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Level2 2017-05-21
5月18號星期四晚上7:45pm 到大約等咗20分鐘所以企响bar枱點了個茄子沙津$128好味但唔值呢個價抺茶粉是自己帶的(減肥中必備)因為靚仔生日必點之選配呢個toast真心好食但包咁厚食兩塊已經好飽呢串雞好滑又juicydeed fried corn 🌽 又貴又冇特別新menu 腐皮包肉碎(又一冇特別之作)靚仔點既miso soup炸雞皮雞蛋配飯飯口感似糯米飯有咬口配爽口青豆絕配雞軟骨雞肉串、個sauce 太咸homemade peanut butter icecream 又係咸味幾特別不是我杯茶附送7味粉沒帶走、因屋企之前攞咗好幾包都冇用唔好浪費總結:音樂太嘈不是三五知己聊天吃飯的好地方、價錢偏貴、呢個價錢有好多選擇、可以一試! continue reading
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Level2 2016-12-23
Yardbird has been on our list since quite sometime! Have heard of the name at many places on the internet as a must have for yakitori. As this place gets occupied very quickly, so its always recommended to make reservations before dropping in! Also as they cook limited quantity food, its advisable to drop in around 7ish in the evening. The recommended food there according to the ones we tried is sweetcorn tempura with black pepper, yakitori wings and breast, duck fried rice. Since they serve in really very small quantities, so make sure to order ample amount in the first go. For ex-minimum of 4-5 dishes for starters. If you plan to have duck fried rice, order it along with the starters as its reallyyy takes long for it to be cooked. That was one place where we went wrong. We missed to order it with the initial order. And when we ordered it after our starters, it took around 30-35 mins for it to be cooked. So, this much gap between the two food kind of bored n eventually frustrated us. But in all, it was a good experience. Go for this place, if you are not expecting to have some peace. Coz its a loud place with loud music! Also, this place will be on a higher side on your pocket. continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-11
This is a contemporary style Japanese izakaya restaurant that specializes in yakitori located on Bridges Street, a hip neighborhood in Sheung Wan. With no reservation service, we came early to get a table and already the restaurant is quite packed. We are seated on the lower level looking at the kitchen.Quite frankly the environment was very noisy and a bit crowded, but maybe that would be expected in such restaurant. We ordered a Yardbird Caesar Salad to start, which is a normal Caesar Salad with some shredded seaweed on top. That provided another dimension to the salad which is decent as an appetizer.Of course coming here the main attraction is their yakitori. We ordered Inner Thigh, Wings, Achilles and Meatball. The Inner Thigh is probably their signature skewer, with the juicy tender chicken thigh meat grilled perfectly, and plus a few lemon juice really made it memorable.The Wings are sprinkled with the chili powder, adding the spiciness to it. Again grilled perfectly, the only thing I would hope is maybe a bigger portion. The wings are really tiny in any standard, while this may be due to the type of chicken (I am not sure...) still it looks a bit pathetic in my opinion.The Achilles is recommended by the waiter, which is a good size chicken meat less tender and juicy than the thigh but more filling and chewy. This I would say is more mediocre than the last two but still quite decent on the taste.The meatball is minced chicken meat, with a soy sauce and egg yolk to dip. The skewer itself is already tasty and nice, and dipping into the sauce provided further sweetness and savory to it which is another must try in this restaurant.We also had a grilled Maitake mushroom but that honest speaking is not particularly impressive. There is an oily smell on the mushroom and while it did not got dried up, overall it was not something I would re-order.Finishing off we had a Duck Fried Rice, again a small portion dish, with finely chopped basil adding the flavors and fragrance to the rice, which is fairly good. The duck was grilled and added a nice bite to the rice, which helps to fill us up on the night.Service was quite good, with our waiter coming to explain the restaurant, the menu and recommending the dishes. As to the price, with a skewer per person, the total bill for three of us was $1,181. Very expensive considering the types of food and the restaurant setting, it is not a place for you to eat and get full, but more to enjoy the company of friends and have a small bite.My overall rating is 45/100. continue reading
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Level2 2016-01-06
Yard Bird is apparently quite famous in Hong Kong for its supposedly 'Great Food' and more importantly 'No Reservation' concept.I think its the latter part of the concept which has created all the hype which leads the human instinct fall more for it.Two failed trips in last two years , because each time there was a two hour wait .... (lots of two's !!)Finally we got a table rightaway for a dinner on a holiday which was pretty surprising.A small restaurant in Sheung Wan but apparently better to come from Central (Mid - Level Escalators) if you want to avoid a steep staircase from Sheung Wan MTR station.Yard Bird is basically a Yaki-Tori Japanese Resto at heart with imaginative starters thrown along. Sadly there is not a single dish friendly for vegetarians in the Yaki-Tori section which was a little disappointing.We opted for 2 starters : KFC (Kentucky Fried Cauliflower) & Corn Cobs with 1 Mushroom Udon Noodles.1. Amongst all the dishes, KFC was a very unique and tasty dish which you must have not eaten anywhere else. Its on a sweeter side but stays good tills its warm.2. Corn Cobs are good sized sweet corn cobs fried with some spices. Its good, but the portion is quite huge to fill you up, and eventually its too much of Corn !!3. Mushroom Udon noodles were the most disappointing of all dishes, because the noodles were chewy and not like the ones we have had in other Japanese restaurants.The portions of starters are huge , so you need to order accordingly. The service is efficient.For a nearly 2 year wait, plus the steep hike from Sheung Wan to the resto, and then somewhat disappointing food, Yard Bird is not worth it. You can find better vegetarian friendly restaurants serving Japanese food.Check my blog for pictures continue reading
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Level1 2015-09-05
Good food + friendly staff = wonderful dining experience.Remember to order bread if you order the clam corn bacon; you will be feeling like in heaven eating the bread soak with the sauce. continue reading
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