Your lunch is the main reason of obesity? What does the world eat for lunch?
US has been increasingly facing the problem of child obesity. Despite lack of exercise, junk food is considered as one main reason. Sweetgreen, one of the American health food brands recently said that lunches provided by American schools are exceedingly not healthy at all. The company showed school lunches from different countries as a comparison, hoping to promote healthy diet and to alleviate the problem of obesity in US.

Italy, acknowledged as the famous food paradise, has healthy balanced lunches. The proportion of vegetables, fruits, starch and meat is in a standard balance of 3:2:1. Italians usually cook traditional dishes, such as Basil leaves mixed with cherry tomatoes, spaghetti and herb fried fish. You can enjoy this menu continuously by simply changing the sauce or cooking method.

In France, school lunches seem to be simple but balanced diet is still emphasized. Fruits and vegetables have already accounted for 1/3 of lunch. Large amount of cheese and steak contain sufficient protein and fats for teenagers’ need.

Although there is no Spain Tapas in Spanish lunch, the iconic cold tomato soup is still the first choice. This famous dish in Spain is rich in vitamin C and Antioxidant Lycopene. More vegetables, less meat and brown rice are the perfect combination for staying slim.

Brazil, representing the South America, obviously has a relatively bigger lunch, but it still remains the notion of nutritious diet. Salad vegetables, baked bananas, red peppers and black beans with high-fiber ingredients are included in lunch. The large amount of five-wheat is believed to provide adequate energy to support teenagers’ high amount of exercise.

Korea, representing the Asia, provides the familiar fish soup, tofu, kimchi, fried rice and various species and a standard amount of vegetables.

Finally, it’s US. It shows a stark contrast compared with the above healthy lunches. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes contain high calories and low nutrition. The amount of green beans are disproportionally less and do not provide enough fiber. For dessert, chocolate cookies are not hand-made and have high sugar level. Indeed, preservatives may be added too.


Text: Calvin
Translation: Natalie

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