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A popular Italian dish served in western country
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Ingredient and Portion
1 piece of chopped onion
1/2 clove of garlic
3-4 pieces of peeled tomatos
1 can tomato puree
Around 300g of mince beef
1 piece of dice celery
1 piece of dice carrot
Around 400ml milk
1 teespoon flour
Cheese for topping
butter(cut in small cube)
10 Lasagna pieces
Basil leaves
salt & peper
1.Preheat oven to 250 degree (highest on my oven)
2.Fry garlic and onion till soft, add mince beef and corrot and celery cubes on medium heat, stir till soft, put on low heat add tomato puree and tomatos, half cup of water, add basil and parsly, simmer, add salt & pepper to season.
3.Use another saucepan to melt butter and flour, off heat, stir till honeycomb state, put back to low heat, gradually put milk to make white sauce thick, set a side.
4.Boiling hot water in the bowl, put lasagna sheets one by one until soft, let dry on table cloth, set aside.
5.Place on a baking dish, layer meat sauce first, then white sauce, then lasagna sheet, second layer meat sauce white sauce then bit of cheese sprinkled, repeat till top layer.
6.Put into oven covered with tin foil for half hour , then without tin foil for half hour. Alternatively without tin foil for 1hour until lasagna sheet rise on 230 degree.
Pupcraze Is it 250F or 250C
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