Fish meat with white fungus 魚茸雪耳

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Fish meat with white fungus
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The ingredients used in this dish are all nutritous, and as it contains mainly of fish meat, it is most suitable for families with children or elderly, so there is no worry for choking down any bones. this dish also has a wonderful presentation .
Ingredient and Portion
White fungus, 1 pc, soked in water until soft
yellow croaker 1 tail, about 320g
stock 2 cups, with 1tsp of salt added. Omit salt if using canned stock.
green peas 1/4cups. blanched in water
carrot slices, cut to decorate 5-6slices
egg white 2pcs
cooked oil 2tbsp
Seasonings for steaming fish:
salt 1/3tsp
some pepper
ginger 2 slices
scallions 2stalks
Shaoxing wine 2tbsp
cornstarch 2tsp

For thickening:
Combine 2 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch with 1/2cup of water
Wash softened fungus and cook in water for 5minutes. Drain well and break into several smaller pieces. Simmer in stock for 30 minutes.
Rub seasonings onto fish, and steam fish for about 10 minutes. When done, remove all the fish meat from bones and reserve for later use.
Bring stock and fungus to the boil, add in fish meat,, green peas and carrot slices, stir briefly and thicken with cornstarch solution until thick. Lastly, add in egg whites and cooked oil, then serve in a deep dish.
(一)要發雪耳爽脆,須先用冷水泡浸1 小時左右,使其發脹3 至4 倍,然後將雪耳頭剪去,即用大熱滾水浸泡,加密蓋浸約30 分鐘後,將水倒去,再加滾水焗浸30 分鐘,即可待用。

預備時間:1 小時
烹煮時間:10 分鐘
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