OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2018 - Prestigious Awards Goes to The Cheesecake Factory

The winner of the Prestigious Awards this year,  The Cheesecake Factory, has just been opened for one year in Hong Kong. As a “new comer” but honored for the Best Western Restaurant, the Best new Restaurant, and Prestigious Awards, they said they were really surprised.

In fact, it was already a hot issue after this American restaurant announced their opening news in Hong Kong, and there was always a long queue in front of their door after the opening. It is no doubt for their capability. They gave thanks to their customers and employees, and also the reputation built by their head restaurant in USA. 

There are more than 200 dishes in their menu, and over 30 of them are cakes and desserts. Original Cheesecake was the first launched cake of the restaurant. It is soft and creamy, the sour cream on top is slight sweet. “No matter there are so many cakes afterwards, we always remember the first,” said by Jason Shum, the senior manager of the restaurant.

Jason worked in America for 6 years, and he was here to enhance the tradition and culture of their restaurant. He discovered the difference between Hong Kong people and American that Hong Kong people used to sharing dishes with friends while American eating their own. He insisted to keep the American style that the size of the dishes wouldn’t be smaller.

And he hoped the restaurant will be the choice for celebration, whatever birthday, anniversary, etc., so as to share the happy moment with the customers.

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