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咖哩就是要配烤餅 Featured Review
Level4 2016-12-25
放大假,約左朋友出黎食飯,冬至前夕中餐已訂滿枱了,而西餐又因為聖誕節臨近,加價了不少,於是黎左北角的一間印度餐廳,之前食過不錯,朋友又喜愛印度菜,今晚啱哂佢口味。坐低會派每人一支水,是要收費十蚊的,是晚兩個人只飲了一支,另一支餐廳回收了,埋單只收了一支的費用,很均真呢。Mix vegetable aloo tikki 雜菜薯仔餅 ($38)點了一個小食薯仔餅,其實同西式的薯餅差不多,不過薯蓉中混了咖哩同雜菜粒,食落勁強烈咖哩味,外層炸得香脆,內裏軟綿,加點印式醬汁已很好味,是一道很飽肚的小食。Rogan josh 香草咖哩羊肉 ($96)食得印度菜都一定會叫羊,佢地啲羊咖哩好正,羊肉食軟腍入味,有羊味但又唔係騷味,咖哩加了不少香料,味道複雜,跟烤餅很夾。Bhindi masala瑪沙拉毛瓜 ($72)再叫了一款素菜咖哩,主要材料係okra秋葵,配料還有洋蔥,薯仔,紅蘿蔔等,此款咖哩沒有羊個款咁多香料味,感覺較接近中式的炆雜菜味道,因個人喜愛秋葵那種滑潺潺的口感,因此呢道菜十分對胃。Garlic naan 蒜蓉烤餅 ($26)印度菜又係一定要叫烤餅,煙煙韌韌的口感,配上咖哩是一流的,點了蒜蓉口味的烤餅,蒜蓉味不是太濃,都被咖哩味覆蓋了。Blue lagoon ($40)食完後來點一下飲品,見餐牌上有款叫blue lagoon的飲品,沒有圖片,而這個名字remind me一隻陳年老game,就點了一試,黎到係檸檬加上紫色的飲料,味道係……不就是凍檸賓嗎?!哈哈Hot masala tea  ($30)朋友點了熱的印度奶茶,係一壺上的,雖然無好似電影咁拉茶,個侍應都係上在枱先幫你倒茶的,紅茶本身十分香,仲帶少少甜味,個人覺得不下糖已經夠甜了,好好飲的奶茶呢。Kulfi 印度雪糕 ($40)正猶疑要否點甜品時,侍應送上了雪糕乙條,他說是節日送的,哈哈,乜印度人都知有冬至?老實說,雪糕的賣相不怎麼樣,很重奶味很甜,但點了旁邊那幾點紅色液體後味道完全唔同了,原來嗰啲係藏紅花汁,微苦帶甘,中和左勁甜勁奶嘅雪糕,變得好好味,好神奇呀!侍應態度友善,餐廳氣氛溫馨,加一後埋單三百幾,個人覺得蠻合理的,加上味道不錯,友人吃得高興已值得了。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2016-08-10
Pumpkin soup was thick and savoury. I personally prefer this soup than the runny soup last time. Tandoori chickenThe chicken pieces were tender and smokey, covered in the traditional somewhat dark orange colour sauce. My friend is obsessed with this herby yogurt sauce which went perfectly well with the veggie potato samosa. The samosa today was super crunchy which I liked a lot. The shell was just at the right thickness, and the potato pieces stuffed inside is very flavourful after being mixed with a lot of Indian spices. The onion pakoda was semi-crunchy because the breaded onion was mixed with flour before being fried. Then 4 pieces of oysters were brought to us, they were all covered in a kind of spicy, sweet, and savoury sauce, yet the sea water taste from the oyster remained fresh and fishy. Beef Skewer was unexpectedly good because it was cooked just right with a just cooked juicy pink centre. The ginger slices on top complimented nicely with the strong beef taste from the skewer which had 2-3 thick pieces of succulent beef. Then some curry had been brought to us, I liked their fish and chicken curry, while the fish curry seemed to be cooked with coconut milk and the chicken curry was cooked with a lot of tomato sauce which was slightly sweet and sour at the same time. The curry was serverd hot and exceptionally appetising. Two types of naan, black truffle and plain, were served for us. I liked them both because the plain one was a bit drier and crispier, while the black truffle one was oilier yet with a more complex luxurious flavour to it. I just enjoyed everything so much when wrapping all of them with those freshly prepared made-to-order pieces of naan. Before we go, we had a nice cup of hot masala chai tea. It just brings me back all the old memories when I used to drink these kind of tea almost every single day when I was living in the UK.   continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
捉精靈捉到入北角 Featured Review
Level4 2016-08-05
捉精靈大熱,為左試試電車孵蛋法,我同朋友由銅鑼灣搭到北角再過海,點知見到新光戲院間道館又停低左,就決定係北角食埋飯先番屋企。原本都無諗住食印度餐,因為本來唔太食辣,但見餐廳係道館同PokeStop旁邊,而且又係米芝蓮推介,就入去試試啦。脆脆胡椒餅好香脆,但都非常辣,我同朋友都食唔到辣,只好食2啖就放低。羊肉通心燒卷 $984條羊肉卷係用鐵板上,鐵板溫度好高,一直冒煙同發出「渣渣」聲,未食都覺得好似好正。熱辣辣既羊肉卷相當惹味,而且冇咩羶味,份量仲要好十足,2個女仔食完都飽左半。焗茄瓜 $72原以為係一舊舊既焗茄瓜,點知係焗茄瓜茸,可能係太少食印度菜,有啲大鄉里,雖然賣相不似預期,但連埋咖哩一樣焗既茄瓜茸出奇的好食,有少少輕辣,就咁食或者連埋烤餅食都一樣唔錯。椰奶咖喱雞 $88咖哩唔算辣,只係食到微辣既人都食到,椰奶並唔算重,雞塊都唔會「鞋」口,用烤餅點埋d汁一齊食,就最適合不過啦。蒜蓉烤餅 $26好夠熱,油左少少,但食落去外面有少少脆,𥚃面就軟軟地煙煙韌韌,蒜味唔算太重。印度奶茶老闆可能見到我地好努力捉精靈 ,就送左2杯奶茶俾我地試試。印度奶茶冇港式奶茶咁濃,有淡淡既香料,幾特別。水 $10整體黎講依餐飯係唔錯,價錢適中,店員都好有禮貌,最重要係唔食辣既人,都可以試到印度菜。 continue reading
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tuli Featured Review
Level4 2016-07-26
