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The restaurant offers high quality meat like Woo Tung Prime Shot Rib, Salted Matsusaka Pork and salted Tongue with green onion. Customers would be served throughout the meal. continue reading
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Review (78)
Level1 2019-10-22
之前同同事嚟食lunch,應該大概晌半年前,覺得呢個價錢有個質素都算ok。尋晚同老公去食,食個set,每人6件牛,4條豬,2舊雞,1隻雞翼,一份沙律,一份冷麵,一個飯糰,2片翠肉瓜,2片粟米,2片菇。係咁多,每一件嘅份量都好細舊,而且係牛有筋,雞有雪藏味,飯糰好咸。lunch都係白飯送,仲任添,反而晚飯貴左,肉嘅質素仲要差得好緊要,食緊期間,除左我地,冇其他客人。埋單7舊,食完仲慘過食個tea。以後冇下次。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-10-05
朋友想食烤肉,所以今晚一於去試試上環個間葫同日式燒肉,哩間店系主打日式烤肉噶,環境還可以,但系服務態度不是太好,叫左個餐前沙律,感覺滴菜不是太新鮮咯,用來烤果滴肉好似系在急凍度挪出來噶甘,不新鮮,總體來說不是太滿意,價錢還偏貴。 continue reading
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Level1 2019-03-13
上環冇乜烤肉店所以同老婆去食下,點知非常出事,我們兩人坐吧枱位置見廚房內衛生情況未能理想,之後又點了了牛肉同豬肉,睇到以經整好上碟係雪櫃攞出來,賣相仲哀過凍肉鋪解凍再雪返,睇埋去起碼雪咗三日。 continue reading
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Level4 2019-03-10
一間位於上環內街既日式/台式燒肉店,千其唔好expect店鋪細細就一定會有好既服務/熱情既氣氛。習慣食燒肉前都會叫份沙律,菜唔算新鮮份量亦唔算多味道合格(醬較多同好酸)但個presentation較求其亦較污糟😞再黎主角既肉類,叫左份招牌既椒鹽霜降松阪豬(下圖1)同鹽蔥牛舌(下圖2),肉質好一般但佢地會落好多鹽去遮住肉既不足😞另外,呢間店係由店員幫你燒,佢地會以光速幫你燒晒(完全唔理你食野既速度同進度😞),同埋連影相既時間都無(所以影唔到牛舌生既樣😞)。而且,燒得好係服務,燒得唔好就...(見下圖2)店員燒完會求其放上你個碟: continue reading
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It had been turning much cooler recently and we had been craving yakiniku! We wanted to try something new and found this place in Sheung Wan. It was quite a small restaurant and there were less than 30 seats. It was not full when we arrived around 12:45p.m. for lunch on a week day.We ordered the most expensive business set for 2 at a price of $399+10% including Angus Rib Eye Steak, 鹽蔥牛舌, 椒鹽牛胸脊, 椒鹽牛肋條, 椒鹽霜降松阪豬, 牛油去骨雞腿肉, and veggies. 2 drinks were included and we ordered 紫蘇梅汁 and Coke Zero. The 紫蘇梅汁 tasted super weird, maybe it was just because I wasn't fond of pickled plums. I was glad that I just chose coke zero. There were two kinds of sauce to eat with the yakiniku, namely roast meat sauce and lime sauce. There was nothing special with the sauces. Our plate of meat arrived shortly after our order. The best thing about the meal was that we were served throughout our meal. We were first served the 椒鹽霜降松阪豬 (in the middle). However, there was really nothing special despite the name. They didn't taste particularly delicious nor come with a particularly rich flavour of pork. The good thing was that the pork wasn't too fatty yet not too rough.Then we were served the 椒鹽牛胸脊 (in the middle). Again they were quite disappointing as there was nothing special at all. The texture was ok but not particularly tender nor with a particularly rich flavour of beef. The beef was really way worse than the other beef offered at other slightly more expensive yakiniku restaurants in Central or Sheung Wan we had been to earlier. Then we were served the 椒鹽牛肋條 (on the top) which were way too salty. It seemed that they were even worse than those beef ribs we managed to cook ourselves at home which were just not-so-expensive beef ribs bought at supermarkets.We were served the vegetables in the middle of our meal. The veggies were quite dry. They were not so good. 牛油去骨雞腿肉 (at the bottom) were served last. They were the best among all these meat because they were much more tender and smelt good maybe because of the skin. I couldn't find much flavour of butter in these chicken legs though.Afterwards, they started to roast ox tongues for us. The ox tongues were slightly over-seasoned by the salt and spring onions. They were also too thinly sliced to leave us a lasting impression.Last they roasted us the Angus rib eye steak. The steak was much better than the other meat because it was more tender. However, again the beef flavour was not rich enough.The rice was very so-so and it was too moist. That said, we did ask for one more bowl of rice each to finish the meat. We really missed the super good rice served at 298 Nikuya Room! We didn't feel so full after finishing the business set and decided to try out their Australian Lamb Chop Steak at a cost of $129+10% for 2 pieces. One of the servers walked away and didn't come back for quite a while after starting to roast the lamb chop so that one of them was so burnt out. Luckily the returning server offered to get us a new one voluntarily but it made us wait around 15 minutes more to be served the new lamb chop. In terms of quality, the lamb chop was way way better than the other meat included in the business set and I would say that the price was quite a good deal given the quality! The lamb was tender enough and was quite fresh. It was free of the typical 膻味. The grilled surfaces made it smell pretty good. That said, I think it could have been even more juicy.Overall, I would not recommend this business set given the very average quality of meat at such a price with no starter, salad or dessert included in the set. There were definitely much better options in the same district or Central at a slightly more expensive price but offering meat of a much better quality. Maybe most of the cost went to the service charge of having someone roasting the meat for you but I personally preferred doing it ourselves with meat of better quality. That said, maybe it was a nicer place for dinner with the more reasonably priced food on the main menu. continue reading
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