Pork liver in hot and Spicy sauce 魚香肝片

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Pork liver in hot and Spicy sauce
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This Szechuan influenced dish is a must for those who like spicy dishes. Pork livers are a good source of iron, most suitable for women. The spicy sauce rids the smell of the livers.
40 mins
Ingredient and Portion
Pork liver 320g
minced ginger 2tsp
minced garlic 1 1/2tsp
diced green onions 1tbsp
diced red chili 1tsp
cooked oil 3tbsp
Marinade for liver:
shaoxing wine 1/2tsp
ginger juice 1/2tsp
salt 1/3 tsp
cornstarch 2tsp

dark soya sauce 1 1/2tsp
chekiang vinegar 1/2tsp
sugar 1tsp
stock 2tbsp
cornstarch 1tsp
Slice liver to 2cm thick. Rinse under water for 10 minutes, then wipe dry. Marinade for 20 minutes.
combine all seasonings.
Heat oil in wok, fry pork liver the immediately add in ginger, garlic, green onions and chili. Stir fry well, then add in seasonings. Mix well quickly over high heat and serve.
To cut pork liver easily, wash once and place in freezer until hard and slice.
Rinse pork liver under water. The longer it is rinsed, the crispier the fried livers will become.
They are usually rinsed until the become white, but this will reduce the vitamins and mineral contents of the liver.
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