of Openrice Limited shall be final and binding.
  17. Openrice Limited reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time as well as to vary or terminate the offer without prior notice.