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OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2018 - Prestigious Awards Goes to The Cheesecake...
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OpenRice Restaurant Awards 2018 has finally come to an end. Once again, congratu...
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Another year for granting awards for Openrice Best Restaurants in town. After t...
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Aimed at recognizing the most outstanding and popular restaurants over the past ...
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Top Hot Pot in Hong Kong 

Related Restaurant:Shing Kee Noodles ( Guangdong ) and other 4 restaurants
NOV 17
A fan-favorite and truly delicious, hot pot cuisine is both diverse and tasty. W...
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Weekend Brunch Spots in Hong Kong 

Related Restaurant:Brasserie on the Eighth ( French ) and other 6 restaurants
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Keyword: Brunch  /  Lunch  /  Breakfast  /  Western  /  Buffet
After a long week at school or work, there’s no better way to begin the weekend ...
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Great Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong 

Related Restaurant:Clipper Lounge ( Western ) and other 4 restaurants
AUG 17
Adopted from the British when they ruled over Hong Kong before 1997, afternoon t...
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AUG 17
With the Mid-Autumn Festival coming around in October, here is a list of unique ...
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AUG 17
Keyword: UFC  /  Western  /  Bar  /  Italian  /  Pub
One of the most hyped and anticipated fights of the century, McGregor vs. Maywea...
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Adorable Cafes in Hong Kong

Related Restaurant:Allegretto ( German ) and other 4 restaurants
AUG 17
Whether it be business meetings or get-togethers with old friends, cafes are the...
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After a long week at school or work, there’s no better way to begin the weekend than sleeping in and brunch. Between Eggs Benedict, delicious tapas, chinese delicacies and more, there is no limit to the range of choices you have in front of you. More
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Dedication and innovation is a key to success, and this applies on our Pretigious Awards winner Burgeroom. It is also the second time for them to receive the award. Operating for almost 10 years, owner Steven and Evan is surprised to hear the news. More