Lunch time at North Point area has always been like a battlefield but Tulsi offers you a comfortable dining experience with high AC during this hot summer! Me and my friend came here for a decent lunch with Groupon coupon, which comes with free flow of papadum, curry, and drink. Soup of the day would be cream of corn soup with Indian spices and coriander. It was not too creamy which was just right for a warm start. Papadum comes with the classic coriander sauce. The warm papadum was served warm and crispy and the savouriness went well with the refreshing taste.  The starter platter comes with 4 different kinds of small bites including crispy onion pakodabeef skewer chicken tikkapotato samosa Crispy onion pakoda is a small little cute onion ball deep fried with light batter and probably some tumeric and other spices. It was somewhat between soft and crispy, a fun small bite for every one. The whole small bowl had around 5-6 pieces of flavourful goodness.The beef skewers were tender and almost succulent. The coriander on top gave an extra flavour to the well marinated beef. The chicken tikka was comparatively dryer after being grilled. The smokey flavour was over the top and I really enjoyed having it on its own. The samosa was jam packed with chunks of potato, cumin seeds and other Indian spices. The shell was hard and crunchy, which was strong enough to hold the whole big piece of potato hot pocket. Indian spice cooked oysters and clamsEach piece was cooked until just right. The spices married nicely with the seafood with light fishy taste. The oyster was medium size and had a soft texture. It was not a bad treat for any good lunch deal! You may even see pieces of cardamon seeds hiding in the orange curry on top. Three types of curries were provided as the main dish, they are fish curry, chicken curry, and potato curry. The chicken curry was quite buttery and creamy in texture, it was not spicy at all and it went just perfectly well with any rice or naan of your choice! The fish curry was even creamy and more coconut-y in taste. It was again not sweet and I liked how soft and moist the fillet pieces were. I personally like fish a lot and I like this fish curry the most just because it was cooked nicely with a soft texture. The potato curry was covered with spices and the most noticeable one would be fried cumin seeds. The dish was also served with some shredded carrrots as well! Each piece of tomato was fluffy yet still firm in texture. It was flavourful from the spices and it was not hot. truffle naanI have chosen truffle naan to go with my curry. It was again fluffy, served very hot with a mushroom earthy truffle taste. Curry is just good with any naan, and any naan would be good for any curry. I really liked that the heat was not too strong which was just great during this hot summer otherwise I would have probably died. Mango lassi is also refillable, the sweet and tangy yogurt drink can never be missed in any Indian meal. It was fruity, sweet and refreshing. It is a also a good cure for spicy food if you can't handle the heat. I would say it is a super good deal for this price especially when we can get free flow drink and curry. It was very filling as a lunch meal so get your stomach ready for it.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2016-06-21
朋友響北角返工,地膽帶我來呢區搵食,我成個人交比佢,一向相信朋友既小妺問都吾問,黎到先知原來今晚吃印度菜。羅勒印度餐廳的職員清一式是印度人,店子裝修簡單而整㓗。唸都唔唸點個二人歡樂餐 Happy Meal $278/ 2人印度菜咖哩角有幾種不同錎料, 而這咖哩角採用了素菜材料, 主要以薯仔和青豆製成。一口咬落去, 角皮酥香而不油膩, 豆蓉軟糯香口, 帶點薑黃粉和孜然香味,再蘸點以酸奶和薄荷製成的特製醬汁, 更帶出其獨特芳香。香燒雞印度烤雞看上去永遠是乾爭爭,但一囗咬落去才發現鷄肉是有口感之餘也有肉汁,味道呻辣香口,惹味非常。兩款咖哩主菜分別是「瑪沙拉羊」和「什菜咖哩」必配印式烤餅前者因為配羊肉所以咖哩味亦需要相對的重,辣味更強,羊肉香而不羶 。而後者相對地溫和易入口,雜菜豆份量很多,兩款比較我會愛香味更突出的「什菜咖哩」兩者用來送飯或印度烤餅也一流。印度炒飯識我既朋友都知我係飯筒, 喜歡中國米的芳香; 日本米的黏糯; 泰國米的口感。但對於印度米就無乜好感, 因為好多時候係餐廳食到既印象米煮得硬身又哽胃, 所以好小食。而套餐內亦有提供印度炒飯, 即管也試一口, 口感未如想像中的難哽,算是印象中最易入口、而但印度米本身冇乜味所以會加入香草同煮,作提香之用。印度人用香料實在超班, 可以做到香而不過辣, 或者又辣又香, 問你怕未 。朋友叫左杯芒果乳酪, 我就飲杯橙汁解下喝。埋單每人$160 食得飽飽, 而性價比值高, 可以再試 。 continue reading
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