Japanese Style Smoked Ox Tongue 日式煙燻牛舌

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Japanese Style Smoked Ox Tongue
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Ox tongue has a unique, delicious flavor and the texture of roast beef, only silkier. If you’re an amateur chef, be ready when you go to the market to shop: a raw ox tongue really does look like a tongue, which can be a little unnerving. The relatively inexpensive price of this cut of beef should help you recover. Every chef should have a couple of good offal recipes in his or her repertoire. This one utilizes three different cooking techniques to transform the tongue into something really special.
Ingredient and Portion
200 grams American ox tongue
1 cedar plank, sliced into thin sheets
1 stalk asparagus
1 king trumpet mushroom
1 whole onion, chopped
1 whole carrot, chopped
1 shoot green scallion
3 shoots spring onion
Black pepper to taste
Miso to taste
Salt to taste
1. Add the onion, carrot, and green scallion to boiling water. Reduce the heat and add the tongue. Slowly cook the meat in this court bouillon until it is tender—about three hours.
2. Season the asparagus and mushroom with salt and pepper. Mix.
3. Half-cook the spring onions, cut them into one inch pieces, and stir in a smidgen of miso.
4. When the ox tongue is tender, cut it into small chunks and add salt and pepper to taste. Sauté slowly for about five minutes, until the color of the meat changes.
5. Roll the ox tongue within a sheet of cedar. Put it into the oven to roast and smoke for about ten minutes. Smoke trapped by the tunneled pinewood will thoroughly permeate the meat.
6. Serve the roasted ox tongue along with the blended asparagus and king trumpet mushroom and the miso-flavored spring onions.
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