Oneness Cookies 無雙曲奇

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Oneness Cookies
A cooking class organized by OpenRice & Kowloon Shangri-la Hong Kong making Oneness Cookies.
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Ingredient and Portion
Butter 190g
Icing Sugar 95g
Eggs(whipped) 45g
Cake Flour 310g
Coco Powder 6g
White Lotus Seed Paste 250g
Egg White 1pc
1. Mix butter with icing sugar. Add the eggs and mix well.
2. Mix cake flour with coco powder and sieve well. Add the powder mixture to the butter mixture to make the cookie dough.
3. Refrigerate the cookie dough, white lotus seed paste for 4 hours, After that, flatten them with a rolling pin until they are 2mm thick each. Put them into the fridge for an hour.
4. Cut the cookies dough into 3 equal shares, and put the white lotus seed paste into 2 equal parts respectively.
5. On a silver plate, place a piece of cookie dough, brush with egg white and then cover it with a layer of lotus seed paste. Repeat these steps for one more layer of cookie dough and lotus seed paste, each layer brushed with egg white.
6. Put the semi-finished cookie and the remaining layer of cookie dough in the fridge for an hour.
7. Cut patterns of “月” (i.e. “moon”) with a mold on the remaining layer of cookie dough.
8. Cut the semi-finished cookie into 15 equal parts, each brushed with egg white, then cover each of them with the patterns of “月”.
9. Put the cookies in the oven at 170 degree celcius for 15 minutes. Brush with golden powder when cooled.
10. Repeat the steps above, replace white lotus seed paste with red bean paste to prepare for cookies with a different flavor.
1. 餡料除了用白蓮蓉,還可使用紅豆蓉或其他水份較少的餡料。白蓮蓉/紅豆蓉購買點:樂天食品公司
2. 食用閃粉及餅模可在蛋糕製作材料店鋪購買。
4. 以攝氏170度焗2至3分鐘翻熱,口感更佳。
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