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Located inside the InterContinental hotel, The Steak House is perfect for meat lovers. They have a variety of USDA Beef and Japanese A5 WAgyu that is perfectly seared on their charcoal grill. The restaurant also has an extensive self serve salad bar. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best Western Restaurant (2014-15), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2013-2015)
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Romantic Dining
Special Occasion Dining
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Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay JCB Diners
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10% Service Charge
Review (220)
Level1 2017-09-01
Bf bday and I picked this restaurant hope it will be as nice as before, however, it disappointed us again.Ordered Australia Wagyu beef steak which was tasteless and dry. There's no more scents of beef steak.The only food that keeps its quality was - Chocolate Fondant!Overall nice service but unpleasant food quality compare with the price. Disappointed! continue reading
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Level3 2017-08-19
兩年前黎過洲際既扒房 食過之後一直念念不忘多謝友人甘體貼趁我生日請我再黎呢度食番餐 要你破費喇! 經過上次經驗 入左餐廳之後佢派發既發光餐牌睇得好辛苦 哈哈 所以係出面影定先餐廳既情調不錯 環境比較暗 適合飲下酒輕鬆下~ 但唔知係咪餐廳越來越受歡迎 感覺佢d座位好似排得密左wo 雖然我地都係坐窗口位置 但係坐最後 所以個景都麻麻地 就冇影到相~ -附送既包包+ 餐廳homemade薯片- - Crab cake -蟹餅配上tartar sauce~一切開蟹餅就見到滿滿既蟹肉蟹味好濃 好似一啖已經食左一隻蟹甘 加埋tartar sauce 可以解一解蟹餅個膩感~正! - Pork back ribs -一邊既ribs有加開心果 一邊就甘barbeque sauce~加上開心果當然食落更香整體黎講 個ribs做得唔錯 d肉好易甩出黎做得好入味 - Rib eye -餐廳有提供好多不同款既鹽等你覺得唔夠味既時候點少少 亦可以嘗試不同風味待應有講解晒唔同鹽有咩作用 同埋食乜菜配邊款鹽(但係太多喇 我唔記得晒xD)我地簡既係澳州rib eye 5成熟 岩岩好 另外 食牛之前仲會有多款介辣簡晒 老實講我想試晒呀平日食開英式介辣 點知原來呢度廚師homemade既介辣同個牛更配 簡左兩款homemade 一個係有柚子味 一個有rasberry味 推介柚子味 同牛味幾夾 仲帶有幾分清新~ - Boston lobster tail -龍蝦尾份量比我想像多不過因為grilled既關係 食落口有少少乾身但龍蝦肉仍然實淨彈牙 - Chocolate Foundant cake - 全晚既重點 建議大家一定一定要留肚食呀呢度心太軟出名巨大!成一磅甘重 仲大過我塊面切開蛋糕後 就好似洪水爆發甘流晒d軟心出黎 真係點都唔可以錯過!唯獨有樣野 就係如果雪糕份量都可以相對地大就好喇 但係食完個雪糕後就都可以靠個雲尼拿醬伴住黎食~ 最後食到飽飽超豐富超滿足超好吃 作為生日飯地點 呢度真係非常值得推薦! continue reading
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Level1 2017-07-22
The steak was amazing and our server Iceman Tong was polite throughout the whole dinner. The dinner was consistently accompanied by attentive service and amazing food continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2017-04-07
Lovely room as ever. The classic American steak house feel, leather chairs, square lines decoration, harbour view, and Frank Sinatra type of old fashion jazz music.The salad bar is less appealing, now that the lettuce comes wet. Salad must be dried for salad dressing to adhere to.  However, it may be an assurance that they actually washed the salad on premises. Many restaurants buy pre-washed salad or simply not wash them.  But the Steak House now skips drying. The drying process is so much of a time consuming hassle but it does make all the difference.And the selection on the salad buffet table somehow seems less. Can't quite pin it down exactly though.Now to the steak. They are less salted and less crusted. A lot less compared to what they had done in the past.Hopefully not to get too technical about this. But in the browing of the steak, a process called the Maillard Reaction takes place. The reaction of oil with celluar sugar produces a range of complex taste compounds. The addition of salt increases both the taste and the complexity of taste. And it helps in the formation of a crust. You simply cannot add back salt after cooking and hope for the same result.I spoke to the chef behind the grill counter and the maitre 'd. They admitted they are now using much less salt. The maitre 'd said customers complain if they put the amount of salt as they once did. It is a health thing.Frankly, if you are so concerned about health you should avoid steaks altogether. Research finding is that a type of sugar in animal red meat that is not present in humans is carcinogenic when heated with fat.Anyway, I have avoided Morton's all these years because I dislike bland and unexciting steaks. Now the Steak House is doing it.Chef says I can request salting before cooking. continue reading
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Level1 2017-04-06
It was almost a year ago when I was last here. An important change had taken place. For the worst, I am afraid. I had much preferred The Steak House over Morton's for one simple reason - the cooking method. The steaks here are properly salted BEFORE cooking and have a more pronounced charred crust.Well, The Steak House has changed their cooking method - low salt and less char. The result? A far less satisfying steak. Might as well been to Morton's. No thanks. For a steak house, this is the most important change. So much that after the meal I went up to talk to the chef and he confirmed the low salt less char approach. We agreed that next time I can request pronounced salting before cooking and proper charring.A steak browns because of a process called the Maillard Reaction. This takes place when oil reacts with sugar in red meat cells under relatively high temperature. It is the Maillard action that gives rise to a large range of different flavor molecules and that results in a range of complex taste. Adding salt before the Maillard reaction does two things - it increases the amount of taste and complexity of taste of the steak during the Maillard reaction, and it helps the formation of a crust. The result is a crusty, tasty and complex steak. Gutsy and satisfying. You cannot hope to get the same result by adding salt after the cooking is done. Just as you can't eat a sugar cube after you have drunk the coffee and hope for the same result. You get a Morton's steak instead, bland and unexciting. A dining customer should not be made to know all this science. But I wished they had told me how they changed their cooking method before ordering and to let me know I can request the old classic way. The maitre d' told me that many customers now request low salt for health reasons. For health reasons? Then go eat something else. Even without the addition of salt, the Maillard reaction involving a special sugar present in red animal meat but not in human beings can cause cancer. The salad bar has lettuce that has been washed on premises rather than ore-waahed elsewhere or simply unwashed. But they skipped the drying and so the leaves are still quite wet. Dressing won't cling. A definite no no for a restaurant of this class and price. But I have always enjoyed the room. Its masculine straight lines, leather, Frank Sinatra era jazz, all work together to evoke the classic American steakhouse. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)