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Tosca is an Italian dining restaurant inside the Ritz Carlton hotel. The restaurant offers a set lunch and set dinner option and have an a la carte menu too. Dine at this restaurant to also enjoy sweeping views of Victoria Harbour. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-18)
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Romantic Dining
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12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
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12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
11:30 - 15:00
18:30 - 22:30
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Review (154)
Level4 2018-06-04
2018 has been a pretty unusual year thus far. While April has always been the busiest month of the year for me historically, I'm already seeing light from the end of the tunnel in the middle of the month. Today, I even got enough time to sneak in a decent lunch in between my busy work schedule.Tosca has long been one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city well before the Michelin gods tagged them with a star. The elegant décor and harbour view have something to do with it but Chef Pino Lavarra's contemporary cuisine is undoubtedly the key for my regular visits.Their children's policy (6 years old or older) is holding me back a little these days so I wasn't aware of the new prices (2 Courses – HK$448, 3 Courses – HK$508, 4 Courses – HK$698).They got the ball rolling with a nice collection of homemade bread.That was followed by a little welcome dish from the chef, a lovely croissant-like pastry with salumi, cream cheese and tomato sauce. The pastry was so flaky.Linguine, clams, zucchini flower and saffron - I was trying to finish this lunch within a hour and a half so I decided to skip the appetizer section all together and went straight to my pasta dish.I don't think I have ever been disappointed with chef Pino's homemade pasta. They're always perfectly al dente and you knew they are freshly made because of the wonderful texture and rich eggy flavor. The linguini was very tasty on its own. Apart from the clams and zucchini flower, they also tossed it with saffron and a homemade pesto sauce made primarily with vegetables. Pretty delicious but would I be expecting anything less from this kitchen?Monkfish, spinach, artichoke and prosciutto - Monkfish has never been high on my list (for fish course) but I thought they have a good one here.The roasted monkfish which was perfectly moist, combined so well with the bed of spinach and roasted artichoke wrapped with smoky prosciutto.Green tea tiramisù, pistachio and mascarpone gelato - Ever since celebrated Spanish pastry chef Rafael Charquero arrived at Tosca as their head of pastry, his desserts have been the most talked-about creations in town. This is a beautiful interpretation of the classic Italian tiramisu with green tea, pistachio and mascarpone.This is very light and airy. Love the way green tea (sponge and powder) and mascarpone (gelato and chip) work together and harmonize each other. Another masterpiece from chef Charquero.Some sweet canapés after the meal.....After so much crappy food all week, I finally manage to reward myself (and my tummy) with something a little different this afternoon. Now I better head back to my office and get some work done.PS. My apologies for the poor quality of the photos. Just for the record, these were taken with my backup camera as my primary and "preferred" one is currently on injury reserve (in the repair shop) following a freak accident on one of my recent trips. Hopefully, it comes back fully "healed" in 2 weeks time. continue reading
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Level3 2018-07-10
It is our second visit to Tosca for our wedding anniversary, totally immersed ourselves into the ambience of its elegant French style setting and the lighting setup is so romantic. Tosca presents the French classic cuisine and comes with excellent seasonal seafood as starters and main courses. We ordered 生紅蝦薄片配魚子醬及香茜 / 手做螺絲粉配蕃茄雞肉醬及意大利芝士 / 意大利泡芙加水牛芝士及龍蝦紅菜頭 / The cuisines are delicious and nicely presented on the plate. (Please refer to the menu for French) Surprisingly, they have offered us a complimentary mango cake as wedding anniversary celebration which we are very appreciated! The waiter services are also very satisfying and staff are attentive! You can request for a window seat so you will able to enjoy the night view top of the Ritz Carlton. It is a superb fine dining restaurant for proposal and special occasions! continue reading
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Level2 2018-05-15
For Pino's First Table, it starts at 6:30 but you have to order before 7pm. You are guaranteed a window seat and you can try their seasonal menu at a good price.When you arrive, the evening view was quite stunnng and they kindly label the menu as your menu(Mr. Leung's Menu)The bread were all great especially the flatbread but I missed their tomato bread the most.The Amuse-bouche mainly consisted of tomato sauce with sundried tomato, which was an appetizing start.The first course was the Asparagus, which was complemented well with the cheese and the kale at side. It was presented beautifully like a gardenThe sauce of the Tortelli was just the right amount and don't worry about the word "anchovies". The whole dish is balanced wellThe cod was very smooth with a crispy skin though  I didn't taste any almond flavor though that's great for me as I don't like almond flavor too much.The chicken was moist and tender. When the main course arrived, my friend had to leave the table for a while and our server immediately arranged for our dishes to be covered till he came back.Last of all, my favourite, the dessert. Not only does it look great, it tastes awesome.  You only get a hint of the ginger so it won't overwhelm the dish. The petit four was did not let us down. The cheesecake was the most surprising as it they used a salty cheese with a strong flavor. By the time dinner ended, the view has changed to the beautiful night view. Perfect end to a perfect dinner. continue reading
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Level1 2018-05-03
总厨一直在走来走去,味道还是很不错的。环境绝对是一流的,102层的风景俯瞰维多利亚湾,赞。Pasta也是别具风格,餐前面包可以看出这家店是为数不多重视口味不一样毕竟很多店的餐前面包太一般 continue reading
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Level1 2018-04-07
在一個星期五的晚上,和朋友兩人吃晚飯,我先到達坐下10分鐘後竟然沒有人理會我,一杯水也沒有。當時餐廳內只有兩枱客,但有好多時應,偏偏冇人招呼我我。最終我要叫侍應俾個wine Menu我。我先用中文問佢,佢唔識聽我再用英文問佢,佢都聽唔明,要揾另一個侍應幫手。原因是呢間餐廳的侍應好多時大陸落嚟的實習生,所以廣東話唔識英文又好渣。講真,去呢啲高級餐廳一餐飯要$2000一個人,服務一定要好好,呢間餐廳貪平請呢啲實習生做侍應,真係搵笨,加上食物又一般,大家一定唔好去。 continue reading
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