Snapper on Baby Spinach 紅鯛伴嫩波菜

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Snapper on Baby Spinach
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If you haven’t booked a table at 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA for this evening, don your chef’s hat and try this snapper recipe in the convenience of your own kitchen. The key to success is slicing the snapper paper thin, like Carpaccio. If you slice it thin enough, you’ll be able to speed-broil it and keep it moist.

By Umberto Bombana
Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients (serves 4)
280 grams snapper
120 grams spinach
80 grams potato

1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp breadcrumbs
Orange zest to taste – you’ll need just a little
Diced capers to taste
Chopped oregano to taste
1. To prepare the snapper, place the filet of snapper on a cutting board, skin
side down. Remove the tiny bones with tweezers. Position your knife so that
you’ll be cutting against the grain of the fish. Carefully cut off paper-thin
slices of the snapper.
2. Poach the potatoes in lobster stock.
3. Fry the spinach with garlic oil.
4. Mix the dressing.
5. Broil the snapper at 220° C for 30 seconds. Don’t overdo it or it’ll dry out.
6. Put the potatoes on a plate, followed by the spinach and the snapper.
7. Add the dressing and serve.
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