Spicy hot chicken on Noodles 醒胃雞

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Spicy hot chicken on Noodles
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This is a very appetizing dish especially for those who favours hot and spicy food. The spiciness is slightly reduced when eaten with noodles, but just a delicous.
Ingredient and Portion
Chicken 1 whole, about 2kg
Lean pork belly 250 g
white part of greesn onion 4stalks
red chili pepper 2pcs
green chili pepper 2pcs
dried shanghai noodles 1 small packet
fish sauce 6tbsp
shaoxing wine 3tbsp
dark soya sauce 1tbsp
sugar 4tbsp
sesame oil 1tbsp
oil 2tbsp
cornstarch 2tbsp
ginger juice 1tbsp
chicken stock 2 1/2bowls

For thickening:
cornstarch 3/4tbsp combined with 1/2 bowl of water
Wash chicken and wipe dry. Cut into smaller pieces.
Blanch the whole piece of pork belly in hot water and cook for 15 minutes. Take out and slice into thick slices.
Stir all marinade(except sesame oil and chicken stock)with chicken pieces and pork slices, mix well and marinade for 30 minutes.
Bring some water to the boil, then cook noodles until soft. Take out and run in cold water, and drain well. Mix well sesame oil. Place on plate.
Heat 2tbsps oil, fry green onions, and add in chicken and pork and stir fry.Add in stock and cover. Simmer over medium heat for 15 minutes, and thicken with cornstarch solution just before arranging meat, chicken and sauce over prepared noodles for serving.
Omit peppers if a non spicy dish is preferred.
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